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Logicsofts is the best SEO Agency in London

At Logicsofts, we look beyond just providing SEO services and sit with you to understand your business objectives and perform extensive research to understand your target customers. We optimize your content and the website interface to align with what your users want to see.

We are the best SEO company in London on whom you can place your trust to bring exceptional results for your website. We understand how important search engine ranking is to stimulate your business growth and we employ the best strategies with affordable SEO services and an effective strategy in the right direction by SEO Consultant to make it happen for you.

Ravi Verma

SEO marketing

Our London SEO services expand your online reach

Keyword research

Website auditing

Content auditing

On-page SEO

Off-page SEO

Local citation

Technical SEO

Monthly reporting

Amazing result achieved by our SEO team in London

SEO is all about getting your business found online by your target customers and it isn't as easy as it sounds. But with the right kind of SEO Agency in London, you can help your business get a lot of traffic and discover new customers. With our affordable SEO packages, our SEO Consultant can help you in widening the reach of your business and get loyal customers.

Website traffic increased by 30% “of local moving company”

Website traffic increased by 431%“of leading furniture brand ”

Client testimonials prove our SEO ranking expertise

Harry Smith

Founder, All United Cars

We've been working with Logicsofts for our search engine optimization and ranking for quite some time now. They have helped in generating a lot of traffic and leads to our website and improved our ranking in search engines. Their exceptional partnership has been tremendously valuable to our company.

Raj Pahwa

Owner of move my stuff

I want to thank the Logicsofts team for managing my social media, digital marketing, and SEO of my business over the last nine years. The team has done an incredible job looking after my account, especially in increasing the leads by 120% in the last six months.

Adil Mahmood

One of the best in game. They will go to the extra mile for you and meet every single requirement you need. I will highly recommend you to use logicsofts solution.

Why hire our SEO agency London?

Proven results

A host of number 1 spots secured on Google for numerous competitive keywords AND continued traffic growth month on month, year on year.

Unique blend of skills

Blending marketing, creative and technical skills with business knowhow helps us maximise results, so you get the very best for your budget.

Proven SEO process

Our results-driven process helps us achieve outstanding SEO results. Plus you get to see precisely what we’ll be doing for you, and when.

Best practice SEO

Wave goodbye to spammy SEO. Everything we do complies with Google best practice for the best possible rankings and least likelihood of penalties.

Clear reporting

Each month you'll receive tailored reports and updates on your KPIs so you can clearly see how well your SEO campaign is progressing.

KPI dashboard

Our easy-view dashboard keeps all your key data in one place, so you can monitor your campaign progress and SEO results in real time.

Our London SEO services

Looking for an SEO expert, London based, that can provide the entire package of SEO services? Logicsofts has what you need.

Search engine optimisation can be defined as organic SEO and local SEO. Read on to discover how both of these work and to learn the important differences.

Organic SEO

Organic SEO is focused on getting you to the top of Google’s national results. If you sell your products or services to a national audience, then organic SEO is the strategy that will get you in front of more customers right across the country. To do this, we employ a variety of proven, best-practice tactics that we know through experience get long term results quickly. And, as a leading London SEO consultant, it’s these results we’re truly committed to. You’ll see them from our clear monthly reports. We want you to feel reassured that your investment will be worthwhile, so we’ll always keep right on top of those KPIs we agree at the start.


Local, regional, national on Google and Bing

Number of keywords

25, 100 and 500


  • Maximum traffic volume
  • Low-cost lead generation
  • Fully scalable
  • Highest ROI
  • More trusted than PPC (80% ignore ads)

Local SEO

Local SEO revolves around strategies that get your business in front of people in the local area looking to buy your products and services. It’s all about showcasing what you offer to a local online audience, perfect for local shops and service providers. We put tried and tested techniques to work, such as Google Local Pack optimisation, citation building and locally focused content marketing and link building. As a respected SEO company, London businesses know they can trust us to achieve the results they need to grow their sales. Our proven track record includes hundreds of Page One rankings, extensive Local Pack listings and high-level volumes of web traffic growth.


Local targeting in Google Map Pack within 5-mile radius

Number of keywords

5 – 15


  • Fast results
  • Generates calls directly from mobile
  • High ROI
  • Great for physical locations

SEO services pricing/packages

Our SEO services are customised to your requirements. So is our SEO pricing. We understand your business in detail and build a detailed roadmap of SEO services which are best suited to your requirements. Instead of a fixed price tag, our packages are based on the level of services required. Please get in touch with us to know more.

