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Gaming World – A new source of all age entertainment

27th April 2016

Gaming now a days is not just for kids. Instead the Gaming companies are targeting age group between 15 years to 35 years with real life gaming view also know as virtual reality gaming making is interesting as well as violent.

These gaming consoles like Xbox-One and Sony’s Play Station Series are not just for gaming but are a source of various other tech gadgets all in one device. You can use these consoles for watching T.V, storing Data, Using as a Personal Computer as well. This not only makes it unique but a futuristic technology which is diversifying with time.

Addition of new features like Live T.V, 3D & 4D Tech, V.R are adding a plus point making it a top selling product. You can make video calls, chat with your friends online, browse internet, watch 4K quality movies and a lot more. Once so called imaginations which were a part of Sci-Fi movies like Star Wars, Iron-Man, Back to the future etc are now a reality.

The games that have been developed for these gaming gadgets are also a tool for social connection. You can play with your friends sitting at far off places using internet and LAN. The graphic interfaces of these games are so real that sometimes you will ask yourself “Is this buy ambien pills Just a Game ” . Games Like Grand Theft Auto, Call Of Duty, Assassin’s Creed, Batman Series are so heavy when we talk about their gaming setup which is the reason for HD view they provide. Companies Like RockStar Games, EA Sports, Ubisoft have changed the gaming world.

Few years back we were happy with the games like Mario, Prince, Dave who had nothing to do with resolution or graphics but still we were happy and now even when we have these HD games, we feel as if something is missing. Sometime back Rockstar Games, developer of GTA Legacy started something which is now followed by almost all games. It was their selling point which helped them sell almost 1 Billion copies. Games with violence, limitless stories, levels which were more like someone’s personal life story and this vision which they followed even after many legal battles, criticism added new heights of success and made them top Gaming companies of the world.

You will be shocked to know that the brain child behind all the gaming companies who started a new gaming legacy are in their youth but with a out of the box thinking which changed the gaming world completely.

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