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How to research, plan and execute a website redesign

30th January 2020

According to HubSpot, around 33% of companies are not satisfied with their website redesign. Furthermore, 63% of website redesign projects go over budget while half of them are late.

If you want to avoid these statistics you need to go to the professionals. This is why redesign planning, researching and execution are so important for web design companies.

There are several reasons why redesigns can be so tricky:

  • The company ordering the redesign doesn’t have a proper creative direction
  • The web design company hasn’t properly planned the project
  • Tweaks are very common but often poorly addressed

Even if you plan everything the right way, there is a chance that things may go array. This is why the initial steps are so important as they give you more flexibility as you go forward. Here are some things you need to know about site redesign.

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Why would you redesign in the first place?

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Redesign shouldn’t be done unless you’re completely sure you need it. On paper, it might seem as a magical solution that will instantly revamp your domain and give your business a new start. However, it does have a few pain points that you need to be aware of before you jump in. This is a big deal and you need to be aware of all angles.

Here are some of the main benefits of website redesign:

  • It gives a new look to your site
  • It may have an amazing impact on your conversions and sales
  • If you do it properly, it can boost the speed of your site impacting search engine optimization
  • It will affect the way your content looks
  • May attract new visitors

Unfortunately, there are also some drawbacks:

  • If you make any mistakes, it might affect your ability to make money for a while
  • The functionality of your site might be altered
  • Can’t help a poor business model

As with all areas of business, there are certain risks to redesign.

If you have a good team working on the project, there shouldn’t be any mistakes with the backend. However, you will have to pay attention to your site’s size, how fast it loads, if the HTML code looks good, etc.

Basically, there are a lot of technical aspects that you need to keep a close eye on.

The main reason why most sites perform a redesign is so they can reach a larger audience and grow their company. It is mostly a business decision where an organization tries to improve the perception of their brand or is used to make the purchasing process easier for the customers.

Be aware of competitor activities

Before you start thinking about your site, the problems, strong points, look etc you need to be aware of what they are doing. This can cover everything from SEO, website colours, landing pages the whole lot.

This will spark from inspiration for you as to what you’d like but always stops you from creating a lookalike website. You need to stand out from the crowd and be unique. If you don’t know your competitors or don’t have any, then look at similar companies and see what you can do.

How to perform a proper redesign?

Rebranding is similar to other creative web services. The whole process involves a lot of back-and-forth between the service provider and client. If there are any issues during the project, it usually pertains to creative direction and whether or not a particular design is the right solution for a brand.

No matter how hesitant you are, there are certain things that are out of your control. But as previously mentioned, the best you can do is to prepare yourself for every situation.

Ideally, the whole process should be done in 3 steps:

1. Analyzing the issues and creating goals

The first step is the most important one. Some companies believe they need redesign and they might be dealing with a minor issue or with something that cannot be remedied by changing the web design of their site.

At this point, the service provider or employee has to explain the service, to manage expectations and explain whether or not the customer is right in their assessment.

If a company doesn’t understand what they’re getting, it will be hard to get on the same page which might result in customer’s disappointment or redoing the project. Unfortunately, some redesign companies are prepared to promise almost anything as long as they’re able to secure the project.

2. Creating a proper website architecture

If you managed to hash out the general issues and perceived expectations, you can start by creating a sitemap. The general rule is that a person should be able to reach any page on the site in just 2-3 clicks. A reasonable and simple sitemap is very important for both your customers and the search engines.

By creating a proper system, you will be able to funnel visitors to your commercial pages correctly thus increasing your conversion rate.

On the other hand, if your site’s navigation is convoluted, it might affect visitor’s journey and ultimately, deter them from buyer or visiting again.

3. Performing tests

At this point, both your client and you will know how the site will look like. The next thing that needs to be done is creating wireframes. They are blueprints allowing the organization of content on every page.

It is a bit deeper step that shows how the final product will look like. Keep an eye on the UX for your site. Without this, the design would not be as successful.

After that, you’re ready for design testing. During this step, test users will try out the site. They are meant to focus on usability, readability and aesthetics. After you’ve done it, you should have answers to all the pressing questions allowing you to make the necessary tweaks.

Finally, you’re ready to launch the new and redone site. Make sure to take it slowly and take notes. There might be some issues in the following few days so you should address them as soon as possible.

Measuring goals

Upon relaunching the site, you’re able to measure the success of the campaign.

Keep in mind that no matter how hard you’ve worked on the project, there are no guarantees that the results will be what you expected. Like with some other business decisions, there are numerous things going into it. In the end, you might discover the site wasn’t the issue in the first place.

Even if you start getting the wanted results, they might be affected by something completely different and might not be caused by the redesign. Nevertheless, you have to measure the results as this will give you some other insights and might even point you in a different direction.

No matter what, make sure to get the right web design company for your project!

To sum it up

Your website is too important to your business to allow it to fall by the wayside. If you’re not in a position to do it yourself you need to hand it over to the professionals. If you’re looking for top notch website specialists then look no further than Logicsofts. Professional, Affordable and High Quality. You need someone who understands what you need and have the tools to do it.

The moral of the redesign story is that before you do anything you need to be aware that this is the right decision for your company. Then you need to research everything, maybe even research your research. The find the best providers, make a plan and communicate effectively throughout the redesign process.

Now go out and redesign with happiness.


Author Bio: Currently working as a Marketing Executive at Design Wizard, Claire is passionate about creating amazing content and bringing people together. Having recently graduated with her masters degree in Marketing she is keen to impact the digital world. Outside of work you can catch Claire taking photos of her rescue dog Storm and checking out social media.

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