13 Blog Post Titles That Will Attract More Traffic

13 Blog Post Titles That Will Attract More Traffic

How do you choose a book for reading?

Most probably the cover grabs your attention and you look at the title.

Similar to that, a blog’s title can determine whether it will be read or not.

At times your quality and helpful content doesn’t attract readers.


The problem may not be your writing, but the title may not be working for you.

You need to work on your titles.

This can make a huge difference on whether your content is read by the target audience or not.

Here are a few tips to do that:

  • Start by selecting a title that attracts users.
  • A dull topic will not attract traffic to your article. You need to start with BuzzSumo, Google Trends, and Feedly to see the trending topics.
  • Create titles with curiosity without making false promises.
  • Use strong and bold words to make it intriguing.
  • Take the help of Google Keyword Planners to propose a title. Keywords that have good monthly search and low competition can help your title.
  • Use 60 characters to ensure it shows up in your search.

We have some examples to help you understand the kind of titles that work best for articles and blogs:

1. The Headlines having “Best” in it

Headlines that use “best” in it are considered SEO friendly. These type of headlines work for common web searches.

For example: if you are looking for ways to attract traffic to your website, wouldn’t you go for the best way?

Further examples:

  • The Best Ways to Start Saving in Less Time
  • The Best Ways to Start Earning More Money
  • The Best Ways to download Hollywood Movies for free.

2. Use “How to” in your title

You will find most article titles starting with “How to”. These type of titles are popular and get higher traffic. One of the reasons could be that the readers believe that they can add a skill to their knowledge.


  • How to Improve Your Personality
  • How to Impress Interviewer in Job Interview
  • How to Attract a Girl Without Saying a Word

3. Personal Headlines

People, when they face problems, want to know the easiest way possible way to solve it. Adding “Make My Life Easier” as a headline can give it a personal touch.


  • The Easiest Ways to Control Your Finances
  • 5 Tech Products that Made My Life Easier

4. Add Number list

Who doesn’t love reading a list rather than reading a paragraph?

This helps the reader assume the length and read the part relevant to them. If your article or blog deals with solving problems, then it’s even better. This helps readers know when the step is complete.


  • 5 Ways to Get a Healthy Glowing Skin
  • 10 Mistakes that People Make While Shifting

5. A “How we do it” Headlines

Previously, people or companies used to hide their ways of doing certain things. But now everybody is open in the market to help people make their life simple and earn their trust. You can also give them tips on starting a new business venture and how to make revenue out of it.


  • How We Research For a Trending Topic
  • How We Hire for a Technical Writing Position

6. The Time based Headlines

At times when people don’t want to know the best or the easiest way, they need a faster way to do a particular work. This kind of content attracts buyers who have a higher chance of conversion.


  • The Faster Technique to Grow Hair
  • The Quickest Way to Clean Your Home
  • The Easiest Way to Move Your Piano

7. The question headline- Why, Where and What

These kinds of titles are loved by search engines because people usually use questions to look for information about a particular topic.


  • Why I couldn’t concentrate on mathematics and how I solved the problem
  • Where to get admission after your 12th exams
  • What you should not do before your board exams

8. Instruction Titles

Such titles give the readers instructions that can solve their problems.


  • 5 Place You Need to Visit Before the Age of 50
  • 7 Things You Must do in College

9. Provocative Questions

These titles are helpful to attract traffic as the readers feel they are going to know something new. You need to ensure that your article should pass on information that is unique and holds value.


  • What no one tells you about career choices
  • Are you making these 5 biggest mistakes while applying to makeup

10. The “Experience is the teacher” Headlines

You are considered smart when you learn from others’ experience; such titles let you speak about personal problems and how to deal with them successfully.


  • Parenting Lessons I would like To share with New Mommies
  • Things I learned by being under debt

11. To whom the post belongs

You can use examples or testimonials in the blog or article. This will help readers know the subject of the topic and how they are doing. They can be inspirational or motivational posts.


  • 5 Most Popular Make-up Artists on Instagram
  • 10 Awesome Vlogs You Should Follow on YouTube

12. The Competition Headlines

This kind of title allows you to compare two or more services or products. You can also get traffic from your competitors. These comparative titles perform great on the competitive spaces.


  • WordPress Vs Wix- Which CMS to use?
  • Lakme Vs Loreal- Which is better for sensitive skin

13. The Comprehensive Guide Title

The readers like to read guidelines that have a complete overview of a particular subject.


  • The Comprehensive Guide to Start your Business
  • The Ultimate Guide to Increase your Website Traffic

Humans are inquisitive creatures. Your title should hit their pain points to get clicks. If you are executing the above mentioned techniques in your title, then better offer some valuable information. Otherwise you will end up annoying the reader.

Here we have simplified the title selection strategy for you:

  1. Focus on the single most important point that you want your readers to take from the article.
  2. Choose a way to communicate it to your audience.
  3. Create 10 headlines and then select the best one among them.
  4. Do take feedback from other people.
  5. It’s important to maintain a log of titles that have worked for your target audience.

Hope these tips will help you create the best title for your blogs or articles.

All the best!

Happy Blogging 🙂

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