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SEO marketing FAQs

Most businesses would like to partner with the best SEO company near them. However, selecting a top provider is seldom easy, and a number of questions are bound to arise. Over the last 11+ years, we have come across some questions related to SEO services more frequently than others. Mentioned below are some of them:

The Internet is growing rapidly, with loads of content being added daily. It becomes critical to optimise your digital presence so that your brand is visible to the right customers and prospects. SEO is one of the most effective marketing channels to achieve this.

SEO is an ongoing activity which is part of an overall digital marketing strategy. SEO by itself does not have a start or end date. While all efforts are made to expedite the process, the fact is that the best results come over a period of time through a disciplined and patient approach.

There are primarily two types of SEO: on-page and off-page. On-page SEO comprises direct activities undertaken on a website to improve its ranking. Off-page SEO refers to indirect activities – such as social media engagement and backlinks – which drive traffic to your website and impact rankings.

When online search is conducted, keywords are used to find the best-possible results relevant to the search query. Using the right keywords in your digital marketing initiatives goes a long way in ensuring a high ranking in search results.

New content is uploaded on the web every day. Due to this, result pages on Google and other search engines keep changing, which in turn affects rankings. Other factors, such as changes in ranking methodologies and removal of older or irrelevant web pages, also impact rankings.

Every business, whether large or small, has an online presence these days. SEO optimises a brand’s visibility on search engines by giving it the necessary exposure and expanding its reach. For small businesses, this can be a vital growth catalyst.

Top 23 list Best SEO agencies in London of 2020

Here is a list of the best SEO agencies in London. Compare top-performing SEO agencies to see which may be the best fit for your business goals. Finding a leading budget-friendly SEO company in London that fits your criteria for obtaining results on SERPs can be termed as a huge task. Whether you're seeking to improve your ranking in search engine results pages, boost website traffic, or show up in local search results, investing in SEO is important for business growth.


Logicsofts is one of the best rated digital marketing agencies which is rocking the IT sector since the last 10 years. They started up with a mission to help small and medium businesses in the industry to generate leads, by pricing various services at the most affordable prices and qualified results. Logicsofts has stayed firm in its position and evolved with the latest technologies in the last 10 years.Logicsofts is the best SEO agency in London. They provide best oriented SEO service in London. At Logicsofts, they look beyond just providing SEO services. They sit with you like a team to understand your business objectives and perform extensive research to understand your target customers. They optimize your content and the website interface to align with what your users want to see. You can expect FREE SEO audit and keyword analysis. This is further followed by analysing your niche. The agency has a SEO expert team in London which further helps to accelerate your business. They also provide Local SEO services. Logicsoft is a strictly white hat SEO company. They believe in transparency thus keeping you updated with constant SEO reporting. Logicsofts SEO services include a complete website audit, a customised tailored strategy, regular implementation of on-page and off-page SEO and analysing ranking and traffic.


MintTwist is a varied group of experts, each with a passion of their own but common vision that puts their client first. Since they understand the intimate balance between successful and sustainable SEO they have highly technical, engaging expertise and brand exposure through targeted PR and blogger outreach.


Clickdo specialises in UK local search engine optimization services. They recommend checking the agency’s rank and examining the ranks they have achieved for their client’s website will give you a glimpse of their skills. They are known for providing tailored SEO agency services for your business. When you first contact them for an SEO audit they analyse your business in order to identify what strategies will work for your business, then write the blueprint and after that you can avail the opportunity to ask them any question you wish to.


They're one of the top-reviewed London based digital marketing agencies, known for their no-nonsense approach. Atom stands for ‘acquisition through online marketing’ and that’s exactly what they do. They create and manage innovative online marketing campaigns to help you acquire more business. The ’42’ is a reference to The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy; the Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe and Everything. Thus, their name translated to what they do. They strive to ask the right questions rather than chasing answers, challenge their clients, and understand the client's priorities before they begin. As per them SEO is about much more than just simple optimisation. It’s also about fostering a strategic approach to keywords and content, ensuring the website is technically sound, and making sure that partnerships, link-building, and digital PR are working hard for the offsite SEO, too. They believe SEO isn’t really a channel on its own, thus it should be fully integrated across many other channels for maximum success.


