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Penji Review: A Detailed Look Into The Capabilities of Penji

27th February 2022

Graphic design can completely revamp the efficacy of any project. Whether it involves creating a brand or an online presence for your business, graphics contribute a great deal to any endeavor that requires it. Logicsofts very well understands their users and hence brings the detailed review of “Penji”

However, it can be challenging to invest in a professional design and even more so to learn it all on your own. If you find yourself in this position, resources like Penji that offer graphic design services can come to your rescue. 

What is Penji? 

Penji is essentially an on-demand graphic design platform. Clients are required to provide certain details regarding the designs they need for a project. To become a client and send in requests for designs, you will have to pay a subscription fee that you must also pay every month. 

How does Penji function? 

Penji function

The operations at Penji are extremely consumer-friendly as every service starts and begins with the client. The on-demand graphic design services are provided to a client in the following manner: 

  • Creating design briefs: 

The client will have to fill in a form that will act as a design brief for the project that they need. Everything from references to brand identity will be mentioned hereafter which the first draft will be submitted in one to two days. 

  • Pairing: 

The next step involves assigning the said project to a designer. Only designers that adhere to a particular standard are assigned. 

  • Revising: 

If the design is not what you wanted, you can always send it back for revising and receive a new draft in another 24 to 48 hours. 

  • Receiving: 

Once the client is happy with the design, they can simply download it in any format they want. Be it Adobe Suite files to JPEG files, the options are endless. 

What does Penji do well?

The pros significantly outweigh the cons when it comes to utilizing graphic design subscription platforms like Penji. These pros include: 

  • Quick drafts and revisions: 

The time it takes between sending a proposal to receive the first draft is lightning fast, drastically improving the productivity of the project. In addition to this, revisions and corrections can take even less than promised 24 hours in some cases. 

  • Unlimited revisions: 

Penji often refers to itself as an unlimited graphic design platform which is corroborated by the fact that clients can send in as many revisions as they desire. The nifty revision tool makes this process easier as clients can point out changes they desire in the source file itself. 

  • Easy communication: 

Clients can interact directly with an account manager who will always deliver quick responses. 

  • Intuitive platform: 

The entire process from sending in the request to receiving the finished product is quick and straightforward. This process has been made even easier since the release of the Penji App. 

Estimates at Penji

Penji cost

So how much will hiring a graphic designer from Penji set you back? Since the platform is a graphic design subscription service, you can sign up monthly, quarterly or yearly. The Penji prices are affordable and divided into three categories: 

  • Pro: 

This package will provide only graphic design offering a single designer for each project but the freedom to request any number of designs. This costs $399/month, $339.15/month, and $299.25/month if you opt for the monthly, quarterly, or yearly plan, respectively.  

  • Team: 

This plan is significantly more popular, where you will receive unlimited graphic design, illustration, and UX/UI design. The price of this every month is $499/month, $424.15/month, and $374.25/month, depending on the plan duration you choose. 

  • Agency: 

Investing in this plan will mean receiving a fleet of graphic designers and other services mentioned in the Team package. All this is made available to you for the low prices of $899, $764.15 and $674.25 per month. 

Final thoughts 

In everything they do, Penji seems to put their customers first. Whether it is the design they desire or the price they are comfortable enough to pay, Penji delivers on all fronts. This is especially true for their brand new application that is now available, which further improves the communication between the customer and the designers. 

Therefore, the next time you need a quick but quality design, consider getting in touch with the on-demand graphic design platform, Penji.

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