List of top 21 top web development companies in London

28th August 2021

If you’re looking for a list of the best web development companies in London, you’ve come to the right place.  In this blog, we will take you through the top 10 companies to consider and clear all your doubts about hiring the right web development agency. These companies are all well-known for providing exceptional services. 

The best web development companies in London

Business owners can no longer ignore the importance of having a great website. In 2018 alone, consumers spent about 517.36 billion dollars online. The absence of an online presence can lead to significant revenue loss for companies. With so many web development companies to choose from in London, it can be difficult to find one.

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Partnering with one of the several web development companies that provide website and application development services will help you to reduce your expenses and save time. If you wish to develop your online presence, your website needs to be both technically sound and integrate specific applications relevant to your business. Hiring a web development agency capable of handling both engineering and development will get you that outcome.   

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Logicsofts is the best web development company in London. It is a 1 stop shop for all your web development needs.  We provide a full range of web development services starting from front-end or backend full stack experts in custom development services.  By creating scalable systems and platforms tailored to your business, we allow you to manage, upgrade, and grow your business.  The capabilities and expertise of our web development team allow them to provide an array of web development services. Our team of dedicated developers is capable of delivering user interfaces of the highest quality or robust back-end technologies that meet your needs.  

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Table of Contents

1. Top 21 web development companies in London
2. Perks of choosing Logicsofts over other companies
3. Web-development services – the revenue magnet
4. Service pricing in London
5. Top tips to choose the right web development firm
6. Web design development company Vs Web developer
7. Beware of these common web scams
8. FAQ’S


Top 21 web development companies in London


1. Logicsofts

logicsofts web development Logisoft is one of the leading web development companies in the UK. They provide unique features, search friendliness, and SSL security for all websites and mobile applications. They have more than 10 years of experience in providing web development for all types and sizes of companies. They synchronize and bring to life all the components of a website that are needed to make perfectly compelling first impressions. They develop and design robust platforms and systems which are not only customised to your business but also easy to manage and upgrade as you grow. Their passion and expertise enable us to empower and digitally transform organizations while delivering continuous value to our customers. 

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2. Trendline Global

trendline web development companies Trending Global provides IT Staffing and web development outsourcing services so that you can hire your developers and create your website. Book Consultancy


3. Merixstudio

merixstudio web development companies Mexix Studio has three branches: Poland, the US, and the UK. They provide their clients with unique designs that greatly reflect the business ideals.

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4. Ripenapps

ripenapps web development companies Ripenapps is an app-designing company that specializes in providing consultations and complete development. Book Consultancy


5. Tkxel

tkxel web development companies Having partnered with companies like Nokia, Tkxel has an extensive development team that uses Data Science to understand their client’s needs.

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6. Octal IT Solution

octal web development companies Octane IT solutions is an expert in creating websites for travel & leisure, healthcare, and education institutes. Book Consultancy  

7. Zealous System

zealous web development companies Zealous Systems has been providing web, software, and app development services since 2008. They provide an extensive team, perfect for helping fix all ongoing bugs.

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8. Solvd. Inc.

solvd With over 10 years of experience, Solvd Inc. has a client retention rate of 71% and has offices in four countries: UK, Belarus, Ukraine, and Argentina.

9. Maven Cluster

mavencluster Maven Cluster is an excellent web development team to partner with if you want web development and digital marketing services.

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10. Cubix

cubix Cubix is a web development company that specializes in providing complete result-driven products. Their services include app, game, web, and blockchain development.

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11. Creative Brand Design


Creative Brand Design is an award-winning London-based website design and development agency founded in 2013.  They’re an established, experienced and trusted, London based team with over a decades’ experience in providing bespoke web design & development solutions.

They design and develop interactive sites utilising UX driven design, interactive development effects, mobile optimised techniques, and an industry-leading development stack.

They have worked with a broad range of industries and development projects focusing on stacks like Vue, React, PHP/Laravel, JS, API creating web applications including custom CMS’s, enterprise booking systems, and eCommerce multi-vendor solutions.

