How to Get Your Website Ready to Launch

How to Get Your Website Ready to Launch

Launching a new website can be an incredibly overwhelming experience. Regardless of whether you’re creating a blog for personal use or a company website, the pre-launch nerves will be sure to kick in as the ‘go-live’ date gets closer.

To ensure that your business is ready to go live, you have to go that extra mile to get the platform ready. If you don’t prepare your site before it is launched, you could face all manner of inception problems that are subsequently going to ruin your brand before your venture has even gotten going.

Don’t want your reputation as a website creator/owner ruined before your site is even launched? Of course you don’t, which is why you must put the advice laid out below into practice before your venture goes live.

Get your site tested in a professional capacity

If you’re to truly unearth and identify all the underlying issues that your website has before it is launched, you need to have it tested in a professional capacity. By enlisting an expert to test the speed, functionality, and responsiveness of your site, you’ll be able to launch it without having to worry about it not performing in a highly optimised manner from the second it goes live.

One expert that you could turn to in this instance is Digivante. As stated at, this professional will be able to test your site at speed, at scale, and on budget. The end result? You having the assurance you need to ensure that your launch is, without a shadow of a doubt, going to prove successful.

Have a few pieces of quality content ready to be uploaded

You should have a number of pieces of quality content ready to be uploaded as soon as your site goes live. This will give your website the best possible start in life, simply because it will prove it’s worth as a publisher of expert and noteworthy content right off the bat.

If you struggle to come up with engaging and captivating ideas for your inaugural pieces of content, be sure to consider the following ideas:

  • How to’ posts
  • Expert roundups
  • Tutorials
  • Practical advice for overcoming general problems
  • FAQ’s in your market
  • Compile a list of words and definitions used in your industry

Drum up interest in your site by partnering up with influencers in your industry

If you are planning to run a non-commercial website, especially, you should consider partnering up with a number of influencers before your site is launched. By getting a few well-known faces to promote your new site, your marketing campaigns will be sure to reach the right audience simply because your target consumers will already follow these influencers via social media.

To properly tap into the burgeoning form of advertising known as influencer marketing and subsequently drum up interest in your site, you must:

  • First and foremost, find influencers that are relevant to your brand and align themselves with your overall goals
  • Be sure to provide your influencers with sufficient compensation for their work/troubles
  • Strategise your influencer marketing campaign to ensure that the right content is being posted at the right times (taking different time zones into consideration at all times)
  • Give your influencers the opportunity to create their own unique content

Get to grips with SEO

You don’t necessarily have to be an expert in the field of search engine optimisation to ensure that your website ranks highly in the search engines. It will benefit you, though, if you are able to get to grips with this all-important algorithm before your site is launched, as this will help you to create content that adheres to SEO guidelines. The more SEO-friendly your posts are in this instance, the better off your site will be with regards to visitor and traffic numbers.

Here are a few of the most important elements of SEO that you should be getting to grips with:

  • Utilise your keywords in strategic areas (your navigation bar, your title tags, your alt image tags, etc.)
  • Upload original pieces of content regularly
  • Ensure that your URLs abide by the ‘permalink’ structure (using words instead of numbers)
  • Above all else, make sure that your site is mobile-friendly

Set up a pre-launch page

To ensure that your website hits the ground running on the day of its launch, you need to drum up some prior interest and excitement in it. The best way to generate this enthusiasm for your site’s inception is to set up a pre-launch page.

Setting up this kind of platform need not be a particularly difficult, time-consuming, or costly task. The three most basic components of such a page include:

  • A countdown
  • A signup box
  • A ‘Coming Soon’ message

If you want your website to prove popular with its audience right off the bat, you need to get it ready for its launch date by putting the above advice into practice.

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