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Top Graphic Companies in London

31st May 2022

Graphic Designing is an essential part of any marketing strategy and is one of the reasons why the graphic design industry is expected to grow from 4.1% in market size from 2020 to 2022. Graphic designers are primarily responsible for creating appealing depictions of data or ideas through images and pictograms. These are used by businesses in brochures, reports, magazines, etc.

They’re required to keep up with the design and color trends to make sure their clients get modern graphics. While 90% of graphic designers are freelancers, most of them work with other graphic companies and businesses to generate income. If you’re a freelancer, you can easily be hired by a company for a short or long-term project.

Which type of company hires graphic designers?

Whether you’re a freelance graphic designer or a student, you can be hired by various

++ and businesses. The position and company you’re hired in will depend greatly on your experience, portfolio, and skill. However, given below is a shortlist of types of companies that hire both independent and student graphic designers.

  • Software development companies

While the main function of a software development company is in coding or software creation, they usually hire graphic designers to understand what appeals to customers. With the feedback from graphic designers, they’re able to create a visually appealing product before launching in the market.

  • Advertising and marketing companies

Advertising and marketing firms are the primary markets for graphic designers. They hire graphic designers to create both digital and print copies of advertisements. They often hire undergraduate graphic designers and offer full-time positions once they’ve proven their skills and completed their education.

  • Theatre and video production companies

While these companies have a specialized crew for styling and shoots, they usually hire graphic designers for designing promotional content. This is usually an in-house position, and a graphic designer is responsible for creating posters, slogans, company or production logos, as well as any brochures. They often hire entry-level graphic designers because they expect an out-of-the-box design.

  • Corporate branding and consulting companies

The primary job of a corporate branding and consultation company is to recreate or enhance a business’s brand image. Top branding agency plays a pivotal role in developing, strategizing, evaluating, and overseeing branding initiatives for clients, encompassing advertising and various promotional activities. To do this, these businesses hire graphic designers who are responsible for coming up with new logos, brand stories, etc. 

  • Graphic companies

Graphic companies are the primary employers of graphic designers. While most graphic designers choose to work in freelance capacities, graphic companies are an excellent solution for those who like full-time in-house work. These often work with different clients to produce all types of graphical content.

  • Other businesses

Many small and medium businesses choose to hire in-house graphic designers for their needs. Start-ups, micro-businesses, and small businesses often hire interns and entry-level graphic designers. Here, the graphic designer will be responsible for creating all content for the firm – from logos to promotional pamphlets and sales pitches.

If you’re a recent graduate, freelancer, student, or a seasoned graphic designer, working with one of London’s graphic companies will enhance your CV. Look at our list of top 10 graphic companies in London to find out which one will be the most suited for you.

Top graphic companies in London

  • Logicsofts



Logicsofts is one of the UK’s best social media agencies. They’re experts in handling the social media accounts of their clients by creating content that aligns well with the brand’s identity. Their strategy is built towards one simple answer: performance. By creating unique content and strategy, they ensure that their clients get organic engagement. Partnering with Logicsofts will ensure a business’s social platform, regardless of whether it is Facebook, Instagram, or Tiktok, will give them a higher engagement, better ROI, and a deeper understanding of brand identity.

The company has an inbuilt team of graphic designers to create unique and creative content daily. This isn’t limited to Instagram posts but also includes stories, other posters, backgrounds, and graphics for their client’s websites. Logicsofts is one of the few companies that is a mix of marketing and graphic companies.

Designers working with the company are expected to understand the metrics of these social platforms (sometimes by individual research and sometimes through data given to time) to create unique strategies that their clients can employ. Therefore, working here would be a creative job that requires an understanding of the digital marketing field and what a brand needs to stand out on each platform.

  • Appetite Creative



Appetite Creative is a creative digital marketing agency that provides branding, production, video marketing, and other similar services. The company was established in 2015 and currently has three offices around the world – London, Dubai, and Madrid.

As a digital marketing agency, Appetite Creative provides services that are geared to increase the digital and real-time engagement of their clients. Services like virtual event management, video marketing, and Ads are used to increase the brand awareness of their clients while they use packaging services, playable ads, and ad formats to increase sales and build user engagement.

Appetite Creative may not be one of London’s graphic companies, but they do hire graphic designers to fulfill their client’s unique requirements. Working with Appetite Creative, a graphic designer is not only expected to know the basics of marketing but also learn specific techniques like branding.

