5 Reasons Your Business Should Go Green

5 Reasons Your Business Should Go Green

Put simply, going green is when a company makes a conscious effort to reduce their impact on the environment. It’s more than just a trend, and it benefits your business just as much as it does the world around it. As we will find out below, making your business more environmentally friendly contributes to your employees, finances and public image.

How Can Your Business Go Green?

There are dozens of measures your business can take to reduce its impact on the environment. Recycling is perhaps the simplest and most cost effective. This includes not only office paper, but also cardboard boxes, electronics, printer cartridges and cafeteria items such as cups and utensils. You can also reduce your energy usage in a number of ways.

For instance, you can use a website like Utility Bidder to compare commercial electricity prices between different suppliers to find the most sustainable and affordable option. You can use energy-efficient office equipment, swap out old lights for LEDs, install surge protectors, reprogram your thermostats, and leverage natural lighting.

Furthermore, you can help your employees bring down their energy usage by encouraging carpooling or cycling to work, as well as turning off their devices before leaving the office. The possibilities are endless here, so don’t hesitate to innovate. So, why should your business make the effort? Read on to discover 5 reasons to go green.

Reduced Expenses

It should come as no surprise that measures such as reducing your energy usage, going paperless and reusing existing supplies can save your business money. You could find that by making changes to the lightbulbs you are using will even make a difference. If your business transports employees or ships products, simply by streamlining those operations will further reduce your expenses. You can also utilise new technologies to increase productivity.

Improved Public Image

Going green gives your business the opportunity to tap into new markets and makes it a favourable option among consumers, thus giving you an advantage over the competition. Your investors, suppliers and stakeholders will also take notice. Younger generations are particularly loyal to businesses that care about the environment.

Regulatory Compliance

A growing number of laws and regulations are being implemented to motivate businesses to pay more attention to their environmental impact.

By going green today, you can stay ahead of the curve and get a leg up on laws that may be implemented in the near future that could otherwise cripple your ability to continue operating. Your business may also be able to benefit from government incentives that could save you even more money and gain access to discounted resources that can help your company grow.

Better Work Environment = Better Employee Morale

It’s not only your customers and stakeholders who will have greater trust in your business. Going green will also foster more positive feelings from your employees, improving their morale and motivating them to be more productive. Not only does it show that you really do care about the impact you have on the environment but also that you are keen to create a better atmosphere in the workplace itself. Making small changes such as improving the air ventilation, minimising how much pollution you are putting in the air or by updating your windows to double glazing to keep the temperatures in the office better, your employees will appreciate the extra effort you go to make their work environment and the planet better.

Soon enough, your green credentials can also help you attract valuable new talent during the hiring process. If you are proud of your green efforts within your business, you should make this loud and clear. Post updates on your website that detail the changes you’ve made within your business, such as the decision to stop using paper or that you have switched the type of coffee you are using to something that is fairtrade so that your customers and potential employees know this. This will attract people who are just as passionate about the environment as you.


Of course, the biggest reason to go green is to save the planet. Even the smallest of efforts to help the environment is great. As a business leader, you have a responsibility to make the people around you, who look up to you, recognise the efforts you are going to and why you are doing so. Making this clear to those around you should start a chain effect of them making changes in their personal lives, whether this is walking or cycling to work rather than driving, or making sure to recycle their waste.

In short, going green will help your business achieve more with less. Your customers will favour your company, your employees will become more productive, and your bottom line will increase. There is really no reason not to take the initiative as soon as possible.

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