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Do EVs make sense for small businesses? It depends…

30th August 2023

If you own a small business you might be wondering if it’s time to trade in your diesel or petrol fleet for electric vehicles. Although EVs can be costly and you’ll need to consider the practicalities of charging your vehicles, there are some obvious benefits too.

While the decision to make the switch will depend on aspects such as the nature of your business, your available funds and how many vehicles are currently in your fleet, here are the factors that you’ll need to consider when thinking about EVs.

Cost considerations and incentives

The cost of electric vehicles might be gradually reducing but they still have a higher price tag than their fossil fuel equivalents. However, the potential savings on fuel and maintenance costs can still make EVs worthwhile.

It’s also important to note that from 2030, brand new petrol and diesel cars will no longer be available so this is a factor to take into consideration. If your business requires new vehicles it might be worth investing in EV models over the next few years where possible.

Operational requirements


The logistics of your business and site premises are important aspects when it comes to EVs. Think about whether you have the infrastructure in place or, if not, how easy would it be to implement. The government offer a variety of grant schemes for electric vehicle charging infrastructure so it’s a good idea to research these to see if your business meets the criteria.

Another major aspect is vehicle range. If your company relies on extensive travel then you’ll need to choose EVs with a long mileage range and factor in suitable stops and charging times.

You’ll need to continue to service your fleet of EVs as you would a diesel or petrol vehicle. Once an electric vehicle is three years old, it will also require an MOT just like all other cars. But, as with your current fleet, it’s easy and convenient to book an MOT online, choosing a time and date that suits you.

Environmental impact

Perhaps the most obvious benefit is related to the environment. EVs produce zero emissions with the power plants being the only source of generation. This has a huge impact on the environment with a reduction in pollution being a major advantage.

Many businesses are choosing to switch to more sustainable ways of operating as part of their corporate social responsibilities. This also results in more loyal customers as consumers look to use companies with environmentally ethical standards.

Making the move to EVs can be a big business decision and it’s vital to weigh up the benefits before switching. However, as electric vehicles evolve and the infrastructure improves, it will likely become more worthwhile for small companies to make the investment.

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