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The Ultimate Guide to Outsource Web Development

Have you ever contemplated the chance to outsource web development to a local software development team or a web development company?

This problem occurs for both start-ups and larger corporations when developing websites or other web services. One thing is crystal clear: it’s not an easy task to outsource web development. To find the right provider, we require an effective screening process.
Logicsoft aims to write this blog to advise you about how to outsource web development carefully.

Table of Contents

1. Primary Reasons to Outsource Web Development
2. 3 Step Checklist to Outsource Web Development
3. Judgment
4. Which type of provider to choose for web development outsourcing
5. Wrapping up

Primary Reasons to Outsource Web Development

Before talking about the benefits, let’s discuss the concerns about offshore web development outsourcing.

  • The dilemma of exposing confidential information
  • Bad software outsourcing experience
  • Problems due to different time zone or language barriers
  • doubtful about the results
  • Fear of lack of control over project development

Some of these concerns can be looked upon as benefits. Let’s talk about the benefits of working with web development outsourcing companies.

The following are 10 core reasons why you should outsource web development:

1. Scalability

Outsourcing your web design and development helps you to grow faster. Scaling a web project with a remote team is much easier than managing a web development team on-site. The offshore development team has extensive expertise in project scalability, and you can even reduce the size of your web development team while you’re working on your projects without thinking about the fundamentals of firing employees.

It’s essential to keep in mind that our offshore development team has a wealth of expertise in scaling web development projects from simple iterations to complex ones.

2. Cumulative knowledge and broader skill set

The dedicated team of specialists is one of the reasons for outsourcing web development. You have access to a pool of tech tools allocated to your web project, each of which adds value. The team members include Quality Assurance Engineer, Web Designer, Software Architect, Business Analyst, Frontend and Backend Web Developers, Project Manager, and so on, where everyone’s an expert in a specific area.

Logicsofts has been engaged in the world of web outsourcing for more than ten years. Although Logicsofts is based in Asia, Australia, and Europe, the quality of service offered has integrated a full-fledged, time-and budget-based custom system based on hundreds of completed and cost-effective customer projects globally. You have access to a large pool of highly qualified web developers and designers specialized in various ecommerce platforms and web application frameworks.

3. Save money

Outsourcing web development helps you save money. If you employ freelance, local, or offshore web developers, it’s certainly cheaper than hiring your in-house team. Depending on your location, this may mean saving from 18% to 65% of your budget anywhere. Note, when you outsource, you don’t have to spend money on training the workers. They’re experts in the field.

Look at the contrast! The annual pay of a US web developer is, on average, $74,000 with an hourly rate of $97-148. Simultaneously, the hourly rate for an engineer of the same expertise is around $28-48 an hour in Eastern Europe.

Save up to 60% when you outsource your web development projects to Logicsofts instead of hiring in-house developers.

Are you planning to outsource web development?

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4. Flexibility

Most of the web development outsourcing firms work in conjunction with versatile software development methodologies. Among these methodologies are Scrum, Kanban, and many more, where the job is divided into smaller sections. This division ensures that a team can coordinate work on a project to make the requisite tilts and modify the technical staff accordingly.

5. Focus on core business activities

Once all the details of the software outsourcing project are discussed, as a customer, all you have to do is to provide timely input and work consent. A competent software development agency will promptly deliver updates to its clients and feedback during the entire web development outsourcing process.

The outsourced web development team can handle all the projects efficiently while freeing your time so that you can focus on other business activities like marketing, promotion, sales, networking, and so in.

6. Reach out to influential technical experts

Some web development projects require a high level of technical expertise that you may don’t have. For example, Blockchain architecture experts and VR & AR developers are challenging to find. The local experts also cost a lot more compared to foreign web developers. As a result, web outsourcing helps you to choose the appropriate web developer based on your needs.

7. Rapid development speed

Time dominates the digital world. It is, therefore, necessary to have a loftier market position as swiftly as possible. Once you have outsourced web development, the team will delegate needful web developers to the early stages of the project manager. This is required to reach the deadline for your web project and to speed up the development process. The quicker you release your web project to the industry, the better it is!

But, if you hire an in-house team, the process will be slower. You will have to organise the onboarding process, HR operations, and so on.

outsource web development reasons

8. Risk management

The majority of people hesitate to outsource web development due to the high degree of complexity and the number of risks often linked to a small project control level. Once you have identified the right web development outsourcing agency with proper contact protocols, practical project management standards, and competent web developers, the situation is quite the reverse.

The Project Manager in the web outsourcing team is responsible for risk eradication, project preparation, and sharing updates with you.

9. Security

Outsourcing software development would give you extra protection from IT security breaches. Besides, to keep your ideas and materials, private, reputable companies sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) with you. It is essential to save and monitor project documents in secure hosted services.

10. Business support

Highly skilled web development outsourcing agencies like Logicsofts are looking for a long commitment with you as a client. Therefore, we cover the technical aspect of the project and the market potential for the overall success of the project. Services such as market research, competitor analysis, and project design are beneficial in optimizing the result.

