Warming Up Your Email Account – A Simple Guide for Cold Mail Outreach in 2019

Warming Up Your Email Account – A Simple Guide for Cold Mail Outreach in 2019

Have ever seen a sudden drop in your otherwise flourishing open rates?

Do you not get the expected leads after sending out emails from a newly created email account?

Did you get blacklisted all of sudden and are wondering where you went wrong?

If you nod your head ‘yes’ to any of these questions above, then you need to know a thing or two about warming up your email account.

If you have just created a new email account, then you cannot just start blasting out hundreds of cold emails as a batch every single day.

It would be best if you spent some time to warm up your email account, to make sure that no providers or security authorities brand you as a ‘spam’.

Believe us when we say that there is very little one can to do to wriggle out when your email account is marked as a ‘spam’ by any service provider.

Here are a few things that you can do to warm up your email to ensure that you fly under the radar of the security measures of various providers with your cold emails.

Incremental Increase Day by Day

By incremental, it doesn’t mean you start with one hundred cold emails the first day.

Start slow with little numbers and make sure to leave some delay between any two emails.

You can start by sending ten cold emails the first day with a time difference of 1 minute or spread out the emails evenly between morning and evening.

The next day, increase the number to 25 and spread the emails further.

At the end of the week, you can reach 40 to 50 emails, still with a delay time.

As you increase the number of emails, you can start decreasing the delay time too.

Once you reach about 200 emails which will probably take you a minimum of 20 days, maintain the same volume for the next two weeks also.

This technique will help you to start slow in the watchful eyes of the security software and create a reputation.

Get Replies from the Receivers

If your email is only sending out messages and not receiving even a single reply from any one of the receivers of your emails, it is a red flag.

Hence to avoid this issue, it is best to add some of these emails in your contacts along with the emails of your friends.

You can send out emails to your friends and ask them to reply in the same thread specifically.

Make sure to spread some of these emails – from which you will surely get replies – around the first month.

Make sure not to get responses only from a few particular email accounts all around the month.

This is again a way to increase your reputation and get recognized as a valid and non-spam user.

Personalized Emails

This is yet another important topic which will not only help you to warm up your emails but will also help you with your cold email outreach.

The best example for personalized email is Hubspot Partner Program.

I recently received an email from the Hubspot team regarding their Partner Program, and I couldn’t resist myself from opening that email because of the subject title ‘Is Logicsofts our next partner in India?’
Check out the email screenshot:

If many users send your email to the spam folder or block your email, then the particular domain may blacklist you.

You may wonder what you did wrong about sending the emails but the bigger question you have to look at is, wherein the email you went wrong.

The primary intent for sending out cold emails is to make the receiver to perform an action we need.

It may be to buy a product or a service or as simple as clicking on a link. Personalized emails are one of the sure ways to authentically stay inside the domain’s radar.

If many users find your emails engaging, then you are at a less chance of getting marked as spam or being blacklisted.

Personalizing emails also reduce your bounce rates, which makes you look good and reputable for the domain providers.

Don’t Blast the Emails

Even when you have built a reputation for yourself and haven’t found any sudden fall with your responses with cold emailing, don’t get too happy and start sending emails as a single blast.

Even the most reputed email addresses can be blocked and spammed if you start getting sloppy!

To be on the safer side, make sure to schedule emails with a little bit of delay in between.

It can be even less than a minute when you have hundreds of emails.

Keep all the above points in mind when you start cold emailing through a newly opened email account.

Don’t be a spammer ever or even attempt to send bulk emails out of laziness!

Start slow with a few numbers, build your reputation and most of all, create interesting emails that your readers can’t say no to.

Hope above tips help you to become a pro email marketer.

Happy Emaillllllling 🙂

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