What Penguin and Panda done on its next version of update? Let’s crawl to its insights…

5th September 2016

By the start of autumn season, Google has confirmed an update, what rumor roaming over is the change in the algorithms of Panda or Penguin. However, Google not officially declared it, because it can diminish certain businesses that are now high in the market with their fake services. Every update which was out earlier has a same significance i.e. related to copyright, people who writes blogs, article uses the data which are mostly copied from other websites and they think it would increase the business or search results, but they don’t know the Google crawler was already reached there from where they took the contents and Google already had its copy saved in their server. When Indexing took place, the search automatically took the recent date’s website contents and places it in a different data box that is what we called Google’s data center. Every data boxes in the data center have given priority, and the search which we get in the results was based on that priority i.e. according to the uniqueness of the content. So, think thrice before copy-pasting.

Several Google employees have spoken about the update will be on search algorithm i.e. with core ranking, not on the panda or penguin’s side. We have seen that in 2015, a news agency’s website whose keywords was no. 1 while searching with its brand keywords, was nowhere when it comes to the end of the season and the company now facing heavy losses. The trend is still searching how this comes to reality unless the indication took us to black hat SEO. It typically gives the back links to the website until the crawler check-in to the website and its niece generic ambien sites. This violates the rule of search algorithm, to overcome that the Google thought for an update to both its Penguin and Panda.

In Panda

Google would like to increase its crawling speed so that it can give a better score to the site which is genuine and unique. Despite it is continuous, but not real-time.

In Penguin

Penguin which used to send ‘suspend the website’ notices to the hosting companies will now look deep to arrange something which could prevent the search of the websites that do spamming.

What we noticed after the update:

Securetrade24-7.com which was found in second page of search results with the keywords private bank bond investment, get insured investment return, get insured investment profit, investments with high profit 2016 are now found on the first page.

Wingschauffeurs.com whose keywords london to heathrow chauffeur, luxury chauffeur hire heathrow, hire chauffeur cars heathrow were found in both second and third pages of the Google search now have promoted to second page, Great!

Knightsbridge.uk.com whose keywords Knightsbridge estate agents, estate agents in Knightsbridge, buy penthouse Knightsbridge, sell penthouse Knightsbridge was and still at the first page.

Calendar-printing4u.co.uk with the keywords are still in the first page calendar printing, calendar printers, cheap calendar printing.

As per the update, we also done several researches on other keywords, but unless the ranking up-done nothing more we haven’t noticed yet. Because everything takes a while to come in to effect, we are waiting for the same. We also noticed that by creating back links for a general website like article post, directory submissions, classifieds, etc. makes a good search results. So, we are waiting for the exact results that may happen in the coming days, let’s wait, till then bye.

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Author : Abhay

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