The company’s focus on branding ensures that graphic designers who do work for Appetite Creative are always given creative freedom to create visual elements that deliver not only in quality but also convey data for their clients. The company works with many different types of firms, and therefore, a graphic designer working here would have the exposure to learn about the marketing and branding requirements of various industries.

  • Yard Creatives

Yard Creative

They have worked with various well-known brands, including Nike, converse, Loreal, etc.  Yard is an award-winning strategic designed studio in London. With their dedicated team of marketing experts, designers, developers, and media agents, they have risen to become a company that most turn to when they require expert branding advice.

Yard is one of the few graphic companies in London that has experience in working in all the major sectors of the country. Their clients aren’t limited to the legal and property sector but also span in Hospitality, Luxury, Finance, and Education.

Their expertise in branding includes increasing brand awareness by creating billboards, posters, brochures, logos, and websites. They also provide software and web development services – all of which require graphic designers. The various methods in which they increase brand awareness for their clients is an excellent way for a graphic designer to learn various trades at the same time. 

Confused about which graphic designing company to choose? Contact our team of experts, tell us your requirements and budget. We promise to guide you the best.

  • Big A

The Big A


The Big A is one of the leading creative brand and graphics companies in London. The Big A was started by Alex Hearn and provides marketing and branding services directly to their customers. The company is well known for using old-fashioned communication methods so that their clients can directly inform the company about their needs and requirements.

The Big A’s approach to business is based on attention to detail, and therefore designers, marketers, and all members of the staff have to coordinate with each other and the client at the same time. This is advantageous for most graphic designers because it allows them to work directly with various clients instead of taking information through third parties like Account Managers.

The Big A provides digital branding services like website designing and advertisement creation as well as real-life branding techniques like brochures and other types of print media. Therefore graphic designers who work with The Big A can gain experience in working with different clients and different types of media at the same time. Because not all clients require all services, a graphic designer can easily find out their expertise in this company by working on various projects at the same time.

To work here, not only do graphic designers need to learn people skills, but they also need to keep track of all the offline marketing and branding techniques.

  • Middle Boop

Middle Boop


Middle Boop provides three types of services to their clients: Graphic designing, packaging, advertising, and branding. The company was established in 2009 by Gordon Reid and has worked with various well-known international brands. Their most popular clients include Universal Studios, Kenham, University of East London, London Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and SnapDragon London.

Middle Boop provides both digital and print branding services. Their print branding services include brochures, stationery, leaflets, exhibition graphics, etc. While their digital branding services include website design, logo creation, content strategy creation and execution, and branding strategy creation and execution. For this reason, Middle Boop hires graphic designers who are flexible and can work with both types of branding. 

Middle Boop is one of the most popular graphics companies, and therefore, to work here, graphic designers are required to regularly create content that will align with the existing marketing or branding strategies. For clients who request a new branding and marketing strategy, graphic designers are expected to come up with exceptional content that will deliver the idea and characteristics that the client wants to display. This requires graphic designers to understand the science of branding and incorporate it into the digital and print media that they create.

  • Gang & Lani Media

Gang&lani media


Gang & Lani Media is a digital agency that focuses entirely on social campaigns. Their services include social campaign development and execution, website development, branding & design, print, and promotional merchandise development. The company was started by Sir Sanju Ganglani and Saliena Ganglani. It specializes in providing B2C and B2B marketing services to its clients. Their long list of services also includes SMO and SEO services.

Some of their popular clients are Fort York Pizzeria, Susan Warburn, Innovative Health Education, Proactive Health Group, and Pelham Hemp Company. Gang & Lani provide their customers with a range of unique content, including logos, typographies, iconographies, stationery, email templates, PowerPoint templates, landing page templates, etc. For all these services, they hire exceptional graphic designers.

Gang & Lani is one of the few graphic companies that hire both experienced and entry-level graphic designers, provided the designer has proven their creativity and flexibility. Graphic designers working in this company are expected to adapt quickly to new ideas as the company provides both offline and digital branding services. 

Their social media campaign development and management services mean graphic designers are expected to learn and keep up with new content and colour trends that influence engagement on each app. Because the company also provides SEO services, graphic designers can also branch out and learn other trades like content writing without applying for other jobs.

  • Fellow Studio

Fellow Studio


The fellow is a creative branding studio that provides unique design and branding services to its clients. Some of their most well-known clients include Harrods, Nokia, Vodafone, Microsoft, Parker, and Coca Cola European Partners. Fellow aims to better five things in any brand: their story, voice, structure, identity, consistency, and activation. This is done through a variety of branding techniques, social media campaign development, website development, etc.

