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Why Website Loading Speed Matter?

What is AMP

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), as the name suggests, is designed to make web pages load faster without compromising the website’s quality.

AMP loading time examples
  • Less than 1 Sec Load time -
  • 15% Conversion Increase -
  • 10% More Sale -
  • Less than 1 Sec Load time -
  • 25% Conversion Increase -
  • 20% More Sale -
  • Less than 1 Sec Load time -
  • 25% Conversion Increase -
  • 20% More Sale -
Which of the following services you looking for?
  • PSD to AMP

    We offer PSD to AMP conversion service for your entire website from the scratch. From unique webpages to complex coding, we facilitate a seamless transition from PSD to clean mobile-friendly web pages. Making changes to your website in the backend will also be greatly simplified once you change it from PSD to AMP.
    We ensure that the core functionalities of your website are retained during the conversion process. Once your website is ramped with AMP, you can notice a visible increase in your traffic and a lift in the retention rate of the web pages.
  • HTML to AMP

    When you are using AMP, you will be using a particular HTML standard. Therefore, your usual HTML codes will not be best suited for mobile-friendly web pages. To convert your HTML to AMP, every piece of code will be analysed and re-coded to suit the mobile websites.
    The AMP websites will now be much faster and highly user-friendly than your usual HTML websites which strictly adheres to the Google’s standards making it rank higher in the mobile search engines easily.
    Converting your website to AMP can be the best step you have taken to increase your website’s traffic by optimizing it according to mobile phones.
  • AMP SEO optimisation

    Loading speed of the mobile web pages plays an integral part of the SEO. Search engines have been giving equal importance to the quality of mobile web pages similar to the desktop web pages. To rank high in search engine results, it is essential to give due attention to the mobile web pages too. Even if your website loads faster in your desktop, if it takes a long time to load on mobile phones, then your search engine results will go down.
    To have a good SEO score, your website should be equally optimized for its desktop and mobile versions. Along with creating AMP for your website, we also parallelly ensure that your web pages fall into the highest standards of SEO.
  • AMP consultancy

    Have you reached a plateau where you don’t see any changes in your web traffic?
    Or, do you want to know why your mobile search results are falling of late?
    If you have any queries regarding mobile-friendly websites, we are here to clear them all. Be it converting to AMP from any other coding language or optimizing the website to minimize your loading time as much as possible, we have seen it all.
    We have helped many businesses to gain more online authority and presence through a mobile-optimized website.
  • wordpress to AMP wordpress

    In order to make your WordPress website more visible in the search engine results, convert it to AMP. Once you have added AMP to your WordPress website, you will have the freedom to add AMP to selected web pages according to your preferences.
    When your mobile web pages are optimized for fast and efficient performance with AMP, the search engines can easily crawl through the pages and display it in the searches.
  • AMP website development

    AMP was introduced by Google to create mobile-friendly websites. It has set the standard for providing a better user experience for those who surf from their mobile phones.
    Typically, in an AMP, the amount of JavaScript and HTML codes used will be cut down to a bare minimum to reduce the loading time without affecting the website’s performance. By including AMP in your website development process, you will be able to improve your visibility in the search engine results.
Here is what you will get with us.
  • 100% Custom Development
  • Verified AMP badge
  • 100% Support
  • SEO Friendly Pages
  • Super Fast Loading Speed
  • High Lead Conversion
  • AMP Landing Pages
  • AMP Live Chat
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Mobile Responsive
Super Fast Loading
Low Bounce Rate
Improves SEO
Why you
need AMP
Get faster loading web pages, increase your online visibility and improve your SEO score.

AMP has become the present and future of mobile web pages and a lot of websites have been updating to be marked with the ‘AMP icon’. Considering the fact that mobile phone surfers are on the rise, it is high time to create websites that are easy for them to use too. Here are some of the most compelling reasons why you need AMP.

  • Reduced Loading Time – Do you know that 40% of visitors will leave your website if your web page takes more than three seconds to load? AMP majorly reduces the loading time of your website and help in the retention of your visitors.
  • Low Bounce Rate – Websites with AMP will have lesser bounce rate as it has been optimized to look good on mobile phones of any screen size and orientation.
  • Special Identification – AMP websites will be marked with a special AMP icon indicating the users that these web pages have been optimized to perform well in mobile phones and naturally guiding them to opt for AMP.
  • User-Friendly Interface – The websites with AMP will be optimized with a simple website design without any clutters making it easy for the visitors to find what they want immediately.
  • High Compatibility – A website with AMP will be optimized for mobile phones in all aspects compatible with all kinds of mobile phones across all browsers.
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