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Social Media & SEO Need Continuity

20th January 2014

When everybody is planning for vacation, don’t let go your SEO strategies on vacation. It is the time when you can re-consider your deeds by analyzing work done in past and carry on with new approach to get customers to the website and thus increase sales. Here are some checks that you can make to re-evaluate your way, you were following:

Site Performance: There is a wide variety of various tools like Google analytics from which you can make a follow-up to identify trends, new opportunity and upcoming trends to increase traffic. Analyzing unique visits, lead conversion rate, page traffic and popularity of landing page tells you to where you need to improve.
Certain improvements and timely updations make your site friendly with Google.
Identify which keyword finds your website in Google and make marketing strategy to ensure the visibility of that keyword on your homepage.

Double check Link Building strategy: Link Building is well known and most stable technique to get position in Google. In earlier days “more links were for more popularity” but now, Google has started to penalize those sites which follow overlinking and unnatural links. As per the saying: “slow and steady wins the race”, make less links but strongly relevant, natural and with cheap phentermine good websites. Otherwise, low quality links can deteriorate page rank and visibility in search results.

Use Social Media sharing: Sharing through social media has become the major source of gaining popularity over the night. Through social networks you can share informative content, photos and videos to the maximum users. In this way more and more traffic get attracted to your site.
Remember that the results of the search engines are more and more social: Google launches +1 button for websites vote; Bing also follows that trend and tweak their algorithm to give more importance to social search.
SEO, social media and informative content is needed to become famous in search engines. Combination of all three sends invitation to Google to visit and evaluate your site.

Make a schedule to analyze the work done for SEO. For this, it is recommended to either contact a SEO company or hire a dedicated SEO professional team.

No matter what type of business you own, you have to change with the time because strategies that were pumping the heart of your business can become the reason of heart attack to your business. It is essential to make a continual check whether everything is going fine or something need changes.

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Author : Abhay

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