What Are the Safest Candle Options for Babies?

17th August 2021

When you have a baby, you start questioning everything:

Is this safe for my baby? Will that harm my child?

You might even think of giving up on candles because you’re not sure if they are safe around your baby. Well, the good news is: candles are safe for your baby if you choose natural ones!

If you are wondering what are the safest candle options for babies, we have all the answers.

1. Choose candles made of natural wax

Most of the candles found in shops are paraffin wax candles. Paraffin wax releases harmful toxins in the air and it is the number one in-doors air pollutant.

To avoid having a toxic home because of the paraffin candle, choose beeswax or soy wax candles instead.

These two natural waxes are clean burners, meaning they release no harmful toxins into the air you breathe. They also last longer.

2. Buy candles with 100% pure essential oils

If you love scented candles, look for those that don’t use synthetic fragrances.

When reading the label, pay attention to what it says. If they’ve written only “fragrances” or similar (fragrance oil, FO, perfume,…), but did not list which ones, probably they’re synthetic and harmful to your health.

You should avoid synthetic fragrances in all of your products for the reason they are toxic chemicals and do nothing good for you.

To be 100% sure that the candle is natural, look for pure essential oils. They are used instead of synthetic fragrances and are a much better option for our health.

Pure essential oils act soothing, they are natural, and we can only benefit from them.

3. Unbleached cotton wick

The wick of the candle is an important detail to look after, too. You need a candle that doesn’t cause air pollution, so the wick must have a clean burn.

Unbleached cotton wicks are toxic-free and do not harm our health in any way.

Avoid wicks that are too thick or those that contain metal in them.

4. Buy from a reliable shop

As with every other product today, you need to do a bit of homework. Finding a reliable shop with all-natural candles might be a bit hard.

Lucky for you, we did our digging and found this amazing shop called Cradle & Tonic.

They make beautiful all-natural Mum & Baby candles that not only have all the best ingredients but also smell natural, so your baby won’t be overwhelmed by it!

Cradle & Tonic believes in natural ingredients and that’s why they are a great choice. All their candles are made using natural ingredients such as PURE essential oils, high-quality natural soy wax, and unbleached cotton wicks. Safe for mum and baby!

5. Enjoy the candles but limit them

Even though these are all-natural candles, you should limit the time your baby is exposed to the scent, as it could become overwhelming to them after a while. We all love some fresh air after all!

Limit the baby’s exposure to candles to a few hours a day and ventilate their bedroom before sleep.

If you are interested in more info about the safety of the candles around babies,

check out this article from Cradle & Tonic called What candles are safe to use around babies?

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