9 Ultimate SEO Tips for your Moving Company (2020)

9 Ultimate SEO Tips for your Moving Company (2020)

How awesome would it be if you could just connect with the people who are looking for the kind of moving services you provide?

You may be tired of trying out various types of offline marketing and cold calling and ending up with barely any sales to make up for the investment you put in. Well, the opportunity is abundant out there and you need to find the right sweet spot to make use of it.

When most of your target audience is online, why aren’t you making use of this opportunity?

Just having a simple website with the necessary details of your moving company isn’t enough. You need to divert traffic to your website and expose your website to new people who are looking for moving services. The only way to do it is by increasing your ranking on search engines.

How Can You Increase Your Search Engine Rankings?

Did you know that 75% of people never scroll past the first page of search engine results? So then, if you want to get your website listed within the first page of search engine results, you must know about Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

There are several proven practices of SEO that will increase the worth of your website and improve your ranking on the search engines. The higher your ranking is the more number of visitors your website. And as you get more leads through your website, your revenue will proportionally increase too.

When you want to bag more number of customers, then you must know about the best practices of SEO for moving company. In this blog, we will see some of the proven techniques and tips for improving your search engine ranking with SEO.

SEO for Moving Company in 2020: Tips, Hacks and Best Practices

Every single tip that we will see in this blog has been tested and proven to increase the search engine rankings of moving companies. You can use a combination of these tips to quickly increase the ranking of your moving company on search engines.

Table of Content

1. Claim your local listing
2. Keyword Research
3. Improve your website UX/UI
4. Write Quality Content
5. On-page SEO
6. Off-page SEO
7. Get more Customer Reviews
8. Install Free Moving Calculator
9. Hire Professional SEO Company

1. Claim Your Local Listing

The top search engines like Google and Bing offer free business listings that do wonders for local searches. When someone searches online for a service or product that’s near their location, these location business listings will be the ones displayed at the top of the searches.

In fact, 78% of the location-based mobile searches have resulted in an offline purchase and here again, the business listings play a major role. Here’s how you can create a local listing on Google and Bing if you don’t have one.

  • Head over to Google My Business or Bing Places to set up your business profile.
  • Search for your business name in the search box. If you see your business already mentioned, then you can claim the business. If not, click on ‘Create New Business’.
  • Mention the address details, phone number, websites and complete business name.
  • Choose the closest category to your business as the primary category. You can also related categories that your potential customers will search for.
  • Add your business working hours, social media accounts and a few good professional photographs.
  • Once you have filled in all the details, you can submit the listing.

It will take about 1 to 2 weeks to get your business listing verified on Google and Bing. please note that your business or any edits you made won’t be displayed unless your business is verified.

If you already have a business listing on these search engines, here is who you can optimize it to get better local rankings.

  • Try to fill in every single option that is mentioned on the listing.
  • Include the keywords that your potential customers will be searching for. For example, for a moving company in Manchester, you can include keywords like the moving company in Manchester, relocation services in Manchester and other similar terms.
  • At least include 8 good quality photographs that depict your moving company and your removalists on the job. Don’t miss out on including the logo and cover image.
  • Be active on your business profile. Respond to customer reviews, answer the questions asked and stay interactive. Even when you get negative reviews about your moving services, make sure to respond politely.
  • Make use of the insights to get ideas on how customers discover your listing and ways to improve it.

2. Keyword Research

Remember the keywords we asked you to include in the local listing in the previous point? Well, that’s just one of the areas where you have to give importance to the keywords.

Keywords are the most crucial for SEO. If you are wondering what keywords are, let’s break it down for you.

The words that we typically enter into a search box, like ‘best relocation company in Sydney’, is what a keyword is. A user enters a phrase that matches their intent. So when that exact phrase is present on your website, the search engine considers it as an ideal match and believes that your website has the exact response for what the user looks for.

When it comes to a moving company, there can be thousands of ways in which a user can search for it. Obviously, you cannot include every single probability in your website or if you did, the search engines will blacklist you for keyword stuffing.

Nowadays, search engines look for website content that helps the users rather than something that stuffs the keywords. So, you have to research and include a few top keywords organically into the content without it sounding forced. There are several keyword research tools that you can use online like Google AdWords Keyword Planner, Keywords Everywhere, Ubersuggest, SEMrush, etc.