DCL Software

DCSL software As an intelligent, cost-effective, and intuitive developer, DCSL GuideSmiths builds web applications, cloud services, desktop applications, and mobile apps designed to streamline processes for companies, as well as creating new revenue streams for start-ups and established companies alike. As the UK’s leading bespoke software development company, DCSL GuideSmiths has offices in Farnborough (Hampshire), London, Manchester, Madrid, Seville, and Bucharest, with a fully in-house 250+ team of expert software developers and technology professionals. Their passion and expertise enable us to empower and digitally transform organizations while delivering continuous value to our customers. The 250+ people in their software development team create bespoke software applications, apps, and operational systems for SMEs, enterprises, non-profit, government, and funded start-ups in the UK and mainland Europe.

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12. iTechArt

Itechart Software development is the focus of iTechArt. By partnering with venture-backed startups and growing technology companies, They deliver products that customers love. Their business has grown into a truly global operation over the past 15 years. At the same time as clients are working on the daily tasks, they are working across the globe on their next project. Deliverables, not attitude, make their team rock star performers. Each of their team members has one goal in mind: yours.

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13. Laracle

Laracle The team at Laracle believes there is a more effective way to develop. An approach that adapts to your needs rather than the other way around-one that is simple, flexible, and cost-effective. Their speciality lies in software development. Their speciality lies in software development. Web applications and systems developed by us are powerful, streamlined, and robust. A big idea can be condensed into a small but powerful package. They’re a data-driven development company. 

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14. Hedgehog Lab

HedgeHogLab In order to be the best application and digital products must solve a specific problem elegantly. Their team is dedicated to solving all your problems with technology and always strives to be the hedgehog. They discover, design, build and scale your digital product journey.

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15. Thoughtbot

Thoughtbot Thoughtbot helps companies identify and solve problems at every stage of the process. Their duties include leading design sprints, building apps, and deploying them. Both internal and external projects are carried out using the latest technologies and methods. Taking initiative to improve themselves, their company, and their community is one of their core values.

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16. Tivix

Tivix Tivix is a global team with supremely high standards. Tivix is headquartered in the US, with regional operations in Europe and Asia. It is their primary focus to develop cloud-based web and mobile apps that are fast, flexible, and collaborative. In addition to the leadership team, each client has access to a dedicated Product Manager who ensures all expectations are understood and met.

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17. Goodcore

Goodcore Founded in 2005, GoodCore is a leading bespoke software development company in Croydon, UK. For established companies as well as startups, they design robust software. Their services include web application development, mobile app development, dedicated development team, and so on. 

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18. Folio3

Folio3 It doesn’t matter whether you’re a Fortune 500 company or a small business looking to mobile-enable your enterprise processes or a start-up squashing the status quo, their team delivers innovative solutions to your business. In addition to their lean startup methodology, tools, frameworks, and 500,000+ man-hours of design and development experience, they are available to you. Their company calls it “Innovation” as a service.

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19. Cyber-Duck

Cyber-duck Since 2001, Cyber-Duck has been transforming websites, apps, and strategies by establishing relationships with the government, large companies, and startups. 93% customer satisfaction rate is a result of the strategies, service design, technology, and optimization they implement. Their services include research and strategies, UX and service design, technology implementation, and digital optimization. B

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20. Tremend

Tremend Tremend is the technology partner you can rely on. The team at Tremend includes professionals with extensive experience in multinational software companies and training from the best academic institutions. Their goal is to be the ones that every client can depend on to find the solution best suited to their needs. As soon as They meet the client, they focus on what they really need and help them find a solution within budget and on time. Keeping your customers’ interests in mind is the key to success. Tremend is one of the details that make all the difference when working with them.

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Perks of choosing Logicsofts over other companies

1. Diverse experience

As a leading digital marketing company with extensive and diverse experience of over 11 years, we are uniquely positioned to provide superior services to clients.

2. Depth of knowledge

As part of our web development process, we leverage deep knowledge of specialized platforms, such as GitHub.

3. Customized solutions

For each of our clients, we create a customized solution based on analyzing unique aspects of their business and their specific needs.   Increase sales

4. Optional flexibility

Businesses can benefit from our flexible options. Depending on your requirements, you can choose front-end, back-end, or full-stack development.

5. Client-focused account manager

Dedicated account managers assist our clients in resolving outstanding issues and address needs promptly.

6. Passionate team

Each project is completed by a group of dedicated team members who are highly knowledgeable about the latest digital technologies, applications, and tools.

