Outsourcing SEO Services in 2021: The Ultimate Guide

19th April 2021

Digital marketing is swiftly replacing traditional methods to increase brand awareness and customer reach, which is why many companies decide to outsource SEO to agencies that specialize in the field. While this may seem like an easy thing to do, considering how outsourcing alone is meant to ease the load off of the company’s taskforce, outsourcing your optimization to the wrong firms can lead to your website’s downfall.

Here is a small guide to outsourcing SEO and doing it right. Before we delve into the more complex stuff, let us cover the basics of SEO outsourcing.

Table of Contents

1. What is SEO outsourcing?
2. Why outsource SEO in 2021?
3. How do I outsource my SEO?
4. Tips for choosing the best company to outsource SEO services
5. Tips to outsource SEO services in 2021
6. Ask these questions while you are hiring SEO outsource service providers
7. Are you ready to outsource SEO?

What is SEO outsourcing?

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a digital marketing strategy that will allow you to increase your website’s or brand’s digital presence by helping it pop up in the top ten search engine results. This is done by identifying the keywords searched by potential customers and including them in the website content.

Search engine crawlers will analyze your website and verify its friendliness to the users and rank it accordingly among your competitors. SEO tries to get you over the fold, or in the first two pages of the search engine results.

When you hire freelancers, temporary employees, or specialized agencies to complete your SEO work, it is called SEO Outsourcing. This can help you scale your web pages to rank higher in search engine results.

Why outsource SEO in 2021?

seo services

SEO is a complex procedure that requires hard work and expertise. Complex strategies have to be revised every week because Google changes its algorithm often. If you don’t outsource SEO, you will have to manage campaigns, measure results, read up on various SEO (off-page, on-page, and technical), and implement all the changes pronto, like backend website updates.

Keeping up with all these updates takes time, effort, and knowledge, all of which requires company resources. SEO experts will provide you with faster results and save you time. Your team can then focus on important things like real-life marketing with a reduced workload.

Google penalizes any black-hat SEO practices (including overstuffing keywords into the content or hiding keywords into invisible paragraphs). To avoid such gaffes, it is always better to outsource SEO to a team of freelancers or experts who will help your website avoid such penalties and upscale your business.

How do I outsource my SEO?: Three best options

1. Hire a freelancer

You can find freelance experts on almost any subject matter these days, and SEO is no different. You can find SEO freelancers on websites like Fiverr or Freelancer who will complete your SEO requirements at a reasonable price rate.

While there is a chance that these professionals may not always be up to date with the latest SEO trends, they will still be able to provide results that are low cost and help you move higher on the search engine results. If your SEO needs are minimal and easily completed, hiring a freelancer is the best choice for you.

However, remember, SEO is an ever-changing industry, and you may need to update your strategies more often than you think. To make sure your work does not get out of date, you may have to hire freelancers frequently, the cost of which may add up quicker than you realize.

2. Consult a White Label SEO company

White Label SEO agencies offer and sell organic SEO services to companies who want a digital marketing solution without hiring in-house SEO experts. Hiring these contractors comes with the same advantages that you get with a freelancer – more control over what you need to get done and how much you pay.

Contractors are often freelancers themselves, with whom you can have a good relationship. These connections make them more reliable and affordable compared to freelancers. But keep in mind that because such firms have a large clientele pool, you may have to wait for your work to be delivered.

3. Full-time digital marketing agency

Working with an SEO agency comes with the advantage of getting your work delivered on time and having the reassurance that the SEO will function as required. A large team of professionals will keep up with the industry and execute the necessary techniques far better than a freelancer or a white label SEO company.

This is why you should consider a full-time digital marketing agency that can provide you with copywriters, email marketers, and social media marketing experts who are seasoned in the field and can offer you concrete results.

Tips for choosing the best company to outsource SEO services

Tips for choosing the best company to outsource SEO services

Choosing the right place for your outsource SEO services can prove difficult, especially with all the different names that dabble in the field.

Find a reliable firm – Here’s how

Your success with SEO depends on your outsourcer and their capability to design a good SEO campaign. A bad choice may make you lose your faith in SEO or even get your websites penalized. This is why you should double-check your choices when it comes to picking out an SEO firm.

1. Ask for the price

Ask for a quote or the SEO company’s pricing rate and compare it to the rates put up by its competitors. If it seems unreasonable, explore other options. However, don’t look for the cheapest solutions – good SEO is an investment that comes with returns that will compensate for the hefty prices.

2. Check their website out

Analyze the company’s website itself – it should ideally show up in the first few page results because a good SEO company should use its website as a testimonial to its success.

