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Which is the Best Mobile App Development Company In London

20th January 2022

Imagine if you could have direct communication with clients and customers with access to a wealth of information at just a touch of a button. Sitting at home you businesses can increase their audience base, brand popularity, sales, and revenue. In addition to doing all these, mobile applications help businesses increase their revenue and find multiple sources of growth.

Nowadays, a mobile app is a must for business growth and development. It delivers the best user experience. Users can easily connect with the firm and stay up to speed on the company’s latest products or services due to this. Especially in this fast world of digitalisation mobile apps play a vital role. If you don’t have a perfect mobile app you are bound to face a lack of the right marketing tools, decreased brand presence, deprived accessibility and loss of other perks which are sure to bring great leads. 


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Logicsofts is a London-based top mobile app development company with skilled IT experts and Mobile App Developers who design mobile apps on a universal platform that works on every smartphone and gadget. It is the best mobile app development company in London, UK. Logicsofts’ Mobile App Developers are well-organized in their knowledge of client’s business goals. They help to develop an effective Mobile App that can maximize consumer engagement. Logicsofts’ skilled IT experts and Mobile Application Developers create Mobile Applications on a universal platform that can run on any device keeping in mind consumer expectations for legitimate, easy methods to perform transactions. The best mobile app development company in London takes the time to learn about their clients’ needs before developing a mobile app that will help them generate more sales and increase consumer engagements.  

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A Guide to Application Development

  Application development

App stores and in-app advertising are expected to produce $693 billion in income for mobile apps in 2023.  Mobile app development, like web development, has roots in earlier software development methodologies. Mobile applications are frequently built expressly by the best mobile app development company in London to use the unique capabilities of a particular mobile device. In this article, you are going to read all about mobile app development including, the process, costs, types and more.  

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Table of Contents

1. Need of a Mobile app
2. Advantages of Mobile Apps
3. App development for every industry 
4. Types of Mobile Apps by Technology
5. Step-by-step process of app development
6. Which is the best mobile app development company?
7. Applications developed by Logicsofts
8. How much does it cost to develop an app?


Needs of a mobile app

Ten years ago, communication with new customers was unthinkable. Approximately 78% of adults in the UK use mobile and smart devices to access the Internet.  The mobile app market is only growing and getting bigger. App development for a business is an excellent method of marketing and will help you reach your target audience, as well as offering other advantages that put you ahead of your competitors.  Logicsofts, the best mobile app development company in London has an edge due to their expertise and experience. We ensure you provide a top-class experience with your mobile apps and right guidance. You can consult us for all your doubts and we will tailor the best mobile app for you. Consult Us App development for business is a serious venture that requires a thorough understanding of the benefits of having a mobile app within your company.

Advantages of Mobile Apps

Advantages of Mobile Apps

1. Direct Communication and Engagement 

Businesses can now communicate clearly and directly with their customers as well as colleagues with the help of business mobile application development. The data collected from these Apps is of enormous value to any business, as it can be used to improve marketing strategies by better understanding customer behavior and buyer personas.

2. Enhance Customer Engagement

For customers, it is important that they feel heard and that they can easily reach out. Customers often contact you with their doubts or complaints regarding their purchases. Apps allow users to communicate their concerns and receive feedback much faster, thus reducing the likelihood of a negative review.

3. Boost Brand Awareness

Mobile apps are extensions of your brand, and therefore offer you the chance to stay true to your brand while exploring new ways of presenting it on a different digital platform. As a new marketing platform for businesses, mobile apps help your brand to get more visibility, and therefore, generate more awareness. Furthermore, it allows you to reach potential new audiences.

4. Develop an effective marketing channel

Customers can also receive instant notifications and information via custom Apps.  Users who find this information relevant and useful, such as exclusive deals and offers, will probably become loyal customers.

5. Overpower Your Competition

Using mobile apps has become a trend in modern technology. Mobile apps are able to distinguish you from your competition in a number of important ways. 

