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Top 53 Remote Work Tools in 2024

31st January 2023

You need the best tools to make sure that your team stays in contact with each other. When people are in the same room or building, the below apps help you to make your work more efficient by staying on track. These apps will also help you to get help from each other whenever required. These remote working apps can involve networking and communication systems like messaging tools, video chat, cloud storage, project management, and remote team management, etc.

These tools are even more useful when people are working remotely to keep things more convenient and track the work. You need the best apps to avoid any kind of miscommunication and get essential information to the people. Working from home does not allow you to get up and go talk to your colleagues about the problems. These apps are the only source of contact you can have with your office mates. This is something we understand and that’s why we have made the list of top remote working tools that will help you in 2023.

List of Top Remote Working Tools

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GoHighLevel: Elevate Your Remote Work Experience


In the ever-evolving landscape of remote work tools, GoHighLevel stands out as the pinnacle solution for businesses aiming to optimize their operations. This all-in-one platform seamlessly integrates essential business functions, making it the go-to choice for the modern workforce.

GoHighLevel simplifies communication, collaboration, and project management, streamlining workflows for remote teams. With its intuitive interface, teams can effortlessly coordinate tasks, ensuring projects stay on track and deadlines are met.

One of GoHighLevel’s standout features is its comprehensive suite of marketing tools, enabling businesses to reach and engage with their audience effectively. From email marketing to social media management, GoHighLevel empowers businesses to maintain a strong online presence and drive results, even in a remote setting.

Security is paramount in the digital age, and GoHighLevel prioritizes it with robust data protection measures. Businesses can trust GoHighLevel to safeguard sensitive information and ensure a secure remote working environment for their teams.

As the top remote work tool in 2024, GoHighLevel doesn’t just meet expectations; it exceeds them. Experience the future of remote work with GoHighLevel, where efficiency, collaboration, and success converge.

1. Slack



The most professional chatting program is Slack. There is hardly any office where they haven’t heard the message notification sound of Slack. Maybe if you haven’t used this yet, it’s the high time to try it. This app can help you create different channels for teams and their deliverables. The good part is this app can be integrated with many useful remote working tools.

2. Instagantt


This is considered to be the best remote working cloud-based tool. It can help you manage your team and stay on time with every information. Irrespective of your team size, this app guides you with creating schedules, handling workloads, assigning tasks, and many other things. Instagantt uses Gantt charts and can easily link them with Asana. You can create the chart in different ways to keep up with your team in real-time.

3. Google Suite

Google Suite

Google suite has multiple apps that help businesses in staying productive. And this is even better as Google Suite is the place where your emails are resting right now. Most of the people have Gmail addresses as these are free, convenient, user-friendly and also have Google Docs, Calendar, and Drive to keep things manageable. These things combined can make your work efficient regardless of where you are.

Google Docs makes it easy to share documents with your teammates and collaborate on different ideas. Not just that Google Drive allows you to upload files that you have created somewhere else so that your entire team can easily access whatever is shared with them. And to help your team not miss on dates and time Google Calendar lets you schedule meetings. These things keep everything in sync without letting you forget a single work.

4. Asana


Wondering how to keep track of your team in a project? Asana will make your job easier. This system together with the Instagantt can help teams to stay in the loop. It allows you to easily check on which part is your team member working and the status of the assigned work to each individual. Every task can only be set but controlled from a single location.

The only steps you have to take is to create your project and assign the tasks to your teammates. After you have assigned them the task, they can see them once they log in Asana and can further take the ownership to complete it on time.

5. Time Doctor

time doctor

Time Doctor is a powerful time tracking tool that can help you monitor how much time team members spend on specific tasks, customers and projects. It features an in-built anti-distraction tool that nudges you each time you seem to be getting sidetracked by unproductive apps and sites.

The data dashboard in Time Doctor generates detailed reports that business managers can use to track productivity, to monitor employee performance and to create payroll information. It solves the problem of accountability, transparency and time-wasting at work.

If your business employs the services of remote teams, you definitely need to consider using Time Doctor. That way, you can easily manage your teams, monitor employee performance and boost company productivity by over 22%.

6. Indy





Indy is an adaptive, all-in-one management software that allows freelancers and small businesses to track everything from proposals to payments. Indy streamlines organization and time management, letting you focus on your work.  

7. SmartSheet


Smartsheet is a project management app that is used across many organizations to manage different kinds of work. You can track work of teams of every size, right from Small Medium Business to Large Enterprise.

8. Trello


This tool helps you organize your projects. Trello enables teams to understand the work that is being worked upon. You can see which team or individual is working on what task and where the task lies in the pipeline. In short, you can see all your tasks, projects, accountants, teams, and deadlines at a glance in Trello.

9. Basecamp


This management tool brings together every tool that your team needs to do the project on time. You can find the message boards, to-do lists, documents and file storage, schedulers, and group chat here to make things interesting among different teams.

