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Managed IT Support Services by Logicsofts

There is no dearth of companies providing IT Services. Then why should you consider Logicsofts? It is because we do not offer random consulting and IT services – we make a concerted effort to understand your requirements first. We firmly believe that whatever be the nature of your business, it deserves to be powered by efficient, state-of-the-art technology.

Our team is approachable and reliable

Our expert IT Services team is approachable, responsive, honest and reliable. It offers objective and independent advice to a variety of organisations ranging from small & mid-tier companies to large organisations. Our professionals are skilled in working on various platforms, including Windows and Apple.

IT team

Discover a range of high-Quality IT services

Cloud computing

Enjoy on-demand delivery of resources over the internet to meet all your IT needs.

Web solutions

Access software, tools, databases, frameworks and much more over the internet.

Office 365 migration & support

Transfer existing mailboxes and users to Office 365 in a phased manner or in batches

G-Suite migration & support

Migrate existing users and data to G-Suite in batches without disrupting operations.

Cloud backups

Protect the loss of your data and applications by keeping backups on remote servers.

Virtual desktop

Discover the power and flexibility of remote (virtual) desktops for your business users.


Experience state-of-the-art, cloud-based computing and infrastructure as a service.

Website security

Secure your website from the threat of malware, hacking and other vulnerabilities.

Hosting management

Entrust the administration, management and support of web applications to experts.

Domain names

Selection, registration and management of your business domain names.

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Recent IT services projects

For Logicsofts, each day represents a new opportunity. These opportunities have equipped us with the necessary experience and skills to solve IT problems for a variety of organisations. Mentioned below are examples of our recent projects:

IT service for “all united cars”

Logicsofts partnered with all united cars to provide a suite of web and IT solutions, including domain name & hosting, website security and Office 365 migration. Our team ensured that there was no disruption to their operations during the setup and migration process.

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IT service for “supercheap interstate removals”

Supercheap Interstate Removals commissioned Logicsofts to provide a range of web and IT services, including domain name, hosting and website security. Our team delivered the services seamlessly and efficiently without interrupting the ongoing operations of Supercheap Interstate.

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Tools and utilities we use

Ninite, PC Decrapifier, CCleaner , Defraggler, Windows Sysinternals Suite, HWiNFO

Why should you choose logicsofts?

Jonathan McCrory

Founder, 1st class loans

Logicsofts has just built the third website for me. I’m extremely picky when it comes to website and the Logicsofts’ team has been extremely superb—I can’t recommend the company enough. When you’re looking to get a website built, you’re looking for three things—a good price, a high quality, and support. With Logicsofts you get all three. I look forward to working with the team on my next project.

Raj Pahwa

Owner of move my stuff

I want to thank the Logicsofts team for managing my social media, digital marketing, and SEO of my business over the last nine years. The team has done an incredible job looking after my account, especially in increasing the leads by 120% in the last six months.

Adil Mahmood

One of the best in game. They will go to the extra mile for you and meet every single requirement you need. I will highly recommend you to use logicsofts solution.

IT services pricing

We offer a suite of IT services and solutions, including services to mid-size companies and enterprise solutions. Our services are customised to suit the size and requirements of our client organisations. Accordingly, there is no fixed price for the IT services provided by us. Please get in touch with us for your requirements and we will provide a customised price quote to you.

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IT services FAQs

With the availability of so many options, selecting an IT services provider may seem to be easy. However, making an uninformed decision can be quite detrimental to your business. If you are planning to enlist an IT services provider for your organisation, it is best to clarify all doubts beforehand to avoid future problems. Based on our experience, we have compiled some of the most frequently asked questions related to IT Services:

Managed IT services do away with the need to employ a large in-house IT team, and they are cost-effective in the long term. Managed IT service providers have access to latest tools & technologies

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We act as an extension of, and work in collaboration with, your IT team. Our expertise lies in offering specialized services which your internal team may not be equipped to provide. Your internal IT team can solve day-to-day operational issues.

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Most IT issues can be diagnosed and resolved remotely. In case an issue cannot be resolved remotely, we will schedule an onsite visit and dispatch one of our technicians.

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