  • In order to achieve market share, a new start-up entering your market must also develop a mobile app in order to deliver their product or service to your customers. As a result you raise the entry barrier, protecting your competitive position. 
  • Mobile Apps will allow your business to provide new and exciting services.
  • Offers customers an appreciable mobile experience

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App Development for Every Industry

App Development for Every Industry Technology in the twenty-first century is advancing at a breakneck pace. Mobile Applications, the Internet, Intelligent Devices, Artificial Intelligence, and many more new solutions have emerged in the last ten years. Only through approaching consumers can you have a deeper understanding of them. Anyone who uses the mobile app will have an easier time tackling problems, reporting issues, and staying in touch at all times. Logicsoft acts as a source for every industry to connect to a wider audience. Since every business is different, their requirements for application software varies. Logicsoft recognizes this and hence, does not believe in bulk production or cookie-cut software. For your company’s diverse requirements and needs, the Logicsoft team provides bespoke mobile applications.  Industries we serve include:

  • Ecommerce and Online stores: Make your customers’ shopping experience simple with specialized e-commerce stores in the form of apps.
  • Food delivery: Provide your customers with a platform to satisfy their cravings. Connect them to your unique food-delivery app and let them order directly from the restaurants.
  • Real estate: Let potential customers have the ease of renting, selling or listing their properties on a customized real-estate app. Get built-in features as per your requirements.
  • Travel & Tourism: From booking flight tickets to hotels and planning trips, with a custom-made mobile app, your customers have the ease of making bookings instantly.
  • Taxi bookings: Chauffeur services are on the rise. The best way to increase your reach is by promoting a user-friendly mobile app. Get your customers booking cabs in a few clicks.
  • Entertainment and audio: Clients demand efficient video streaming and music apps. With our top services, your app is sure to impress the audience.
  • Finance: Digital payments are on the rise. Get your audience a customized digital wallet, financial apps and market watching apps. 
  • Health & Wellbeing: Develop a pharmacy app or an online gym instruction app. Logicsoft develops apps to give your audience a smooth UX.

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Types of mobile apps by technology

If you want your application(s) to be effective, you need to first conduct research to understand which type of app will be more fruitful for you. Preparing well-detailed technical specifications would be quite beneficial. You may begin picking the best method to build your application after you have a clear understanding of what you require.

  1. Custom Mobile App Development

With this option, you may receive an app that is completely tailored to your needs. This implies you can have any capabilities, features, and so on you desire. Unlike previous techniques, your app will not be limited in any manner. To put it another way, you get precisely what you want, when you want it. Depending on the intricacy of your project, you may need to employ one or more mobile app developers. Custom/bespoke app creation takes more time and money, but it provides extensive customisation and entails the app’s major emphasis.

  1. Native Mobile App Development

If your intended audience exclusively uses one operating system, this is the best option (Android, iOS, etc). If this isn’t the case, you’ll have to create two (or more) different apps for each OS, which will be costly. Native mobile apps, in any event, provide outstanding outcomes and a good user experience. Furthermore, because native applications are written in a particular programming language, they may make use of device-specific operating systems: iOS apps are built-in Swift or Objective-C, while Android apps are written in Java. Which mobile app is suitable   This strategy has recently gained a lot of traction. You can create an app that runs on many web browsers using technologies like React Native and Xamarin. As you can expect, these programmes are less personalised and perform worse when compared to native development. But on the other hand, using this method, you may create a “platform agnostic” app on a shoestring budget. The development of such an app does not take as long as that of native or bespoke apps.

1. Mobile Web App Development

A user does not need to locate, download, or launch a web app to utilise it. In the browser, everything works. Web applications may make use of the majority of the device’s operating systems. It includes push notifications and other features.  In the e-commerce business, this type of application is quite useful. They don’t require a high-speed Internet connection, and certain features are available even when the computer is turned off. A phone web app would be less expensive to develop than a native app.

2. Hybrid Mobile App Development

Web development tools such as HTML, CSS, and JS-based applications are used to construct hybrid apps. WebView is used in these programmes to display web information (native wrapper). A hybrid app is a cross in between a web app and a native app. Hybrid apps are cross-platform applications that may operate on a variety of operating systems. They are also quite inexpensive to construct. On the other hand, you’d have to make concessions in terms of performance and usefulness. Ionic, Apache Cordova, Xamarin, and other technologies may be used to develop this kind of app.

