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Top 10 Removal Companies in Birmingham 2023

7th January 2023

Birmingham is one of the most famous cities of England. Being the second most populated city after London, it is the most populated city in English Midlands. Also, Birmingham is a major city and is a commercial, financial, cultural and social center. These facts are enough to understand the struggle of finding better accommodation. Every year, people move in and move out of Birmingham. Moving itself is such a tiring job that it leaves you totally frustrated. Also, hiring a professional removal company at affordable prices is something which is next to impossible. If you are someone who is planning to move in Birmingham, you must be in need of a credible and experienced removal company who can help you move. For people like you who want to hire moving companies, we have created a list of top ten removal companies in Birmingham.

What is our selection criteria?

All the companies which we have listed here are first screened against several factors. In order to ensure that the users/readers only get to know about authentic and professional service providers, we checked a lot of factors.

We checked the reputation, customer base, professional experience, reviews and ratings given by customers etc. After taking all these key elements into consideration, we give a ranking to these companies.

If you’re searching for a moving company near you, try a quick search for ‘moving company near me’ on Google or your preferred search engine. This can help you find local moving companies that are conveniently located for your upcoming move.

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Top Removal Companies in Birmingham 2023

1. Olympia Removals Birmingham

Olympia Removals is one of the best removal companies in Birmingham operating in Birmingham, UK.
The company has a long experience of carrying out local and international removals service. The company has a team of well trained and well equipped individuals with all the modern tools and vehicles which undergo regular inspection to ensure they are ready all the time. The services are totally reliable and the company is qualified enough to offer every type of removal assistance ensuring that you get smooth and hassle free move.

Company’s website –
Company’s contact details – 0121 790 0250,
Company’s services – office removals, house removals, storage services, international removals, packing services.

2. United Movers

United Movers

If you looking for professional and reliable movers in Birmingham, United Movers is the company you need to contact. The company makes you move anywhere in the country. United Movers offer both personal move services and commercial moving services. The company takes pride in providing its services to Deutsche Bank and Sony Ericsson. Having spent several years in the moving industry, the company has gained huge experience and status in the market. The company can do any type of removal work and has the capacity to carry out big moves easily. The company is known for its exceptional services.

Company’s website –
Company’s contact details – 0844 330 4584
Company’s services – office move, house move, storage facilities, worldwide move, packing supplies, full packing service, home move etc.

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3. Earls Removals

Earls Removals

Earls Removals are known for being one of the most experienced companies in the city. The company believes in making everything smooth and possible. You will get efficient and effective moving services. One of the leading removal and storage companies suitable for both personal and commercial relocations in Birmingham, the company caters to every sort of removal requirements. The company has a team of expert removals who ensure successful and peaceful move without any damage or anything wrong. This is a family owned business and has over 20 years of experience in the removal industry. The company promises you an easy move.

Company’s website –
Company’s contact details – 0121 350 9175
Company’s services – residential moves and commercial move

4. Bells of Erdington

Bells of Erdington Removal Companies Birmingham

An experienced and highly qualified moving company in Erdington, Birmingham, Bells of Erdington brings you some top class moving services. The company can be hired for both domestic and commercial relocation projects. The company operates its business nationwide. At very affordable price, the company ensures that you get top quality moving services whether you are moving within the city of outside of the city. You can hire the company whether you need to move your furniture or you need to completely relocate your office. The company accepts every type of move assignments. You will get comfortable move with complete peace of mind.

Company’s website –
Company’s contact details – 0121 350 9229, 0790 3501 979,


5. Abbey Removals and Storage

Abbey Removals and Storage

The company is operating its business with a massive 60 years of experience. Holding great expertise in office moves and house moves, the company promises you a safe and smooth relocation which will give you a hassle free move experience. The company takes the accountability of your move and ensures that everything in the process goes without any hurdle. The company has everything in the house and doesn’t outsource to anyone for anything. The team of the company is highly skilled, polite, honest and hard working. Contact the company whether you need to move anywhere in Australia.