PNdigital is one of the leading SEO services agencies in London,with the tools and expertise to put your website ahead. Based in the UK, they claim to have passion and commitment to each of their clients to be at the heart of everything they do. Their goal in business is to get you more visible, more traffic, and more clients. Their specialists have the expertise, experience and passion for the art of SEO to transform your rankings online, and help you achieve better results from your website.Their only mission is to put your digital presence in the top search results for keywords in your field, maximizing your Return on Investment (ROI) and positioning you at the top of your field. According to them,SEO is the lifeblood of Internet commerce.


Clickslice claims to provide business at the slice of click. ClickSlice was formed in 2013 by the founder Joshua George. Joshua noticed a growing trend of companies who were frustrated “SEO agencies” who kept underdelivering the simplest of marketing campaigns. The KPIs were wrong, the reporting was all over the place and quite frankly it was a waste of time and money. Contrary to this,ClickSlice was built to be different, as a result, their primary focus is ROI (Return on investment). As business owners too, they understand that at the end of the day it's the bottom line that matters most. Their process is like no other, they have their own methods down to a science and every decision made is based on real life data, not by some “SEO expert” making it up as they go along.They perpetually stick to their 3 core values: Integrity, Communication and Results. They provide you with different packages so you can choose as per your needs.


They are one of the affordable companies in the UK for the clients who need fast,result driven digital marketing services. The beginning cost of their SEO package is 295 pounds. They have a variety of other packages to offer. Their SEO services in London provide expert Google optimisation with a mission to be the most affordable and best value SEO agency for London and UK businesses. They have a proven track record and a live portfolio of websites currently ranking on page 1 to show. They’re adapting 2020 SEO strategy in this exceptional year due to COVID-19 to help their clients in this challenging time, as they become increasingly dependent on online enquiries. They offer no quick fixes or use risky short cuts, but we promise to get fast results, with proven and constantly updated expert SEO techniques. They don’t ask for any long-term contracts or commitments. They provide you the flexibility to pay month by month and any time cancellation after an initial agreed period, usually 3 months.


Dubseo is one of the leading SEO agencies in London. As their subtitle claims it's a ROI driven SEO service company trusted by small and big businesses in London UK. DubSEO helps to improve the ranking of your website in search results. They can help you generate more business from your website. Dubseo is associated with the UK’s most exciting brands and committed in delivering the most effective result from organic search. They provide better SEO Services (local or international) than other SEO companies in London. They offer affordable packages and pricing for any type of businesses in London, UK.

The Good Marketer

The agency expertises to get you customers and results beyond your expectations. Dedicated to providing a hands-on marketing service for small and medium-sized businesses they’re a specialist Digital Marketing Agency. You’ll get effective marketing solutions and the focused attention of a proactive team who know that, with the right digital marketing strategies in place, getting more customers doesn’t have to cost the earth. They claim to be transparent, proactive, affordable and flexible.


Yellowball is a multi-award winning agency. With passion, creativity and sharp commercial focus into everything you do, Yellowball will help you gain that extra margin on your competition in today’s highly competitive and jumbled marketplace where attention spans are measured in seconds.They provide clear strategies and execute amazing digital campaigns across a wide range of industries including education, retail, the service industry, internet startups, construction and the public sector. Their skills and expertise span the digital space across web, SEO, PPC, video and design.

Passion Digital

Passion Digital is a genuine and result driven digital marketing industry. Since 2012 Passion Digital has built a team of digital professionals, each committed to remaining at the forefront of the digital space and delivering market-leading results for their clients.They visualise to become the most qualified and trusted digital marketing agency in the UK, a task that they are well on the way to achieving.Their goal is delivering business-changing results for clients, coupled with sharing their knowledge amongst the wider industry through events and training. They communicate in a user-friendly way, creating clarity and transparency in all we do, thus driving tangible value and ROI.

The Grapefruit

As one of the leading SEO agencies in London, they help companies with their online marketing – to get more traffic and business from the Internet. They understand that getting SEO can be really tough with the major search engines moving the goalposts all the time – and if you get it wrong, you could end up doing more harm than good. They offer the kind of SEO services businesses want these days. Their SEO services include SEO audit, content creation, SEO consultancy, keyword research, onpage optimization, Backlink profile development, nationwide SEO, local search optimization and GMB optimization. They even offer you a free SEO audit.