It is often easier to rank for long-tail keywords than the most popular ones. It’s best to target the localized keywords for your location when you strategize with long-tail keywords. For example, if you offer office moving services in Manchester, you can target keywords like:

  • Office movers Manchester
  • Manchester movers
  • Hire office removalists in Manchester
  • Office removal services in Manchester

and so on. Also, when you are including such keywords, make sure to add some keywords with adjectives that best describe your moving company and have good search volume as well. This is how you can be more specific with your keywords:

  • Affordable office removal services in Manchester
  • Best Manchester office removalists
  • Professional office relocation company in Manchester
  • Reputed Manchester movers
  • Efficient office moving services in Manchester

These are the long-tail keywords that have high chances of conversions since the person is looking for just the kind of removal service you offer in the location you offer it.

Similarly, try to identify those specific keywords for your particular removal services and locations for the best conversions.

3. Improve Your Website UI/UX

The website design matters a lot for the SEO of moving companes or for that matter, any business.

Did you know that you just have 15 seconds to attract and convince a user to stay when they first land on your website? With so much competition, people don’t think twice about abandoning a website and move on to the next if the website isn’t satisfactory.

People leave a website due to a number of reasons like inability to find what they were looking for, unfriendly website design, long loading time, inadequate information and incoherent content on the design. All of these can be resolved by having a good, intuitive and attractive website design and by ensuring that there are no such issues.

People are used to certain forms of website design like looking for the navigation options on the header of all webpages. So make sure to retain these constants throughout the website design, else you may throw off the balance. Here are a few constants that must be on the website of every a moving company:

  • Homepage with an overview of the services and the locations in which it’s offered.
  • A simple navigation header with the following links mentioned: Home, Services with a drop-down list of different service pages (or break-down of individual services) and Contact.
  • Individual pages for removal services like home removals, office removals, Commercial removals, storage services, interstate removals, other location-specific webpages, FAQs and contact page.
  • Easy-to-use online booking options.
  • The contact information of the removal company clearly mentioned in the header or footer of all webpages.
  • A simple webpage that mentions the cost of the relocation or has a simple calculator that gives the cost automatically.

Now that you are clear about the necessary elements that must be included in the websites of moving companies, here are a few tips and best practices for the website design of these webpages:

  • Choose a simple website design that allows you to present all of these elements legibly. Don’t crowd the design with too much content.
  • Include heading tags and images to separate the content.
  • Allow white spaces to give some breathable space for the visitor to read and understand what you are trying to put across.
  • Use clickable links to direct the visitors for more information instead of trying to cluster everything in a few webpages.

4. Write Quality Content

“If the content is king, then engagement is queen.”

The website content has close relations to the engagement on the website which works a lot to increase the SEO-worthiness of the website.

Research and include the keywords which you think have a high probability to rank. When there is a specific set of keywords you want to target, create blogs and landing pages accordingly for it. The content shouldn’t just be for the sake of SEO; it should also be useful and informative for the readers. Here are a few suggestions for blogs:

  • 10 Moving Tips to Make Your Moving Day Easier
  • A Simple 10-Point Checklist to Guide You for Your Relocation
  • How Can You Keep Your Data Secure During an Office Move?
  • How Can You Identify and Hire Professional Removalists in Melbourne?

See what we did in the last two topics? We are targeting specific services like office moving and localized relocation in Melbourne. Similarly, identify the best keywords you want to target and create informative blogs with it.

Here are a few more tips to strategize and organize your content strategy with SEO:

  • Don’t spread out your content randomly. Create a specific order of content that leads to the subsequent webpages.
  • Regularly update your blog with informative blog posts, articles, guides and listicles.
  • Create an SEO content strategy when you are marketing a specific moving service.
  • Create attractive and interactive content for the landing pages that directly appeals to the difficulties people face when they are relocating.
  • Visit the old content on the website, re-assess them, find new keywords and update the information regularly.

Remember how we discussed about the long-tail keywords to target? Well, you can create specific landing pages with the chosen keywords and create an SEO content strategy that includes a combination of related blogs for internal linking.

5. On-Page SEO

There are several parameters in the On-page SEO that search engines consider when deciding the ranking. Apart from having good content on the website and attractive website design, you need to optimize the title tags, internal links, URLs and many more for the SEO.

You can download our Guide for On-Page SEO Checklist now to go through the process step-by-step. Let’s have a quick summarised look at the various parameters you need to consider for the on-page SEO for moving company:

  • Write every content on your website in H1, H2, H3… tags. Ideally, the main topic of the website should be in H1 preferably with the main keyword included like ‘House Removal Services’, ‘Professional Perth Movers’, etc.
  • The primary keyword should be included within the first paragraph of the webpage or within the first 100 words.
  • Ensure that you don’t overdo the keyword inclusions. You can use any online guides to figure out the keyword density.
  • Optimize the URL for SEO by including the main keyword. If the keyword you are targeting is ‘house removal services’, then your typical URL should be: www.companyname.com/house-removal-services.
  • Optimize the title tags and meta descriptions for SEO accordingly with the primary keyword.
  • Internally link your webpages with other service pages and blogs.