7. Weekly Touchpoints

Using video conferencing platforms such as Zoom, we encourage our clients to conduct weekly touchpoint meetings with us to ensure progress is being monitored regularly.

8. Positive testimonies 

Positive testimonials are a testament to our commitment and quality from our clients.


9. Flexibility

Logicsofts is flexible and agile towards your need We offer 3 outsourcing service packages to choose from:

  1. Project-based: This entirely depends on the requirements and needs of your project.
  2. Per Hour: Time plays a really vital role. You can choose to pay us on a per hour basis starting from £15. You surely have an advantage of choosing us as we are London based, you will get all the local support you need.
  3. Dedicated Resources: Since we are a 1 stop shop for all your needs, we have an in-house team for every service. You can select the service you need and pay us only for that. Our prices start from as low as  £8. Not only this we offer a free 16 hours trial. So you have a win-win situation.

Our detailed process to develop a website is divided into 4 stages which include:   process of website development

1. Planning 

A critical phase in the project, since it determines the course of the entire project. 

2. Designing

Developing a wireframe is the first step toward meeting the dream – a blueprint that outlines the expectations and the information needed. Planned mapping is then translated into actual design.

3. Development 

 In the third stage, actual development occurs – whether it is front-end, back-end, or full-stack.

4. Launch 

In the last stage, all inconsistencies found during the testing phase are fixed. The design elements are polished, the interactivity is thoroughly tested, and changes are made based on feedback related to the user experience.

Web-development services – the revenue magnet


Needs of web development services

You may think that building a website yourself is very easy but it is so not easy!  Website development services act as a revenue magnet for your business. Listed below are a few reasons why it is best to leave the work to the professionals. 

1. Increased visibility

A website’s development cannot be completed without SEO (Search Engine Optimization). A website can only be deemed an effective marketing and sales tool if it begins to appear amongst the top results The website will be coded according to best SEO practices by a professional company.  This will ensure that the website is visible on the first page resulting in increased traffic.

2. Time

User experience plays a highly essential role.  To keep websites working smoothly and providing users with the best possible experience requires regular upgrades and optimization.  An effective website is built with high-quality tools and appropriate plugins.  A professional service gives you all the features you need to get a great website that won’t load slowly, saving you both time and money. 

3. Better designs

If you don’t have any professional experience in creating websites, your website and its features will be limited by your knowledge.  These companies have a host of talent that can think outside the box and create a unique website that will reflect your business. You can easily give them your ideas and vision, and they can create a user-friendly version of the same.  Their team of designers and developers ensures better accuracy and coordination.  With them, you can get integrated design, development, and marketing services.

4. Compatibility

Android, iOS, and all mobile software are constantly upgrading, which means the definition of ‘mobile-friendly design’ is constantly changing.  Without any experience as a web developer, it is impossible to keep track of all these changes.  A professional web development company can easily take advantage of new versions and tools to improve your website while still employing your vision. subscribe now

5. Voice search Friendly

A voice search enabled website is becoming increasingly important due to the growing business potential of voice commerce.  Search engine optimization, content development, keyword research, and other aspects contribute towards making a website voice search-friendly.  The professional companies ensure your website provides an exceptional user experience, including voice search functionality.

6. Progressive Web Application 

They can provide you with a design that gives an app-like experience by developing next-gen progressive web applications.  PWA solutions are user-friendly, efficient, reliable and contribute to improving SEO results. 

7. Comprehensive Web Development Process with Support and Management 

Many companies follow the agile process.  It entails planning, designing, developing, testing, releasing, and maintaining the application. Constant maintenance and support is highly essential for keeping it in top form. In addition to the benefits already mentioned, hiring a web development company offers several other advantages like reliability, trustworthy, fast and affordability, the list goes on and on.  These points are a simple indication that partnering with a web development company will provide you with superior resources. Several businesses choose in-house teams simply because they are the cheaper option. However, the cost of web design is not high.

Service pricing in London

Check Average Cost Integrate a form like a mobile app development cost calculator The cost of development depends on various factors. Some of the deciding factors for website development include:

  • The complexity of your website.
  • The type of website.
  • Front- and back-end development.
  • Creation and integration of Content Management Systems.
  • The number of interactive features required.

These factors will largely decide how much you will pay for your website, and this makes deciding on a web development company a crucial decision.