Bulldog Digital Media

As their tagline says , it is a digital marketing agency which delivers clear results driven by data and initiative. They offer an organic approach which includes organic search, local search, link building, E-commerce SEO, technical SEO, reputation management and digital PR. They favour ethical techniques for long-term success. Their SEO services are reliable and proven. You need to know what people are searching for, if you’re planning to show up in their search results. They conduct comprehensive keyword & market research to identify what your target customers are searching for online and how they’re doing it. This allows them to then formulate tailored tactics that’ll get your site to pop up in exactly the right places. They evaluate your website's structure, its architecture & other key elements in its build that search engine algorithms look for. Once through with the entire process, they recommend improvements that’ll align your site with key terms, and increase its relevance to your target market. They go over site migrations, schema and other crucial areas that play huge roles in effective SEO. Not only this but due to their high experience they can essentially undo the damage done by errors in your sites build to help you recover from any algorithmic penalties that may have been imposed by Google.


Anglux's core is organic search performance and search engine optimisation SEO, but they also specialise in content marketing as an integral part of a modern and sustainable organic search strategy. . Our SEO process consists of three stages, audits, strategy, implementation and there’s additional or stand alone SEO training if that is the appropriate fit for your business or team. In the initial analytical phase they look at technical SEO factors, their content including keyword research and your promotion, which includes your social media presence and local SEO, as well as your link graph. Their audits come rich with insight based on data and inform SEO and strategy to grow your business. Their SEO services include structured data consulting, SEO audit, SEO consultancy and conversion rate optimization. They also offer SEO training and wordpress training. They love SEO and to impart their knowledge to clients . Beginner and Advanced WordPress Courses in London the UK and further afield tailor-made to fit you. One to one or group WordPress training for your current site or project.


Found, IS a multi award-winning digital growth agency specialising in SEO, PPC, Social, Content and Data Analytics. Through smart data, precise targeting and creative messaging. By combining technical brilliance with informative content and expert analysis with data science, Found gets businesses to top-converting positions and keeps them there. Their award-winning SEO professionals help you get Found. Their SEO expertise services include SEO consulting, SEO audit, Technical SEO, competitor and keyword analysis, local SEO, international SEO, SEO content, SEO training and voice search optimization. They are SEO specialist in Magento, Wordpress,and Shopify


Semetrical agency reflect digital ambitions through creative digital marketing. They're a dynamic, ambitious and innovative digital marketing agency, based in central London. They have an infectious character, personality and passion.The agency offers bespoke SEO solutions. The agency has won many awards like UK search award , EU search award to name a few. Their SEO services include keyword and market research, technical SEO, authority building, and on-page optimization. They provide additional services like E-commerce SEO, travel SEO, enterprise SEO, website migration, B2B SEO, and even international SEO.


Summon is a straight-talking digital marketing agency who deliver measurable results for your business.Summon Digital started with the aim of giving clients greater control, visibility & understanding of their digital marketing campaigns, empowering you to make the best decisions with your marketing budget. They firmly believe in full transparency of information, dedication & hard work as well as a commitment to educating their clients along the way. With this approach, they can help you master your digital presence and deliver results for your business. Their SEO services include SEO consultancy, link building, onpage SEO, and technical SEO. Their services promise to offer a better website user experience, increased traffic,and a stronger brand. To begin with they take time to understand where you are right now. That’s a two-fold job – so they’ll talk to you about your company, your goals and your current marketing efforts coupled with a SEO audit. Once they understand your position, they begin to build an understanding of the marketplace you’re hoping to dominate. They’ll create an SEO related picture of the customers you’re hoping to attract. Once all this is done, they observe and assess what your competitors are doing, to create a strategy that will surpass their efforts as a result.


Go Up is trusted by businesses big and small. They work with some of the most famous brands in the world, as well as international governments and SMEs. It takes expertise, creativity, time and meticulous planning. It takes passion, innovation and an absolute refusal to finish any job until it is perfect. This is the Go Up way. Go Up is regarded as being one of the UK’s leading SEO agencies. They are based in Shoreditch, in the beating heart of London’s tech city. They work for businesses big and small: from internationally recognised brands, blue chip companies and international governments to medium-sized and small, local businesses. No two client strategies at Go Up are the same. But the premise is simple: they use a wide range of data and know-how to create the best possible user experience on your website. Then they create interesting, newsworthy, sharable content and embark on a targeted online PR campaign to generate great links and online exposure. All of this is followed by onsite optimization. If necessary, they will back this up and tie in a brand-focused social media marketing campaign. They stick to Google Webmaster Guidelines so their clients can rest easy knowing that their results are sustainable, and that every pound spent is an investment for the present and the future. They have an analytical approach to their work. Their objectives and strategies are built upon hard data so they end up creating the efficient results-oriented campaigns possible.

