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Do You Have the Right Skills for a Career in Business?

27th June 2022

Whether you are currently finishing your high school studies and are being asked by your teachers and academic mentors what it is you would like to do as a professional career, or else have been working in a different industry for a number of years and are looking to hone and improve your skills at business, you have certainly come to the right place for guidance.

Just as with any other professional career or vocation, when you are considering working in the business arena, it is important to conduct self-assessments to determine your strengths, weaknesses, and moreover, your individual skill sets.

There is a myriad of useful personality attributes and hard and soft skills that are incredibly useful for a career in business, and the following are some of the most important.


1.    Data Analysis Skills


Business analytics and the use of big data and data mining are becoming much more than a bonus when it comes to looking at future trends in the industry in which a company operates.

Moreover, it could certainly be said that a strong, working knowledge of business analytics is becoming almost mandatory when it comes to guaranteeing a successful business career.

One option, should you want to follow this particular avenue, would be to pursue a rewarding online business analytics degree through a reputable and renowned online university.


2.    Skills at Negotiating


Being proficient and even particularly adept and conversing with people from all walks of life, both in a professional and a personal context, is one skill that is incredibly beneficial to someone working in business – be that on a lower level or else as a senior head.

There are a wide plethora of ways for you to improve your skills in conversation, communication and negotiation, including, but categorically in no way limited to, the following:

  • Come prepared with one or two alternatives to the initial proposal
  • Take your time to ensure you cover each and every vital point
  • Show the other party that you are actively listening before making your next point
  • Always be willing to compromise and even partly concede
  • Ultimately, search for a final win-win solution to the negotiation


3.    Leadership Prowess



Naturally, you would think that anyone who is focused on and committed to a career in business will be intent on climbing up the proverbial ladder over time. For this to become an actuality, it is important for you to develop your skills in leadership, and what’s more, you should aim to focus on how you communicate with your employers, your employees, and your colleagues alike.

It would also be pertinent to note that, contrary to popular belief, there is indeed quite a significant difference between leadership and management. Management skills center around implementing business decisions and company processes, whereas leadership skills are based around guiding the people within a company to follow such procedures.

Developing your skills in leadership, however, will put you in a fantastic position when you decide to apply for that next, more senior position either in the company at which you currently work or another firm entirely.

There is a multitude of ways in which you can develop your leadership skills, including but not limited to the following:

  • Actively seek to take on more manageable projects
  • Develop a sense of situational awareness
  • Keep on learning and ensure your skills remain fresh and sharp
  • Ensure that, when having a conversation, you are actively listening to the other person
  • Instead of withdrawing, try to resolve conflicts by talking to each party involved
  • Work towards becoming an inspiration to the people around you
  • Practice discipline in your daily professional life


4.    Emotional Intelligence


One skill set that would certainly set you apart from others, in both a professional setting and in your general life, would be to practice strong emotional intelligence.

Essentially, emotional awareness manifests itself in two main ways: how you interact with others around you and how you view and judge yourself.


Overall, there are four main components that come together to make a person wholly emotionally intelligent:

  1. Self-management
  2. Social awareness
  3. Self-awareness
  4. Relationship management

If you want to improve your levels of emotional intelligence, you could certainly try one or more of the following:

  • Actively observe how you react to your colleagues and your bosses
  • Try not to immediately form an opinion without being aware of all the facts
  • Always attempt to place yourself in the other person’s proverbial shoes
  • Practice humility
  • Focus and celebrate other people instead of just yourself and your achievements
  • Try and identify your own weaknesses on a professional and personal level
  • Examine the natural way in which you react to worrying and stressful situations
  • Talk to close friends and family members and ask how they think you can improve


5.    Business Management Skills

Business management


Finally, the fifth most stand-out skill set that is necessary for a successful and long career in business is that of comprehensive business management skills

In a basic sense, business management skills can be summarized as exceedingly impressive organizational skills, with a view to employees’ as well as your own working day.

The field of business management is definitely a multi-faceted one but it can be divided into several different key components, as follows:

  • Sales management of sales teams and sales drives
  • Production management and manufacturing management
  • Operations management centered around efficiency and productivity
  • Public relations management and communication with public figures
  • Development and research management
  • Quality management in terms of the functionality of the product
  • Innovation management to work towards the main company goals
  • Financial management dealing with risk and profit margins
  • Human resource management centering around employees and the workforce
  • Project and program management
  • Service management incorporating skilled labor and automated systems
  • Supply chain management
  • Engineering management

So, now you have more of an overarching understanding of the primary skills needed to enter the challenging yet intensely rewarding world of business, only one question remains –  what are you going to try first?


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