Check out the table that summarizes the main factors supporting the possibility of outsourcing web development to an offshore development company rather than employing a local development team or freelancer.

outsourcing difference

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3 Step Checklist to Outsource Web Development

Follow the 3 step checklist to make your experience victorious and to maximize the outcome.

outsource web development checklist

1. Conclude business Goals

Before you decide to choose a web outsourcing team, you should conclude your business goals concept and understand the goals you want to achieve. This step involves some mini-steps:

  • Write down a small description of your online project
  • Jot down your goals, for instance, technical requirements, business goals, and so on.
  • Write down a set of questions for the screening of web development companies
  • Set a particular budget you want to allocate for the digital project

2. Search the right web development company

After you have carried out an evaluation and identified what you need from both a business and a technological perspective, the next step is to choose your outsourcing provider.

To assess a prospective provider to outsource web development, check out the following details:

  • The portfolio and experience of the provider
  • Technical expertise and abilities
  • Reviews of the provider

Once you have shortlisted the outsourcing providers you are interested in, check the following are criteria :

  • Communication level
  • Check the methodologies and other details regarding the internal software development processes.
  • Request deliverables like code samples, design samples, CVs, etc.
  • Get recommendations from clients in your country and check references.
  • Check whether or not the company has a local representative.
  • Request deliverables such as code samples, concept samples, and others.
  • Get suggestions from your country’s clients and check references.
  • Availabilities of the local representative of an organization

Don’t try to schedule your calls all at once, as the process may take some time, and you might end up swamped with data. Taking notes and making a Google Doc file with the information you’ve collected will help you make a wiser choice.

Don’t choose the first company because they’re saying what you want to hear. A professional offshore software development firm challenges its clients and asks several questions before presenting their technological solution. All this is done to make a fantastic and usable final web product. It makes sense at this stage to sign the NDA.

Analyze the situation and apply critical thinking. Be open to new suggestions, listen, make notes, and carefully monitor information.

The last crucial part of your path to outsourcing services is to sign a contract, negotiate a payment process, and ask all organizational related questions. Have all significant issues like project deliverables protected.

3. Effective communication

Communication is one of the essential aspects. Be considerate towards the difference in time zone, holidays to fit both parties. Use digital tools like slack, whatsapp to communicate. Here are some tools to make it easy for you to control the work.

  • InVision – web design checking
  • Slack – internal communication
  • Basecamp – project task management
  • Harvest – Time tracking and billing
  • GitHub and GitLab – source code management
  • Dropbox

In professional outsourcing firms, the Project Manager is responsible for overseeing all the work performed on your project and reporting to you regularly with updates. Don’t shy away from making suggestions and ask questions.

Customer input is instrumental when designing web projects. If you don’t like anything or want to change it, please talk to web developers about your ideas and discuss them.

Once the working process has been initiated, you need to keep monitoring and provide feedback based on the team’s performance.


We understand you. You must be wondering, how will you judge if it is the right decision to outsource web development when you have never tried.

You can begin by outsourcing a small project like a web development service. This will help you to understand the provider’s abilities. If you are satisfied, go for it. If not, then look for other companies.

Website Design

Website Development

Your website is the first point of contact for your clients – a vital extension of your business, your brand, and your values, as well as the products and services you offer. It needs to be alluring.

Ensure that you have the best website for your company from a reputable web design firm.

Your website should be your most efficient sales tool and build credibility for your company.

Technical, backend information may not thrill you, but robust website construction is vital to any form of company that allures and converts online customers.

Don't underestimate the influence of web design.

In case your website takes time, or have broken links, be ready to lose your prospective clients.

We build solely on WordPress; the world's most regarded Content Management System (CMS).

Wordpress powers more than 30% of the world's website; this versatile platform is dependable, bespoke, authentic, and definitive.

Which type of provider to choose for web development outsourcing

  • Outsource web development onshore – Onshore means choosing the outsourcing firm from your own country. Onshore web development may prove to be expensive, depending on your location. The price may be high for countries that have a high cost of living.
  • Outsource web development nearshore – This refers to outsourcing from the neighboring country.
  • Outsource web development offshore – Meaning that the provider is located overseas.
outsourcing type

Some people may find time differences a big problem. But, let me tell you, it can also become a significant advantage. Remarks and work planning are finalized during the off-hours, and you may check the update next work morning. This flow becomes repetitive.
(World map picture, highlighting Asia, Europe and Australia)

Wrapping up

Most well-known businesses, such as Samsung, choose to outsource web development. So, why don’t you? It is irrational these days to look for a development team based on your geographical position.

Logicsofts understands that it is not easy to make a significant investment, especially if you are a start-up or small business. Thus we ensure you get it right from the very beginning. We make sure to dive deeper into who your target audience and brands are. Logicsofts is based in 3 continents – Europe, Asia, Australia, but we ensure to offer value-added services to our clients worldwide.

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