Top tips to choose the right web development company

Irrespective of the type or size of your business, your website is the first point of contact with your customers. How do you build a website that helps convert potential buyers into sales? The answer is simple. You start with the right web development team.  Logicsofts the best With so many web development companies in London, it is easy to get confused. Here are some tips that will help you decide on the right web development company:

1. Determine your needs 

Determine your needs Before approaching a web development company and asking for their charges, search the types, templates, widgets, and functions available, and many of those can be integrated into your website. Before approaching a company, determine some of the basic requirements of your website.

2. Portfolio

Portfolio Going through the portfolio of a web development company will help you understand the type of work they do and what distinct styles they have. Before partnering with a company, go through their portfolio to understand how flexible they are and why they produce the type of work they produce.

3. Client retention rate

Client service Most web development agencies continue to partner with their clients even long after they’ve built the original website. A 75-90% retention rate means that the agency has provided good service to their clients, which is why they continue to partner with the firm.

4. Reference 

reference There is more to a reference than a screenshot of the website they designed. References are a vital part of the hiring process since they tell you how that person operates. 

5. Budget Friendly

Budget Friendly

In the world of web development, it is often said that “you get what you pay for.”. When it comes to hiring, price is often the deciding factor. Ensure to be realistic about your budget before you choose the right web development company.

6. Trustable and Reliable

Trustable and Reliable

Since this isn’t an ordinary job, trust and reliability is imperative. The web development company will be accountable for designing and developing the face of your company.  In addition, this company will have access to all of your website’s backdoors. Having someone who is untrustworthy in charge of your company is the last thing any company needs.

7. Good communication skills

Good communication skills

Businesses incur significant delays and costs as a result of miscommunication. Good and clear communication skills act as an important factor when choosing a web development company.  

affordable website


8. Flexibility


Do you remember how many times you were in a meeting and suddenly, one decision led to a major redesign of the entire project? Especially in the web design community, it happens more often than you think.  A project may have been planned out in a certain way at the beginning, but in the middle, you may come across something that requires the project to be revised. Sometimes things like this happen. A company rejecting change is the last thing you need. So you must take into consideration that the web development company is flexible.

Web design development company Vs Web developer

Web design development company Vs Web developer To find the right partner, you will need someone with the right experience. It is essential to possess strong skills in software design and development, management, quality assurance, and communication. Moreover, everyone should be as invested in your product as you are. There is no better option than a web development company when it comes to smooth processes and end results. At Logicsofts, we use cutting-edge technologies to help you reach the top of your industry. Even after the website is completed, our team of skilled professionals will support you with qualified support and fulfil any of your requests. You will experience what it’s like to be the best when you work with us. Make Logicsofts your number one choice and stop hesitating.

Beware of These Common Web Scams

common web scams We’ve seen a lot of dishonest people in our journey as web developers, and it’s a really sad reality. The transparency value is integral to the way we work with our clients, as we always maintain open communication. In order to warn people about the truth, we decided to compile a list of angry clients’ complaints against previous web design companies.

#SCAM 1: Taking money but not working

Almost everyone worries about this. Usually, a reputable company with a good online presence won’t put their reputation at risk if you deal with them. Don’t hire freelancers or companies with a poor track record.

To avoid this scam:

If you’re hiring a company, make sure to receive a legal contract from them. Ensure that the invoice they send you is professional and includes a variety of payment methods you can trust. For added protection, use a credit card via a trusted payment gateway, such as Stripe, or use PayPal.

SCAM 2: Failing to deliver the work agreed upon

You’ll often hear about web developers grumbling that situations are reversed – where the client demands more than was previously discussed.

To avoid this scam:

A very clear Scope of Work document will help to avoid this issue and protect both parties. It will specify what needs to be agreed upon and by when. If both parties agree to this written document, there won’t be any issue on what’s deliverable and what is not.

#SCAM3: Inflating costs with random charges

Some web developers insist on charging you very high prices for themes/plugins/software they provide. On top of it, they fool you with duplicate software and when it comes to upgrading your website, you anyways have to purchase a license on your own.  Beware of the extra charges that keep popping up. If the agreement stipulates a fixed cost, then extras will be added to the bill, but this cannot be done without your permission.