10. Airtable


Are you looking for a comprehensive collaboration platform for multiple teams? Airtable is the one you need. It offers the flexibility of a spreadsheet interface that has features such as kanban card stacks, file attachments, reporting, and calendars to make a better collaboration among teams.

11. Wrike


If you have a team of 20+, this is the perfect management tool for you. Not just that, the tool comes with enterprise-level scalability and security. Some of the features that your team will like are Gantt charts, Custom Dashboards, Workload View, Projects, auto-assignment features based on the status of the tasks. These are some of the features that your Product Manager, Project Manager, and Program Managers will enjoy working on.

12. Monday


This project management tool has won awards in the past. It helps team plan programs in an efficient way to deliver results on time. It makes the team onboarding faster with the easy-to-use and flexibility of different features. You can read more about from this detailed review from SoftwareHow.

13. Citrix Podio

Citrix Podio

A great way to organize and communicate the work is by Podio. The speed communication offers insights into the accountability and transparency in the teamwork. This enables people to track and manage the work from one easy-to-use place and collaborate in a better manner.

14. Backlog


This is a comprehensive tool to manage tasks, bug tracking, and version control as well. It allows your team to work and collaborate to deliver projects on time. The team can plan, track and release code updates in the Backlog. Some of the core features are custom statues, Gantt charts, file sharing, burndown charts, and wikis.

15. Workfront


This is the modern work management platform that allows your project to be at a place. You can see project-based tasks lists and feed valuable metrics into the dashboards and reports. Not only do you get greater visibility and better task management, but this tool also helps you streamline plan, request, prioritize, manage and review the project.

16. Teamwork


For people who want to manage a bigger amount of people, this tool is the answer for them. This has all the features that you require to plan, collaborate, deliver your target work. You can take care of the details of teams to achieve the results required for your business.

17. Meistertask


This is an intuitive task management tool that offers flexibility with project boards. Your team can adapt the team workflow whether you handle a programmer or a marketing team. It is an easy-to-use and powerful task management tool.

18. Fyle


Fyle is an expense management software that’s perfect for remote organizations to automate their pre-accounting to end-to-end. In a single workspace, Finance teams can gain access to organization-wide expense reports and collaborate seamlessly with other departments.

19. Taskworld


This is an easy way to keep a track of the assigned work to the team. You can have task management, team messaging and project managing features in this one app.

20. Clickup


This tool can replace other apps easily. Here you can work anytime and anything. You can not just manage tasks but it offers docs, goals, reminders, scheduling, calendars, and inbox features as well. You can completely customize the tool for any type of team. Every team size can utilize the app to plan and collaborate effectively.

21. Clubhouse


This software is a fast, easy to navigate platform for teams to plan, execute and launch products in a better way. It blends the right amount of structure and comprehensibility to keep the team productive and happy. This is designed for developers with some popular integration like GitLab, GitHub, etc.

22. ActiveCollab


This tool helps you spend less time juggling and more on managing your work. ActiveCollab has just the right features to help you stay away from distraction and concentrate on work that includes workload management, task dependencies, time tracking, collaboration options, and third-party integration.

23. Pivotal Tracker

Pivotal Tracker

This agile project management tool is one of the easiest tools to use. The trackers help teams to have a real-time collaboration around the assigned work and prioritized backlog.

24. Freedcamp


This tool offers a user-friendly experience to manage any kind of project. It contains comprehensive features of the market and allows you to install the features required by your team. The benefits just don’t end here it allows new users interface that can eliminate the time needed to stay on track of projects.

25. Redbooth


Redbooth is perfect for managing processes or modern teams. It offers a single place to collaborate for file sharing, task, and discussion. This tool is flexible and simple that enables businesses to manage the work efficiently.

26. Proofhub


This is a SaaS-based software that has features like quick discussions, group chat, workflow, reports to manage projects. Teams can easily communicate and collaborate over the projects in a flexible manner for both iOS and Android operating systems. This software makes it easy for teams to connect with remote locations.

27. Nozbe


This simple and easy to use app combines a to-do list with several communication tools like chat and email.

28. Kissflow


This workflow software inculcates complete Process Management. The best thing is it is one digital place that allows people to make an automated process, create a project board, handle cases and collaborate on different cases.

This simple and easy to use app combines a to-do list with several communication tools like chat and email.

29. Zenhub


Zenhubs give you the power to develop the most innovative teams. Effective management of GitHub issues, epics, boards and reports is possible with Zenhub.

30. Workamajig


This is a great tool for in-house creative teams and agencies. It allows you to come up with accurate schedulers. You can route estimates to the approval time of clients and manage estimates with several target dates with dependencies with complete ease. What better can you ask for?

31. Accelo


You get an automatic time capturing features with this tool. It allows you to check the time spent and reduce any chance of time not getting tracked or leaks in the revenue. Your team can work how they want to, without thinking about recording the time of their work.

