What is UX and How They Apply UX Designs to WordPress

What is UX and How They Apply UX Designs to WordPress

Nowadays, becoming a web designer is not enough if you do not have the knowledge about User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) designs. These concepts are not new but have been around for a while, it is just that it has come into the limelight recently and clients are asking web designers to implement such designs.

UI and UX are used together but in reality, these are two separate terms and means different, though they go together harmoniously. In this article, we are going to just focus on the UX and understand deeply about it.

What Is User Experience (UX)?

The term “User Experience ‘ is self-explanatory. Creating a design which customers enjoy interacting with is what UX really means.

To create a good UX design, a developer needs to first understand the audience behaviour and work around it to create a site which they would enjoy interacting with. To create a successful UX design, you will have to perform A/B testing and check the analytics for user response.

Why UX Matters for WordPress Designers?

UX is utmost important for any brand that wished to create an impact on users. When users land on your site, they spend a few seconds to explore if they like the site or not, your aim as a designer should capture the users attention in those few seconds, hence most users tend to create complex eye-catchy designs but then this works against the company as the site may become slow and too many elements may confuse the user, taking away the focus from the main elements.

The site should be designed such that it not only looks good but also delivers an excellent user experience, this is where UX designs come into play. The best website would be the one which uses a few attractive visual elements integrated with a UX design and an excellent SEO for the enterprise.

Now, let us talk about an important point here, your client may want access to the backend of the website hence you also have to focus on providing them with a good backend experience which you can provide by customizing the admin panel of WordPress using plugins for their ease of use.

How to Improve Your Website UX?

A Good UX website will impart a good user experience by creating a positive emotional response amongst the users by providing them with relevant content and making them feel that they have a sense of control over how the site functions.

Here’s how you can implement UX on a WordPress website;

Use a Responsive Theme

To improve user experience, you will have to use a design which optimizes as per the screen size hence make sure to use a responsive theme to give a good experience to the users across all screens.

Content-Focused Design

The best way of user engagement is through content hence you need to ensure that the content you have provided is featured across the design so that users can access them immediately without any ambiguity.

Focus on the Website Function

Creating a style only based on the aesthetic appeal of how it looks is not how UX designers work. These designers need to first understand the function of the site and then create a layout that goes as per the brand and solves customer purpose.

Use Clean and Minimalistic Themes

WordPress gives you the advantage of selecting themes from its library to design your site and with the popularity of UX designs, you will find themes which are minimalistic and simple and can be used to create a functional website which is not complicated for the users to use.

Use Required Number of Plugins

The speed of a site is very important for a good user experience. WordPress has this amazing feature of adding plugins to do literally everything which developers love to use but too many plugins can make the site load time high which is bad for UX hence only use the plugins which is really needed and avoid fancy plugins which do not really add much value to the user experience.

Use Widget to Place Important Elements

The users land on your page searching for something hence you will have to understand what they are looking for and place it in regions which are easily visible on the page such as the sidebars using the widget from WordPress backend.

In Conclusion

While many websites still have not applied UX design, the fact is that no website today will function successfully if UX design is not implemented, be it a PHP coded website or an open-source WordPress site.

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