7 Things you should keep in mind when moving to London

7 Things you should keep in mind when moving to London

When you relocate to a new city, your life changes – there is a lot of excitement, fear and anxiety about relocation. Relocating home or office has never been easy as a lot of time, efforts are involved. Also, there is a risk of items getting damaged during transit.

Hence, a guide is always essential when you are planning a relocation, and we have brought some necessary things which can help plan your relocation better.

7 Things to Know Before Moving to London

We have listed seven things that you have to keep in mind while you move to London. Here goes the list:

1. Relocating factors

If you have decided to relocate to London, then you have to check out the Brexit climate there. Also, find out about all the documentation and other requirements regarding immigration. Every year the UK receives a lot of people there, and that is what makes the UK diverse in culture. You don’t have to worry about transportation as the logistics and housing system is well developed in the UK.

But if you have pets with you, then you have to make sure to get them vaccinated before relocating them. The UK government always try to keep rabies disease away from their country, and that is why your pet will need a passport and vaccination before entering into that country.

2. Visas and Work Permits

All countries have different visa rules, and hence you will have to learn about UK Visa requirements too along with the work permit. Getting a Visa or work permit is not at all challenging but you have to be careful about all the documents and the eligibility criteria for it. Work permits are given here according to some categorisations and points, and you have to check in which tier you belong to. If you are moving to the UK for work, then it is essential to be fluent in English and knowing football gives you extra brownie points.

3. Housing in the UK

Getting rented houses in big cities in the UK is much easier than in small towns. The apartments are well furnished with all the safety and legal requirements in place. But did you know that the government in the UK is strict about documentation? Hence, it is always advisable to have all the necessary property certificates in hand while buying a property or renting one.

You must have a check on all the Property certificates such as:

  • Energy Performance Certificate, Gas Safety Checks Document provides detailed information about the electrical and gas appliances in the houses. They ensure the safety of the home, citizens – so ensure to check them with the landlord before moving to a new home in the UK. Ask certificate providers like London Property Certificates to get the required safety certificates in the UK.
  • Property Information form keeps you informed about the hedges and boundaries of the property. Through this, you can register a complaint about your neighbours, and learn about the extension of windows, the insurance cost of ownership, parking lots. It also includes details about the connection with utilities such as water, gas, electricity and maintenance cost of the building.

4. Healthcare

Healthcare is a big issue in case of any relocation, and the UK is quite proud of its health care service. They have National Health Service, which is entirely free at the point of use, and this was an initiative by the UK government to promote public health care. You can also avail some health insurance options to make it 100% guaranteed that you will be adequately treated in case of any health problems. Also, all the maternity services are quite flexible in the whole of the UK, and you will not have to face any issue regarding maternity in London.

5. Banks and Taxes

Opening an account in a bank is quite easy in London, and also their taxation system is so simple to be understood by a common man. Generally, they follow the progressive tax rate in which you have to pay higher taxes according to the amount you earn, and that is why it is straightforward to understand the tax levels in this country. Despite heavy burdens, you will enjoy all the facilities offered by the government here.

6. Education

Europe is known as a perfect place to have proper training, and that is why you should not worry about the whole education system there. But the entire system is quite complicated for ordinary people, but in reality, they give quality education to the children of immediate locality. The quality of operations in schools varies according to the location. But the whole higher education is quite traditional there, and you can get the best out of it if you follow the system carefully.

7. Working in London

If you are going to London for your work, then you will have a rewarding experience there. The work culture in the UK is unique, and you will thoroughly enjoy the progress here. The UK government maintains a shortage occupation list. According to that list if you are searching for a job in an area which has a shortage in it, then you will get the work permit quickly.

These are seven essential things which you must consider before moving to London. Despite the high cost of living in the UK, the quality of life is rich due to the well-developed infrastructure. Inspired by the rich history and diverse culture, the UK promises a pleasant stay to all.

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