3. Ask for a tailored proposal

Ask the company to make a customized SEO proposal tailored to the specifics of your website. The nature of their proposal will show how good the professionals working at this company are. If it is not up to mark, you will have a backup strategy if you need to complete the SEO yourself.

4. Go for the whole package

Pick a company that will offer you services over and above search engine optimization – firms like Logicsofts provide website development, AMP, and custom code, all of which are useful for a firm trying to increase its virtual presence.

Logicsofts and similar agencies offer social media campaigns that go hand in hand with an SEO plan is ideal for digital brands. Having a relationship with a multiskilled company can decrease your workload and yield faster results.

Hiring the right freelancer

It is not a good idea to hire a random stranger off the internet and trust them with your SEO tasks. Here are a few tips for screening your candidates and getting the right person for your brand:

1. Paid tasks

While it is unethical to ask a freelancer to do work for you without payment to prove their talents, you can always give them a one-off SEO task and assess their performance. This can help you screen through freelancers who are bluffing about their knowledge.

2. Trial periods

After they get through the paid task with satisfactory results, hire them for a short period and see how they perform with your team. If they give too many excuses, refuse to meet deadlines, or are not team player, they should not be long-term hires.

3. Hire and fire till you get it right

If it feels like your choice is not working out, do not hesitate to fire your candidate and search for a new one. The SEO industry requires fast minds who can deliver the right results, so it is better for everyone involved if you realize things are not working out and remove the candidate from your team.

The right candidate will understand your requirements and complete your SEO requirements professionally using the right techniques.

5 tips to outsource SEO services in 2021

5 tips to outsource SEO services in 2021

1. Find a reliable SEO firm by checking portfolios

Reputable SEO companies will have portfolios of their track record regarding their clients, success stories, and specialization areas. Go through their fields of expertise and determine whether they are the right choice for you.

2. Read online reviews and testimonials

As it is with any service, reading testimonials and reviews written by a firm’s previous clients can tell you a lot about the kind of work they do, whether they deliver on time and with quality, etc. These can help you decide whether a particular company is a right fit for you or not.

3. Learn to track SEO performance

Learn enough about SEO and its impact on the traffic for your company’s website so you can assess the success of SEO campaigns for yourself. Asking for a detailed monthly report can help you track how much work they are putting in versus the output you can see on your webpage hits. Remember to ask for exact improvements in terms of traffic, social media user engagement, etc.

4. Set measurable targets

Come to an agreement with your outsourcer about an action plan that includes measurable targets that need to be delivered by a specific time. Some of these can include higher Google rankings, a specific increase in page hits, etc. Make sure you are specific about your requirements and do not agree on any vague goal. Everything in SEO is measurable, so make sure you are not scammed when you outsource SEO.

5. Start with a medium budget

Any outsourcing task requires a predetermined budget, but in the case of SEO, do not dish out a lot of money until you start seeing returns on your investment. Especially when you start, try to stretch out a small budget over a while because SEO takes weeks, months, and sometimes even years to yield good results fully.

Ask these questions while you are hiring SEO to outsource service providers

1. Is an SEO company worth it?

If you are looking for long term success and have aligned your marketing campaign with your SEO prospects, you should hire an SEO company to outsource SEO services.

However, it is smart that you go for a firm with a wide variety of services like Logicsofts that can elevate the whole of your webpage and not just your SEO. If the company you are outsourcing to cannot provide you with enough incentives to hire them, you should probably think twice before hiring them.

2. Is SEO a waste of money in 2021?

Google has made optimization quite hard in 2021, with penalties becoming stricter and web crawlers becoming more exhaustive with their content analysis. Questions of whether SEO tactics are effective at all are growing concerns within the industry. Your potential outsourcer should be able to tell you how they can make SEO work with Google’s restrictions in 2021 – watch out for signs of black hat SEO, and choose wisely.

3. What types of monthly reports will you send?

A good SEO company will already have planned out the kind of reports on SEO results to send its clients. Ask for the kinds of monthly reports they will send out, the exact parameters that will be discussed in them and if possible, ask them to send you an example of one.

4. Which SEO tools are you using?

It would be best to ask potential outsourcers to send you the list of tools and resources they use to optimize content. This is a surefire way to know whether they are up to date because new tools pop up now and then that revolutionize SEO.

Are you ready to outsource SEO?

When you outsource SEO, it will leave you with time on hand to focus elsewhere. The gradual buildup of page hits and the slow climb above the first fold of the Google Results will happen eventually. Make sure you choose your outsourcer carefully and keep track of their activity and results, and you are good to go!

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