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Improve Your Website With User Experience

20th January 2014

If you have your blog, website and social media presence for your business, then you are moving according to the latest technologies. There are many tips which the webmasters follow to rank well in search results. There are many companies which understand the importance of SEO, that it will help them to drive traffic to their site, but all this is useless unless the website is well designed. The SEO techniques will only be useful if your website is designed well. Since website acts as the face of the whole business, so it is necessary to design it efficiently and it can be designed efficiently by keeping the audience in mind.

USER Experience:

User experience is the study of interactions between the users and the products. Designers who specialize in user experience create websites by keeping certain factors or elements in mind. These elements may range from simplified design, improved navigation. User experience is changing constantly, so the websites must be adjusted according to the changes in the audience.

In this article it is discussed about the tips for improving user experience. These tips will help you to create a well designed and effective website according to the audience.

Tips to improve user experience:

  • Layout: While creating the foundation of the website, most of the designers use a table based layouts. Now most of the designers are integrating layouts built in CSS. CSS layouts are considered or are preferred more now a days as they improve the websites usability and is compatible with most of the internet browsers. Besides this, another benefit of CSS layout is that it uses less bandwidth and hence helps in loading the site more quickly.
  • Audience: It is important to understand your target audience and their tastes and preferences, before making any changes in the website. You must research the demographics of your audience, their methods of searching and the time they spend on your website. For instance, a website designed for children looks totally different from a B2B site. You must ensure that your website fits your audience before implementing any changes.
  • Navigation: Websites must possess simple navigation as it allows users to navigate more quickly from one link to another. You must also ensure that your links are consistent and on any given page user should be able to go back to the home page directly. Now a days, fixed header is used which can be viewed on any page.
  • Feedback: Website is created keeping in mind the user experience but it is hard to know that- whether the website created is successful if you don’t have the comments column in your website. You must insert the comments section in the contact page to know the feedback of the visitor.

Summary: Content, social media and accessibility are the elements the makes a site successful. User experience is one of the most important aspects of the website. If the website design is seamless, then the customers can move from one page to another easily and hence provide positive user experience.

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