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Website Design Services UK - User-Friendly Websites

Whether you need a new website or want to revamp an existing one, the question you should be asking is, “What do I want my website to do?” Your website should visually narrate your story to quickly grab the attention of your audience. At Logicsofts, we excel in telling your story exactly the way it should be told.

Abhay and Sam are the business owners deeply involved with its day to day operations, client handling and overall management. Abhay himself is a digital marketing expert and thereby increasing the improvement/success rates for each digital client. Sam on the other hand, is a technical expert and helps in efficiency and effectiveness of all businesses.

Attracted clients all over UK, Europe and Australia with the help of online marketing strategies




Digital marketing

Our custom designs cater to diverse businesses

Having a swanky website is not enough. To keep visitors engaged, a website has to be stylish and functional. At Logicsofts, we take great pains to understand your business and design a website which is purpose-driven, impactful and unique. We also keep you informed at every stage so that there is no scope for surprises.

We understand your business requirements in detail.

Basic/advanced scoping is done and documentation is completed.

Wireframes and interactive prototypes are shared for review.

Brainstorming* is done to finalise content before implementation.

*Applicable to advanced or full-scale websites only

Type of website designs we offer

We believe in democratizing digital services so that they are accessible to everyone. Keeping this in mind, our web design packages cater to all businesses, ranging from start-ups to established entities.


[Ideal for basic website design]
  • Understand your business
  • Select pre-designed wireframes
  • Define basic scope of work
  • Content Architecture & Planning
  • Basic web design and deployment

price starts from £500


[Ideal for advanced website design]
  • Understand your business
  • Defined advanced scope of work
  • Complete RFI documentation
  • Customise designs
  • Share interactive prototypes: XD and Figma
  • Brainstorm and finalise designs
  • Content architecture and planning
  • Advanced web design and deployment

price starts from £1000


[Ideal for full-scale website design]
  • Understand your business
  • Define advanced scope of work
  • Complete RFI documentation
  • Complete RFQ documentation
  • Share sitemap & clickable
  • Customise designs
  • Share interactive prototypes: XD and Figma
  • Brainstorm and finalise designs
  • Content architecture and planning
  • Advanced web design and deployment

price starts from £2000

Our work demonstrates our breadth of experience

We work with new businesses on a regular basis giving us an opportunity to learn new things, business verticals and helping us to expand and grow. We’ve helped many businesses to accomplish their digital marketing targets, pleaser have a look at some of them:

Professional bio-cleaning, fire damage, flood restoration and extreme cleaning solutions that you can trust.

View case study

Our mission is to reduce plastic waste plaguing our planet and the poverty of some of the poorest people in the world in the process.

View case study

The remarkable success of The Frux Golf World Tour was the inspiration for Frux Events.

View case study

Discover our wide range of features

Logicsofts is a IT service provider doing a range of services: Web DevelopmentSEO, Mobile Apps, Digital marketing, IT consultancy, website management support, cloud services, etc. 

Like any artist paints the canvas with colours and creativity for gaining recognition of the target audiences towards the portrayal, website designers should have to be artistic enough to depict the website with the clients primary business aim, offerings, and lead generation channels.

User interface & experience

Providing an immersive and unforgettable experience for users.

Responsive design

Providing the best experience on any device, window or screen size.

Backend flexibility

Backend frameworks that integrate with other technology stacks.

Full transparency

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Blog & news

Powerful blog & news designs that adapt well to all screens and devices.

Social media widgets

Fast and powerful plugins to link websites to social media handles.

Newsletter subscription

Simple and thoughtful signup forms to encourage readers to subscribe to newsletters.

Portfolio module

Plugins that visually represent recent projects in stunning layouts.

Advanced search

Well-designed advanced search interfaces to help users with quick responses.

Basic ecommerce

Simple, trustworthy ecommerce user interfaces that aspire confidence in users.

Advanced ecommerce

Powerful and comprehensive features required to operate a full-service ecommerce site.

Payment integration

Integrating payment gateways for a seamless and secure user experience.

Live chat

Simple and efficiently-designed interfaces for real-time communication.

Videos integration

Aesthetically integrating videos in website layouts for a powerful visual experience.

Domain name

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Turbo - hosting setup

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G-suite professional

Integrating G-Suite in website design for a powerful and intuitive experience.

Microsoft 365 email set up

Integrating Microsoft 365 plugins in website design to enable email communication.

Analytics & tracking

Creating analytics-friendly and tracking-friendly designs to measure website traffic.

16 Steps to designing an awesome website

Download checklist

Our web designs feature dynamic and latest technology

HTML 5, React Js, Node Js, Angular JS, Vue Js, Elementor, Divi

We deploy powerful tools

Adobe XD, Figma, Photoshop, Illustrator, Draw io

We follow a meticulous web design process

Your website is one of your business’ most important ambassadors. Which is why we follow a meticulous process to ensure that it is a proper reflection of your brand philosophy and business sensibilities.

1. Planning

Arguably the most important stage since the mapping and decision-making sets the tone for the entire project. The planning stage involves a consideration of:

2. Design

Typically involves converting concepts discussed during the planning stage into wireframes and interactive design protypes. This stage involves creating and considering:


In the development stage, the process of implementing design prototypes and wireframes into actual designs takes places. It comprises the following:

4. Launch

In this phase, the website is made ready to be launched publicly. It involves extensive testing of all features to ensure that there is no compromise in user experience. This stage involves:

Why should you consider logicsofts?


Diverse experience

Our extensive and diverse experience of 11+ years in the digital marketing domain places us in a unique position to offer superior services to clients.


Depth of knowledge

We bring depth of knowledge in all digital marketing platforms, including social media, SEO, Google ads, content, email and growth automation.


Bespoke designs

We invest significant time in analyzing unique aspects of our client’s business and design bespoke solutions to meet their requirements.


Flexible options

Our digital marketing packages offer flexibility to businesses to select an option which best suits their requirements and budget. No one-size-fits-all approach.


User experience

Our web design and development expertise provides users a superlative experience when they visit a landing page or product details page on the website.


Dedicated team

Our dedicated team keeps abreast of latest digital technologies, applications and tools to deliver high-quality output in every project.


Growth enablers

Access to all recommended digital marketing tools and an experienced, enthusiastic team make for a perfect combination in enabling our clients’ online growth.



We believe in clear and transparent communication with our clients so that both sides are in agreement and there is no scope for surprises.


Positive reviews

Our clients have consistently given us positive reviews which speak volumes about our quality and commitment.

Website design pricing

A website is as unique as your business. This is why designing websites does not come with a fixed price tag. We take into account every business’s specific needs, target audience and overall goals before coming up with a bespoke design, based on which the pricing is determined. We offer digital packages starting from £500 per month to our clients.

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Website design FAQs

While selecting a digital marketing agency, there are bound to be several areas where you may need clarifications. We give you responses to the most frequently-asked questions related to website design.

While selecting a web design company, it is important to consider credentials such as experience, client testimonials and previous work. Select an agency that provides a comprehensive range of services.

We spend extensive time in analyzing your requirements before recommending a suitable design. The design will be based on features required as well as your budget.

A website is the first point of reference for a potential customer. A good interface not only makes it easier for users to navigate the website but also helps them judge a business’ credibility.

Our web design projects are customised as per our clients’ requirements. Duration varies according to the functionalities, number of pages and overall design elements required.

All our services are provided by a dedicated and in-house digital marketing team. We do not outsource our work to third parties.

We communicate clearly and transparently with clients during every stage of the process, right from planning to designing and implementation.

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