Top virtual reality companies UK - 2023

Top virtual reality companies UK – 2023

16th January 2023

Today is about virtual reality as this technology has created a buzz in the market. Due to this, the demand for devices supporting virtual reality has skyrocketed in the last few years. With this, the need for virtual reality apps also increased in a short span of time.

Initially, virtual reality company was only popular in the gaming industry, and the cost of software and hardware requirement was also high. However, with the launch of cheaper hardware like Google cardboard and the cheaper oculus rift version, the industry has experienced exponential growth.

Top virtual reality company in the UK

The United Kingdom has become a hotbed for virtual reality development in the last few years. Some of the industry’s best-known and biggest teams are surfacing the country, and the innovative companies want to keep the momentum going.

Here are the top virtual reality companies in the United Kingdom.

1. Next/Now


The company creates a digital brand experience for physical places and spaces. Next/Now is a leading provider of virtual reality.

It also leads Kinect, project mapping, augmented reality, and multi-touch interactive installation for corporate environments, retail, museums, exhibits, festivals, and events.

2. 4Experience


4Experience helps businesses earn a competitive advantage with intelligent and immersive technologies. The company’s core competencies include virtual reality development, IT consulting, and WebXR development, 3D modeling & animation, AI & Machine learning solutions, and AR development.

The company is a team of professional developers, business specialists, managers, and artists who can independently deliver custom-tailored solutions to the business. They hold the expertise to develop the project from scratch and will also help in the implementation process. 4Experience will not only provide the required solution but also make it possible from a business and technical perspective.

3. HQSoftware


The company is a trusted international custom software developer that brings digital transformation into the business. HQSoftware is specialized in virtual reality solutions, IoT, machine learning, artificial intelligence, big data, AR solutions, and mobile & web application development.

It also provides a dedicated team for development which will help the business grow. HQSoftware offers comprehensive services from prototyping and consulting to enhancement and maintenance. Services are provided to e-learning insurance, education sector, financial sector, manufacturing, and healthcare department.

4. Cubix


The company is a leading enterprise in software, games, and mobile app development. Cubix is an expert in integrating, customizing, and developing complete enterprise-level mobile solutions, advanced web solutions, and business intelligence analytics. The company is proficient in virtual reality, augmented reality, SaaS, machine learning, artificial intelligence, IoT, E-Learning, and blockchain.

5. Indus Net Technologies (INT)

Indus Net Technologies (INT)

The company has been an expert in bringing innovative ideas to life since 1997. INT offers simple and sustainable digital solutions with the confluence of marketing, analytics, and technology. Indus Net Technologies is a trusted partner of fast-growing agencies, startups, and SMEs in various countries.

6. Next Big Technology (NBT)

Next Big Technology (NBT)

It is a premium web and application development firm that believes in using the latest technologies for mobile app and website development. Next Big Technology is an expert in properly building apps and websites which utilize proper programming and design to create products.

7. Exyte


The company helps SMEs and startups grow business with fantastic apps. Till now, they have completed more than 50 projects. Currently, the company is ranked among the top global companies. The primary expertise of Exyte is virtual reality and augmented reality, and the company mainly focuses on small-scale industries.

8. Quytech


It is a trusted mobile application, game development, blockchain, and AI/ML company that helps startups make the right decisions for their businesses.  Quytech uses the latest technology to shape thoughts and ideas in reality.

The developed application of Quytech is appreciated for its flawless functionality, impeccable design, and highly interactive UI/UX, which help businesses deliver an unmatched experience to the target audience.

They offer various services like react/angular development, AR/VR app development, and unity/unreal game development, Blockchain development, AI/ML app development, Flutter app development and Android/iOS app development.

Quytech delivers success to numerous clients from real estate, eCommerce, retail, CPG, eLearning, education, sports, fitness, healthcare, travel, hospitality, and other business areas.

9. Mutual Mobile


Mutual Mobile works with brands to develop products, apps, and business solutions that can change people’s work and life. Today the company is an emerging tech consultancy and design studio. Mutual mobile is the go-to strategic design partner for various firms and is an expert in building cloud-native solutions. Furthermore, mutual mobile helps in proactive iteration and reliable support.

10. Juego studio private limited

Juego studio private limited

Juego Studio is among the leading technologies and game development companies. The company offers high-quality design and development solutions for IoT, big data, simulation, machine learning, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, games, apps, and virtual reality.

11. Codiant software technologies Pvt. Ltd

Codiant software technologies Pvt. Ltd

Codiant is a leading technology service provider specializing in support service, application maintenance, UI/UX development, web application development, and enterprise mobility.

The company has continuously served industries like BFSI, travel& hospitality, real estate, on-demand mobility, logistics & transport, E-commerce, fitness & wellness, and healthcare. The company is an expert in offering a continuous symphony of high-end design, digital transformations, strategies, and much more.



It is a result-driven design, development, and mobile app strategy company focused on a high conversion rate via custom development. INGIC comprises of most talented, experienced, and skilled professionals.

The company can transfer simple ideas into great products. It aims to convert a simple thought into a robust and functional solution that speaks for itself. INGIC is an expert in website development services, web designing, and mobile applications.

Wrap Up

These are the major players in virtual reality companies in the United Kingdom. Numerous sectors like architecture, education, culture, and medicine have already taken advantage of this technology. From segmentation of muscle to direct museum tours, virtual reality enables one to surpass all limitations. By Logicsofts, you can find a list of the best virtual reality companies in the UK.   


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Author : Abhay

Abhay is a Digital Marketing Guru and an accomplished entrepreneur with an experience of a decade working with various businesses varying from startups to established brands. He co-founded many companies like Logicsofts, PrintYo, CrazyRise and more. He is passionate about SEO and Online Data Analytics, which plays a vital role in any business to grow and mutate as per the data results.
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