Step-By-Step Process of App Development

Step-By-Step Process of App Development From server model to front-end coding, creating an app necessitates a diverse set of technical abilities. Entrepreneurs who have an app concept don’t have all of the technical capabilities needed to make it a reality. Therefore their job is to recruit a team that does the same. Building an app is a time-consuming process with several phases. You can know about an app development team by inquiring about their process, so finding out what method the company you’re considering employs is usually a good idea. Here’s the step-by-step approach we employ at Logicsoft for application development.

1. Extensive Design Thinking and Product Strategy

Customer experience is becoming more and more of a driving factor in industry developments. It is especially true in application development, where user happiness is critical to success. Investing effort upfront to understand and define your users’ demands pays off handsomely since it maintains the user at the heart of your development process as it moves ahead. Before we start developing the app, we spend a lot of time thinking about the design components and product strategy.

2. Wireframing (user experience)

A thorough grasp of UX design is required for a well-functioning virtual framework. After all, they help to define the overall features of the mobile app. Another reason we use wireframing in app development is to build a streamlined interface that lets you earn more points with a wider client base. We utilise best-in-class techniques to guarantee that, once created, the app provides an unrivalled user experience.

3. Visual design (branding and user interface)

When you build your software with accessibility in mind, you provide everyone with the ability to use it. After all, they form the app’s general design and make it appealing enough to catch the user’s attention at first glance. To produce outstanding graphics, our team devotes their creative strength to the essential components of design. It improves the user experience and helps to increase your brand presence.

4. App development

Developing an app for your brand is a big deal, especially if you’re foreign to the concept. Businesses want regular updates and checks to see the progress of their application. Our company never delays in providing you detailed updates on everything we’re working on. This way, you can be a part of the process without feeling out of control of your app.

5. Data-driven marketing

The creation and release of an app is merely the first stage. However, there are millions of apps on PlayStore and AppleStore. How will your app find its way up to the top? We’ve got you covered on that part. Our Launch-to-Market plan has every hack you will need to stand out from a crowd and get the audience giving your app space in their phone. 

Applications developed by Logicsofts

Applications developed by Logicsofts   Logicsoft has contributed to developing the app ‘Lumey’, which is a time-tracking, reporting, and scheduling tool that frees up leadership time by automating routine management chores. The application includes customized features such as:

  • Forecasting
  • Reporting
  • Scheduling
  • Shift Tracking
  • Time Sheets

The app allows businesses timesheets to be precise, and also allow for fast and easy payroll processing. The Lumey app enables managers to reclaim their roles as leaders while providing employees with the assurance that their hours and labour are being correctly monitored. Our team closely worked with the client to understand their business and requirements for the application. Reviews have stated that the app is easy to use and provides efficient tracking. Book Consultancy

Which is the best mobile app development company?

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1. Logicsofts

Logicsofts Logicsofts is one of the best and most capable application development companies in the United Kingdom. They work with highly qualified IT professionals and Mobile App Developers who design mobile apps. Post the mobile app development and release, this platform also holds a smart marketing plan to gain the required downloads for the application. Logicsofts specialises in bespoke mobile app development. Their procedure is made simple with a committed account executive, coordinator, and professional app developers. Book Consultancy

2. Studio Graphene

Studio Graphene   Studio Graphene conceptualises and iterates on an employee experience management app’s UI/UX. Their technological expertise and emphasis are in two main areas of technology: mobile and web application development and the Internet of Things (IoT).  Book Consultancy

  3. Future Platforms

Future Platforms Future Platforms has been providing mission-critical technology to blue-chip companies for over 20 years. Apps for iOS and Android were created by Future Platforms. Rather than saying no, the adaptable team suggests innovative solutions. Book Consultancy

4. Chelsea Apps

Chelsea Apps   Chelsea Apps collaborates with you to test your ideas, conduct research, design, and develop apps that your users will like. They excel in both mobile and web app development. We’ve created applications for industry giants like Waitrose, Ladbrokes, and London Transport utilising cutting-edge technologies like Augmented Reality, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence. Book Consultancy

5. Digiruu

Digiruu   Digiruu is a mobile app development company that works with app marketing firms and other businesses. For third-party clients, the team offers iOS and Android programming as well as UI/UX design and QA services. Book Consultancy