To avoid this scam:

The next time you’re told you should buy a certain product, search for it, check the price, and purchase it yourself directly, making sure your license is in your name. Having full authority gives you a better idea of the web developer’s transparency in regards to the costs. Make it clear that only the things that are agreed upon upfront will be paid for. Always negotiate additional costs before work begins.

#SCAM 4: Using Your Website as a Hostage

Web design scams like this are probably among the most prevalent and detestable. There are many variations of this scam:

  • As a result of providing your developer access to your website, they fill it with malware or spammy links to their own website, and you don’t notice anything wrong with the site. The worst part is that they attempt to get money for it by removing the website.
  • When you hire a web developer to build your website, they buy the domain for you. Then they try to claim ownership over the domain name and demand an outrageous fee.

To avoid this scam:

Before giving anyone access to your site, always make a backup. Until you have completely trusted someone with access to cPanel/hosting, do not share it. Ensure that you purchase the domain in your name – this is because you technically own the domain if it is registered in your own name. Buying it yourself is the best option. Ensure that the agency puts in writing that they will provide full administrator access to your website. If not, always ensure you have the access to the cPanel yourself so that you can change over access at this level.

#SCAM 5: Charging people for free services

Basically, you have to completely trust what an ‘expert’ says when you hire one in an industry you have no knowledge of. The problem has been that web development companies have charged thousands of dollars for features like “Adding blog functionality to WordPress” and “Adding e-commerce capabilities”, both of which are already built into WordPress and can be accomplished by simply adding a free plugin to the site.  These parts are then customized for thousands of more dollars! We have also heard about cases where stock images taken from free sites have been charged by agencies.

To avoid this scam:

Each time an additional charge is mentioned, do your research. Whenever you receive any web design quote, compare it with other agencies or speak to people who have got their sites made. Take their reviews. However, be cautious – another agency may be out for revenge if you choose not to go with them. Seek the advice of a trusted person.

#SCAM 6: Charging too much for a responsive site and still not making it responsive 

Every website in today’s world should be mobile-friendly. Some Google guidelines state that websites breaking too many rules will receive penalties, or even be excluded from search ranking altogether! Thus, if you are told that your website cannot be made responsive by your designer, do not accept the excuse! In most cases, they are unaware of how to proceed. The majority of templates today are responsive out of the box, but users who have made customizations will need to adjust their settings so that each device works perfectly. It will also require some custom coding to make the site look good on mobile devices when the natural mobile view is not to everyone’s taste.

To avoid this scam:

Prior to the start of the project, verify the abilities. A specific question would be whether there will be any mobile tweaks included. The company has the right to charge you more if you create a completely new mobile site.

#SCAM 7: Trying to force you to host your website on their server

The scam involves hosting and managing client sites, not selling hosting services. The reality is that many of these companies insist on you using their servers and not supplying any login details to them! We offer cPanel access in their own names to all of our clients.  They can therefore move their files whenever they want to another server since they have full control over them. Some of these web development scams won’t provide you with login details “for security reasons’ ‘, which is extremely suspicious!

To avoid this scam:

Make sure that the hosting is in your name and you have access to full cPanel access if you use their hosting. Managing email accounts and other aspects is crucial to running a successful business. You should refuse any company that wants you to host with them exclusively.

#SCAM 8: Demanding all website changes

Even though WordPress is so accessible and convenient for people, web developer scammers will claim that it is highly complicated and complain that you will end up ruining the website if given access. Therefore, it is they who have to make any kind of changes be it textual or image. This is an excuse to charge you their exorbitant rates per hour for this service.

To avoid this scam:

From the beginning, you’ll have full administrator access and can make all the changes yourself! A backup of your website means that regardless of how you mess it up, it won’t be a problem. Getting some basic WordPress lessons online will result in increased self-confidence and help you save a lot of money. Follow the tips here to try and avoid these scams, and if in doubt, please ask for a second opinion! Feel free to even ask for a second opinion. Putting together a website that will define your business is complicated. Even with a professional, it can take several weeks, which is why this job should never be rushed. Compromising on a web development company can easily affect your website’s user-friendliness, SEO optimization, and design. Therefore, before approaching any web development companies in London, ensure you’ve done your research and have a vision in mind. Some of our related blogs that might be of your interest: Top 10 Cloud Consulting Companies Top Software Development Companies in London Top 30 PHP Development Companies

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