Fellow has over ten years of experience and is currently based out of South London. Their work is dedicated to creating long-term relationships with clients and providing bold content that will relate to the brand’s identity and vision. Graphic designers who work with Fellow can easily add them as one of the best graphics companies on their resume since working here exposes you to high-profile clients who work not only with individual customers but other businesses.

Fellow Studios works by providing a highly approachable account management technique where the client can interact directly with the account manager and graphic designers. Working here, a graphic designer can easily gain exposure to the requirements of the fast-paced commercial market. The company has worked with various types of industries, and therefore the designer can gain experience in doing the same.

  • Arlington Research



Arlington Research is a market research company that also provides graphic services. They’re experts in B2B research, consumer research, PR research, and communications. Based in Reading and London, the company has access to 10 million respondents for their research requirements. They understand the international market as well as the local market.

Their services help a business assess its standing in the market and create marketing and promotional strategies accordingly. Arlington Research is a graphics company that hires graphic designers to create content for their reports. Each research report for their clients includes graphical annotation of the data, which makes it easier for the client to gain an understanding of the results. 

This means that graphic designers who work with Arlington Research are required to be exceptionally good at creating pictograms, data charts, bar graphs, etc. Each graphic they create must provide the reader with a gist of all the necessary information within seconds. 

While the business does not provide any marketing and branding services, graphic designers are still expected to come up with unique methods to convey the data rather than use simple bar graphs. Arlington Research has extensive experience in North America, Europe, Asia, Middle East, and Africa, and therefore, graphic designers who work here are exposed to different types of businesses.

  • The ASO.Co



The is one of the best app store optimization agencies. Their services include developing google Ad campaigns, mobile strategies, apple search ads, etc. The primary service of the business is to optimize their client’s listing in Google Playstore and Apple Store so that their clients can enjoy a higher engagement and sales.

The ASO.Co was started by James Bott, who was once a Global Business Director for marketing agencies and worked closely with high profile clients like Amazon, Flipkart, Alibaba, and Open Table. Graphic designers who work with ASO.Co has to learn a different branch of marketing and branding where the content they create will influence their client’s ranking in an app store. The graphic designer is generally tasked with creating app logos, graphics for content engagement, small overviews of the app that can be seen in the app store, etc.

The company also provides market research services for their clients, which help them build a better marketing app branding campaign that will help in the retention of their clients. Graphic designers can then work with the data obtained from this market research to create logos according to trending shapes, colors and test the same in a focus group before providing final creative graphics to their clients.

  • Pendulum Creative

pendulum creative

Pendulum Creative is an iOS and Android design and development company. It is one of the best graphic companies in London and provides services from market research to UX design to their customers. Pendulum was established in 2010 and currently operates out of Putney, London. Some of their most well-known clients include London Sock Co. Lyca Health, ITV studios, Investec Asset Management, Giroux, and Glaxo Smith Kline.

The company specializes in providing a unique design and development team to their clients for all purposes, from print collateral to website development. Graphic designers who work with Pendulum can easily gain exposure to different types of media. The graphic designer can also learn about different techniques and how not all of them can be used for all applications. 

Pendulum specializes in providing designs that are creative, out-of-the-box, and bold, and therefore, graphic designers who work with this company will have to adapt to the company’s culture, ethics, and style. They also provide animated infographics to their clients, which very few graphic companies.

Therefore graphic designers who work here can gain exposure to the same and learn how to create them if they haven’t learnt that already. Pendulum’s designs always aim to be creative and a vision of the client’s brand, and therefore if you work here, you’ll have to grasp many more skills than just graphic design.


Graphic companies can make a significant difference in today’s world. Whether you’re a student looking for a designing gig or a business, partnering with a graphic company will ensure you get the best there is. Businesses who opt to work with branding and graphic companies can get increased engagement and sales. For a graphic designer, there are other significant advantages of working with graphic companies. You will get exposure and knowledge of various industries and can easily learn the technical side of running a business. Additionally, you also gain guidance and knowledge on how to interpret client needs and transfer them into a visual product that will impact the market.

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Author : Abhay

Abhay is a Digital Marketing Guru and an accomplished entrepreneur with an experience of a decade working with various businesses varying from startups to established brands. He co-founded many companies like Logicsofts, PrintYo, CrazyRise and more. He is passionate about SEO and Online Data Analytics, which plays a vital role in any business to grow and mutate as per the data results.
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