6. Off-Page SEO

While the on-page SEO is more under your control, the off-page SEO gives insights about what everybody else thinks about your business. But it doesn’t mean there is nothing you can do about off-page SEO. You can work outside your website and create a good name through a host of activities:

  • You can write guest posts for other websites that have good authority and leave a link back to your own website. When there is a link from a high authority website, it automatically boosts your SEO score in the eyes of search engines. There are several websites and publications that focus on lifestyle, house renovations, relocation and so on. You can get your guest posts placed in such blogs.
  • Write attention-worthy blog posts and articles on your website that can be referenced by others. Usually creating infographics and statistical content will get many backlinks.
  • Analyze all the links from external websites that are linking back to your website and disassociate the links from unnatural websites or from websites that didn’t have anything remotely connected to moving services in the webpage.

Remember that anyone can share your link and this may either work good or bad for you. So keep an eye on the links that are backlinking to your webpages.

7. Get More Customer Reviews

Getting some good reviews always works towards the favour of the SEO for moving company.

Good ratings and reviews can work wonders to increase the ranking of the online business listing. When you have a high number of good ratings, your website will automatically move up in rank. Also, many people are looking at the reviews before hiring a moving company and therefore, it will even help you with conversions.

There are several ways to get more number of reviews and ratings:

  • Send out a link to your customers after you are done with the relocation service asking them to leave a review of their experience.
  • Use at least two forums where your customers can leave reviews like Yelp, Facebook, Google My Business and other local listings of moving companies based on the location. You have to first create a business profile of your moving company and include a few pictures to make it look credible.
  • Don’t wait too long to ask the customer for a review. They would have probably forgotten the experience of your moving service. Give them a day or two to settle in after they have relocated and then ask them for a review.
  • Don’t send an email asking them to review on Google and Facebook without including the direct link. Make it simpler for them.
  • Include a question or two in the email or message you are sending to your customers. Don’t let them think too hard about what to write!
  • Be interactive with your reviews. After all, they have done you a favour by leaving a review. The polite thing to do is to respond back.
  • Deal with the bad reviews politely. Remember that your potential customers might be watching your behaviour and therefore, the way you deal with the bad reviews shows a lot about how you treat customers.
  • Share your positive reviews on social media, emails and websites to encourage others to share their best relocation experiences on their social media profiles too.

8. Install Free Moving Calculator

Wondering how a free moving calculator helps with the SEO for moving companies?

Well, think from the side of your customers. They may have so many doubts about relocating most of which concerns about the cost of the relocation, the size of the truck they have to choose and so on.

So when you give an option for the people to use your moving calculator for absolutely free of charge with no strings attached, they are going to jump at this opportunity. As a result, the number of visitors to your website will increase and this again will work towards increasing your SEO score. When search engines see how popular you are, your rankings will improve.

Customers are coming to know about this online moving calculator and are even starting to search for a ‘moving cost calculator’. Many relocation companies are realizing the advantages of a moving calculator and are beginning to include it. The best part is, you don’t have to do anything at all. You can just install a simple free moving calculator that automatically calculates based on a set of parameters and let it do the work.

At Logicsofts, we have created such a moving calculator for Move My Stuff. You can also request one such customized moving calculator that you can directly embed on your website.

9. Hire Professional SEO Company

Performing SEO for moving company on top of the day-to-day activities can be quite overwhelming. You need to spend some time researching, understanding and incorporating SEO techniques. And one crucial point to note is that you will only see the results of all these practices when you perform them regularly.

So, instead of trying to juggle too much work, it’s best to hire professional SEO experts who are great at what they do. There are new factors of SEO coming up and new practices that need to be adopted. The SEO experts will keep themselves updated and include such practices for your business. They will take complete care of the SEO requirements, optimizing your content, website design, link building and even creating online ads.

At Logicsofts, we offer comprehensive services of SEO for moving company. We understand your business objectives and concerns and create a robust SEO strategy to boost your search engine ranking. You can request us for a free quote of your SEO services.

Wrapping It Up

Including all of these SEO practices for the website of your moving company will definitely increase the number of customers and thereby your revenue. Create a customized SEO strategy based on what you wish to achieve and the services you want to market. Increase your functionality and user-friendliness of your website and grab those valuable customers now.

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