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Best Practices for Video Job Interviews during Coronavirus

4th June 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has had a massive global impact, not just on our health but on many people’s financial security as well. With thousands of non-essential businesses shutting their doors and laying off staff, many people have been forced to undertake the unenviable task of job hunting during a global pandemic.

Naturally, due to social distancing and nationwide lockdowns in place, employers have been forced to drastically change their recruiting process. One source found that video job interviews have increased by up to 67% due to coronavirus. Unfortunately, many people are still unfamiliar with digital resumes and interviews. That’s why this article is here to offer you some helpful tips for acing your video job interview.

1. Preparing Your Room for a Video Job Interview

Location is everything when preparing for a video job interview. If you live with family or flatmates, then try to find the quietest room in your house and claim it for your interview. Remember to tell whoever you live with that you have an interview and politely ask them to be as quiet as possible during it. Loud noises are to be avoided at all costs, as they might drown out your voice and provide a fatal distraction that could ruin your concentration. If you have any noisy pets, like a dog, it is a good idea to ask a friend or family member to take them out for a walk during your interview, while observing social distancing of course.

Once you have selected a room and minimised auditory distractions, it is equally important to think about visual distractions. Make sure your room is clean, an unmade bed doesn’t look very professional, and that you have removed any posters or wall hangings in your background. You might think a blank wall looks boring, but you want your interviewer to focus on you and you alone. Also make sure that you have a table for your laptop and a comfortable chair to sit in. Avoid swivel chairs, if you get nervous you may be tempted to swivel in them, which will only distract your potential employer.

2. Preparing Your Tech for a Video Job Interview


There are three things to consider when preparing your tech for a video job interview, are you visible, audible and intelligible. Inbuilt microphones and webcams for most laptops are poor quality and distorted audio or grainy video will make a bad impression on your interviewer. To avoid this, it is prudent to invest £30- 40 pounds on a cheap external microphone and webcam off amazon. If you are capable, it is also wise to buy an ethernet cable rather than relying on your Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi can cause choppy audio, whereas ethernet will guarantee a stable internet connection and make sure you are clearly intelligible to your interviewer.

Once you have all your tech set up, you should test it before your interview to make sure it works. Practice framing yourself in the webcam, test your audio levels and use the tech run as a chance to practice your video call etiquette. Make sure you are making eye contact with the camera while you are talking and that your eyes are not wandering to the bottom or corners of the screen. As one of my colleagues at CraftResumes says: “If you aren’t confident about your performance in front of a webcam, you could try hiring an interview coach”. A coach will help you convey yourself more clearly over video call and make you feel more confident for your interview.

3. Don’t Forget Your Resume


If you want to land a video job interview in the first place, you need to have an eye-catching and unique resume. Just as the current pandemic has changed job interviews, your resume during COVID-19 should also adapt to fit the times. Due to social distancing, handing in your resume as a hard copy is likely to be viewed as inappropriate, but most of the best job application sites will allow you to submit your resume as a word document or PDF. However, if you want to really stand out in the new competitive job market there are two alternative resume formats you could consider.

1. Video Resume

A creative video resume is a great way to not only highlight your relevant skills, but also to show your employer that you are tech savvy. A video resume also enables you to bring across your confidence and personality, which could help you make up for a bad interview

2. Website Resume

A website resume, similar to a video, tells employers that you are tech savvy and good at self-branding. A well laid out, simple and visually appealing website is a great way to make you stand out to potential employers.


Finding a job during covid-19 is hard, jobs are becoming increasingly sparse, and there is increased competition for each position. Following these tips, and avoiding the mistakes highlighted in this article will help to make this process a lot easier. Being prepared for your video job interview, with the right tech and proper video chat etiquette, will make you stand out amongst other applicants and ensure that you land a job in no time.

Author bio : Laura Garbers is a business developer, career coach and resume writer from New Orleans. You can find some of her work around the web and at CraftResumes.

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