32. Paymo


Do you have a project-based business or have freelancers to do your work? Paymo helps you manage just that with its modern and intuitive application. It offers ease of managing, scheduling, planning, collaboration, time tracking, and most importantly invoicing. What does this mean for you? It means you don’t have to worry about keeping the track of the entire project or don’t have to download multiple apps to do different work for you.

33. Teamweek


Want to know the timeline of certain projects? This is an easy-to-use tool that is used for planning projects. You can easily plan tasks based on the timeline and get knowledge about the workflow in the upcoming week, month or year.

34. Inmotionnow


Some of the teams that come up with their unique challenges are marketing and design. The problems faced by these teams are something that can’t be solved by any random tool. That’s why you need InMotion which is built to integrate online requests and proofing. This helps to create scalable and flexible processes.

35. Leankit


Want continuous improvement in the way you work? Lenkit helps you do just that. It offers you continuous improvement and innovation for effective and efficient working. Through visualization, LeanKit offers a comprehensive picture that guides the team together in an effective manner.

36. Scoro


This offers end-to-end management solutions to help businesses control the entire workflow. It has multiple tools to manage your project, track and schedule work, get a list of tasks, contact database, quoting and billing, and most importantly real-time dashboards.

37. Functionfox


This app comes with the powerful features of project management and time tracking to allow you to keep projects on track, minimal communication breakdowns and predict workloads to stay ahead of the project deadlines. This tool comes up with features like project scheduling, internal communication, task-based assignment, and reporting.


This is a one in all realtime place for teams. It has got everything for your team to stay productive. Some of these features are kanban, task management, chat, time tracking, and team productivity.

39. Plutio


For Small businesses and freelancers, this management platform is the best. You can track the time and also have the invoicing facility to meet up your requirements.

40. Hive


This is an intuitive and powerful project management tool. It comes with a centralized platform that helps businesses to strategy and execute changes in real-time. With features like file sharing, group messaging and app integration, it sums up all the aspects of work.

41. Apptivo


Don’t worry we have listed a tool for every requirement. To manage your marketing and sales, Apptivo is a powerful tool. Not only CRM, it also offers a complete suite to have a complete insight into your customer.

42. Prodpad


Want to collect and prioritize ideas before jumping into the work? ProPad helps you with just that. You can manga the roadmap of a project using the tool. It also comes with internal comments, mockups, voting, customer feedback, user personal and offers them the opportunity to map out on a flexible theme-based roadmap.

43. Goodday


This a project, product, team and time management platform to help businesses with high-end plannings. They help to align the task for better transparency and recognition.

44. Taskque


Yes, there is a management tool that helps you efficiently get things done. Taskque is an easy-to-use tool to manage tasks.

45. Easy Projects

Easy Projects

Are you midsize to enterprise-level business? These tools can help you with visual project planning, security, resource planning and supports. You can also get beautifully designed reports.

46. Plan


Isn’t it great to have everything in one place? The Plan tool combines calendars, teams, tools, projects, and documents at a centralized location to help you streamline your work.

47. Yodiz


Do you need a tool and issue tracker? Well, you have got it, Yodiz helps you with just that with greater features and simple UX and UI.


Do you like things to be more visual? This app helps you create a project plan with visual project maps.

49. Targetprocess


This is a tool that helps to manage and visualize projects based on Kanban, Scrum as well as custom approaches. Isn’t it great? You can manage your product roadmap, track resources, shared boards and get transparency that is required across projects and teams.

50. VivifyScrum


Isn’t it great to get all your projects in one place? This software allows you to do just that with Scrum and Kanban compatibility. It is intuitive software with real-time updates.

51. Pyrus


Who likes to do the tedious work? We assume no one! This tool helps you redefine the definition of collaborative work. The customized workflow can be set within a few clicks and requests can be approved automatically.

52. Hitask


This is a unique task and project manager for different teams. The tools focus on completing the task with team collaboration and managing the entire work.

53. Hibox


This is a collaboration tool with features like task management with the help of AI assistance and internal chat video.

54. Project Manager

Project Manager

ProjectManager boasts a suite of project management tools, including Gantt charts, dashboards, time tracking software, scheduling tools, Kanban boards, resource management, and more. While its features are useful for IT, Tech, and construction teams, ProjectManager is designed to suit teams of all sizes and types.

Hopefully, you will find the list useful. These tools can give you effective results if executed properly. Based on the above-given information, you can introduce the best suited remote working tool in your business model.

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Abhay is a Digital Marketing Guru and an accomplished entrepreneur with an experience of a decade working with various businesses varying from startups to established brands. He co-founded many companies like Logicsofts, PrintYo, CrazyRise and more. He is passionate about SEO and Online Data Analytics, which plays a vital role in any business to grow and mutate as per the data results.
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