A smarter Virtual World – Once a dream, A Sci-Fi Movie – now a reality

11th February 2016

In the Last 2 years Google has been working very hard to bring the whole world closer to one another. Just like Sci-fi movies now we have driver less cars, drones ,software which control computers and are called artificially intelligent

The latest in trend is Google’s new search machine “Rank Brain” which is a live example of Sci-Fi technology which is becoming reality. A computer which learns from its surroundings rather than depending on commands from a human or a program.

Once it was all a dream but in the last 4-5 years technology has taken many important steps to help the mankind in all the ways order phentermine 37.5 mg possible ..We once had phones which had only few functions i.e to receive and to make calls .. We had music players to listen to music, video recorders to record memories, cameras to capture special moments but now we just need a smartphone ..The name “Smartphone” itself explains the meaning behind this name .. Softwares getting smarter and smarter updates based on the technology’s surroundings.. Websites getting cheaper & cheaper, thanks to the open source technology

In the end there is only one word to end the topic “WOW”

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Author : Abhay

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