6. Hedgehog Labs

Hedgehog Labs   hedgehog lab is a worldwide digital service consultancy that works with brands and businesses to assist them in accomplishing their business objectives via the use of new technologies. Their excellent design and technical skills have allowed some of the world’s largest organisations to disrupt the current quo and deliver digital experiences that have revolutionised their businesses, whether it’s iOS, Android, web, immersive, or voice. Book Consultancy

7. Tappitude

Tappitude   Tapptitude is a Product Studio that works with big brands and financed startups to create interactive, mobile-first solutions that consumers like using. They collaborate with entrepreneurs and companies to describe their concept, design their sample, build their MVP, and grow a successful product. Book Consultancy

8. Sonin App Development

Sonin App Development

Sonin is a multi-award-winning app development company. They have more than a decade of expertise assisting ambitious businesses in developing the appropriate goods. They collaborate with businesses that share our fundamental principles of understanding, caring, and never stopping to think. Book Consultancy

9. Apadmi


Apadmi is a leading mobile agency in the United Kingdom. Their 190-strong mobile team has worked on applications for some of the world’s most well-known companies. Apadmi’s skill and proven experience with systems integration sets them unique and enables them to build sophisticated mobile apps with real business value. Book Consultancy

10 . Waracle


Waracle’s 300+ industry-leading scientists work together to develop new apps that make use of the sensor-rich gadgets that consumers carry around with them all day. They bring together the brightest minds with the most cutting-edge firms in financial services and digital health. Book Consultancy

How Much Does It Cost To Develop a Mobile Application?

How Much Does It Cost To Develop a Mobile Application? It’s probably one of the first queries that app brands and programmers have before starting a project. Without knowing the answer, company owners cannot determine whether or not to undertake mobile app development. The bottom line of every application development strategy is the app development estimated cost. As much as we’d want to put a pound value on the expense of app development, one can only provide an approximation since each app development process contains several variables that impact the ultimate cost. Fortunately, there are numerous app development budget calculators on the internet. They may assist you in determining the cost of an app’s development. 


mOBILE APP DEVELOPMENT COST CALCULATOR Fill out this form to know the estimated cost of your app development process. For your reference, here’s a breakdown of what factors play a crucial role in determining your app development final cost.

  1. App’s purpose and functioning: What an application will be able to accomplish for its viewers.
  2. Systems and devices supported: Is an app going to be made just for iOS or will there be an Android version as well? What gadgets will it allow, such as the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Mini, Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, and some others?
  3. Integration features: Will an app be able to integrate with third-party applications that will serve as its source address?
  4. Visual objects involved: The cost of an app is heavily influenced by the complexity of visual elements within it.
  5. Application of smartphone hardware innovations: If an app will make use of smartphone features such as GPS navigation, NFC technology, motion co-processors, Augmented Reality technology, and other technologies found in smartphones and tablet computers
  6. Maintenance schedule: The developer might be required to provide technical assistance once an app development project is completed.

Because the UK has the best mobile app development company in London and around the world, prices can be comparable to the worldwide average. A single system app could cost £ 38,000, whereas a two-platform application might cost approximately £ 42,000. Talk to our experts  

Free Consultation With Our Expert

Free Consultation With Our Expert

Collaborate with us at Logicsofts to build your customized mobile application together. Our dynamic staff of expert designers is proficient in a variety of platforms, ranging from iOS and Android to full-scale app solutions. Our expertise is in the use of open-source technology in cloud-based operations.

Submit your details in this form and our expert will get back to you with your project requirements. Schedule a call or meeting with our team and get a free consultation and quote! To connect, call us at 0207 993 5898 or drop an email at info@logicsofts.co.uk 

We’re glad that you took time out to read this informative article. Your support is what keeps us going. We appreciate genuine feedback from our users as it helps us improve the user experience. Logicsofts would be delighted to hear from you. Connect with us with your thoughts.

You can even check out our blog, “list of top 21 top web development companies in London” for a better insight.

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Author : Abhay

Abhay is a Digital Marketing Guru and an accomplished entrepreneur with an experience of a decade working with various businesses varying from startups to established brands. He co-founded many companies like Logicsofts, PrintYo, CrazyRise and more. He is passionate about SEO and Online Data Analytics, which plays a vital role in any business to grow and mutate as per the data results.
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