How to Simplify Your HR Processes

How to Simplify Your HR Processes

Any area of a business which can be made easier and more streamlined should be done so for the betterment of the company and its staff. HR, in particular, is very important, as a complex and overwhelming HR process can often cause problems for both employees and the business itself. One of the main functions of HR is to maximise performance and therefore gain a competitive edge as a business. If this is failing to happen, it could have a significant effect on the success of the company as a whole.

How Can You Simplify Your HR Process?

There will be many HR processes that are specific to different businesses based on everyday activity and the number of employees needing to be managed. However, the following guidelines are applicable to all:

  • Invest in the right software
  • Be flexible with performance reviews
  • Make any communication relevant
  • Consider the benefits of mobile

Invest in the Right Software

A high number of employees at various training stages and duration of employment means a significant amount of records and data, especially for extremely large companies with many teams. This means that an effective data handling strategy needs to be implemented to save time and run HR data more easily.

Investing in the right HR software UK can help you to do that. The ideal software should have all information consolidated in one place, be easily viewed and managed, and enable processes to be completed more quickly in order to free up valuable time.

Be Flexible with Performance Reviews

Checking in with your staff in one way or another is very important for a business. Ultimately, conducting these reviews could see a boost in employee productivity and can help you to identify where regular issues are cropping up and how this is affecting the employee. However, having a complex performance review process that is very long and fixed to a date or time, whether this is annually or on a specific duration basis, constricts managers and employees to a specific time-frame.

Offering more flexibility in the way reviews are managed could benefit you. If your employees have a hectic day ahead of them and then have to be dragged away from it for a review, this is not productive for their workflow. However, suggesting another day or time could be a better solution for both your business and your employees. For instance, if managers and employees then find they have free time on a specific day which they didn’t plan in advance and decide to sit down together for a conversation – this means you have more freedom with reviews and therefore free up time.

Make any Communication Relevant

A lot of managers or business owners can spend a lot of valuable time with unnecessary communication. It may feel like the more communication you have, the better, but it’s not always the case. Three staff meetings a day, a bombardment of emails and regular phone calls can actually serve to deter a team of staff from the job which needs doing, and if there is nothing relevant to say in staff meetings, there is no need for them.

If you are communicating for communication’s sake, this leads to excessive contact which isn’t needed. Instead, find more structured ways to deal with those pieces of information you do need to share with your team. This could be an online platform that all employees have access to, which could be updated when and where relevant for employees to read the latest from you. This leaves your employees more time to focus on their work and you more time to focus on how to build up your business even more.

Mobile Feedback

Rather than ask for feedback in a confidential meeting or asking them to fill out a survey sent around the office via email, why not consider the benefits of mobile feedback? You will be surprised at just how much more feedback you can gain from simply making the switch. Gaining an insight into what people think in your place of work is important for making positive changes that will want your employees to continue working for you. So why mobile?

Having an app that will ensure that all the feedback you receive is kept in one place and you can inform your employees that it is 100% confidential. You can make these short, quick and simple for employees to complete so that it doesn’t put them off from doing it. People spend a lot of their free time on their mobiles and because they are accessible anywhere you have a much higher chance of people offering their thoughts on a specific matter. Your employees can do it while they are walking towards the bus or while they are on the train, or they could even do it during their lunch break. Best of all, you can completely customise it so that you can gain the feedback you need.

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