Best SEO Service London

Don't Settle for Less than the Best SEO Service in London. They Generate More Leads and Sales for Businesses with SEO. They promise more relevant website traffic, increased search visibility, improved search engine rankings, more leads, more sales and increased ROI. They claim to offer the best SEO services in London.For a long time, search engine optimisation (SEO) has been an undervalued aspect of online marketing and advertising but has since become vital.A lot of the businesses have now included this online marketing strategy with the purpose of becoming well established in their market and more in demand among their target customers. Their SEO services include local SEO, international SEO, national SEO, social media marketing, video marketing, internal marketing, web design and reputation management.


Danielfoley is a freelance SEO consultant. Daniel Foley has delivered powerful SEO & Marketing strategies with ROI at the forefront that has transformed business revenues & yielded increased profitability covering all niches from retail to travel, medical to law, finance to investment. He has split his SEO into two attributes: local SEO service and SEO agency service. Talking about agency service, Daniel Foley found “Assertive”, one of London’s leading SEO agencies. The purpose was to help companies of all different sizes to get more traffic and business from the internet. So, if you are looking for London SEO Services, look no further – Daniel Foley’s SEO agency Assertive Media can help drive more rankings, more traffic and more business. They’ll analyse your companies existing online presence/visibility to ascertain what is required from us to get you ranking. Whether you are looking for a localised, national or international SEO campaign. On the other hand, local SEO services boost your local organic visibility. Daniel Foley is a London based SEO consultant with over 18 years experience delivering local search engine optimisation services to clients all over London, the UK and the world.If your business targets a local audience then it is key to understand the importance of ranking well organically in order to capture a larger share of new potential business & revenue. He works with businesses that operate locally (independent retailers) as well as chains which have multiple branches across the country, each requiring local SEO. If you have a business that needs to rank more prominently in organic listings in both search and maps then look no further.


They make sure London based businesses have the visibility they deserve - They optimise for blended search, from all Google products so your business can achieve true search presence. Techniques linked to local search engine optimization give both small and large businesses a chance of growing their business and attracting more consumers by improving their online ‘visibility’. Local SEO aims at improving your London business’ visibility on ‘location-based’ search engine results. It does this by making it possible for users at a certain locality to find your business (located in the same area) online easily.Local SEO involves local search queries; searches that include ‘local content’.


Whitehat is an inbound digital marketing agency. They design and run inbound marketing campaigns that generate sales qualified leads for you. They are specialists in marketing automation, SEO and PPC. White hat search engine optimizers improve the usability of a website, help create great content, or make sites faster, which is good for both users and search engines. With the onset of globalisation, more and more people rely on the internet to search for relevant information. Whitehat SEO Ltd. is a reliable company in terms of site promotion and optimisation. By choosing them, you will definitely have an edge against your competitors. As a client, you will be backed with a team of experienced marketing consultants who are passionate in marketing efforts. In the long run, allowing them to manage the activities and progress of your site as this will enable you to put more focus on the growth of your business. They have years of experience as an SEO agency has led us to master campaign development. It will be a long term effort – and they claim to guarantee a well-managed campaign and make changes when the need arises, ensuring that it is well within up-to-date with the recent trends of search engine standards. They offer three packages named as quick start plan, professional plan and enterprise plan. Quick start plan costs £610, professional plan costs £ 1,740 and enterprise plan costs £2,973. Every plan offers different services.


They have a very catchy tagline the moment which says, “World-class digital marketing.We believe we’re the best around. Call to see if you agree.”. UWP is a leading digital marketing agency based in Farringdon, London. They like to think the quality of their staff sets them apart. Their clients come in all shapes and sizes and from all sectors of industry. They are committed to long-term, sustainable SEO. The agency is passionate about doing things the right way and we’ll be as transparent as possible so you know exactly what you are getting.

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