Company’s website –
Company’s contact details – 0121 291 4720l,

6. IMG Group

IMG Group

With subsidiaries of IMG Removals, IMG Self Drive Van Hire, IMG Cleaning Services, IMG Group is a holding company. The company was started in 2009 and has spent almost a decade in the removal industry. The company has a well trained and fully equipped team of removal experts and individuals who have great knowledge and experience. The company takes pride in offering professional cleaning services, efficient removal services and reliable self driven van hire services at affordable prices. All these services are highly cost effective. Also, the company serves as a one stop solution for every type of removal work.

Company’s website –
Company’s contact details – 0121 628 0014, 074 9555 3733,
Company’s services – removal services, cleaning services, self drive van hire service

7. MD Removals

MD Removal Companies Birmingham

This removal company has spent more than two decades in the market and has created a huge customer base offering reliable and professional removal services. The company aims at removing the stress of move from your life. Offering value for money services, the company ensures 100% satisfaction and follows proper work ethics. The staff has undergone extensive training and skill programs to make sure that they are capable of making every move as smooth as possible leaving no sign of worry. MD Removals offers you unparalleled solution to your every removal requirements. Whether you need a commercial removal company or a domestic move help, you can always contact MD Removals.

Company’s website –
Company’s contact details – 0121 285 10585, 01902 563 844
Company’s services – residential move, local move, nationwide move, packing, wrapping, storage facilities, commercial move

8. Taurus Removals

Taurus Removals

If you are looking for some affordable home removal companies in Birmingham, Taurus Removals is always ready to help you. Whether you are moving locally, nationally or even if you are moving out of the country, Taurus Removals can make it for you easily. The company offers reliable removal services which you can totally trust. The company offers a wide range of removal services such as packaging services, assembling and disassembling furniture, packing and unpacking, home cleaning etc. Taurus makes moving easier for you so that you can relax and have a stress free life. The company has good feedback from its happy customers.

Company’s website –
Company’s contact details – 0121 531 6193, 07455 109 711,
Company’s services – house removals, storage, cleaning services, packing services, business removals

9. The Little Removals Company

The Little Removal Company Birmingham

This removalist is dedicated to make house removal an easy and stress free task. From moving house to moving business, the company has great expertise and offers efficient services for both. A family owned business, The Little Removals Company understands the value of time and ensures that the delivery takes place without any delay. Your valuables and belongings will be totally safe & secure thus you will not have to worry about anything. The team is highly trained and possesses all the capabilities to carry out any type of removal work efficiently without any trouble whether you have to move just two streets away or to any other place in the country.

Company’s website –
Company’s contact details – 01242 650110, 07553 481066,
Company’s services – removal services, packing services, storage services

10. The Grange Removal Co

The Grange Removal Companies Birmingham

The company was established in 1975 and caters to the removal needs of people living in the West Midlands. The company offers exceptional moving and storage services at affordable prices. Providing services for both domestic move within Birmingham or West Midlands or for commercial move to any other part of the country, this company ensures you a successful and smooth move. The company understands that every person has different moving needs thus it provides unique solution for the same with the help of tailor made services. The company focuses on high quality removal services at competitive prices.

Company’s website –
Company’s contact details – 0121 326 8511, 07976 729 428,
Company’s services – home removals, business removals, man with a van service, packing, storage

If you’re looking for local removal companies in Birmingham, you might want to consider these highly rated options in areas like Wylde Green, Castle Vale, Cotteridge, Digbeth, Sparkhill, and Kitts Green. These removal companies offer reliable and efficient services to help make your move stress-free. Additionally, if you’re located in the Alum Rock area, you might want to check out these safe removals options to ensure your belongings are in good hands


This is to inform the users/readers that we don’t endorse any of the companies listed above. We don’t ask you to hire any of the removal companies in Birmingham that are above mentioned.

If you hire a company from this list that will be your personal decision and we are not involved in it. If you hire a company and you don’t get satisfied with the services, we are not responsible for any such situations.

All the information which is mentioned here derived from the information available on these companies’ websites. If you find anything wrong in the information given here, please refer to the official website of the company.

If you own a removal business in the UK and want to get featured here, just drop us a mail along with your business details and we will look into it. We will get back to you with the further process.

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Abhay is a Digital Marketing Guru and an accomplished entrepreneur with an experience of a decade working with various businesses varying from startups to established brands. He co-founded many companies like Logicsofts, PrintYo, CrazyRise and more. He is passionate about SEO and Online Data Analytics, which plays a vital role in any business to grow and mutate as per the data results.
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