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15th January 2023

Node js is an open-source JavaScript runtime environment that is used in the back-end and can be implemented across platforms. It runs on the V8 engine and executes JavaScript code outside of the web browser. The primary usage of Node JS is for non-blocking, event-driven servers. This is possible due to its single-threaded nature. It’s used in websites and back-end API services, but was actually designed with real-time, push-based architectures in mind. Logicsofts is one of the best node js development companies, which has expertise in delivering complex and challenging services. We have developers that are proficient in providing node JS services so that your company can use new technologies optimally to drive your business.


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Table of Contents


1. Advantages of using Node JS for Web Development
2. Why should you choose Logicsofts as your Node JS development company?
3. Node JS Development Services we provide
4. Outsourcing Node JS development to Logicsofts is better than hiring an in-house team
5. Process we Follow
6. Qualities that make Logicsofts the best Node JS development company
7. Famous apps using Node JS
8. FAQ’S

Advantages of using Node JS for Web Development

advantages of using node.js

Since then its popularity has wildly grown. For instance in Github, Node.js has 86.7k stars, 23.2 k forks, and 2.9k watchers. In Stackshare it has 114.7k followers and 8.4k votes. These numbers alone demonstrate the popularity of Node.js. Big tech companies like Microsoft and Netflix use the platform.



Node js was created with the purpose of scalability. You can run multiple nodes simultaneously and be able to communicate with each other using node js.

Control flow features

Node js helps you use frameworks that can map functions and sort through callbacks. The frameworks will automatically connect similar functions so that you can find the feature you’re looking for through a search. This way, you won’t have to go through all the callbacks.


Node js allows developers to write codes for the frontend and backend as wee. This way, you won’t have to hire two resource teams, which helps save a lot of money and time as well.

Improves App Response Time and Boosts Performance

Node js has a single-threaded event-loop model. This way, there will be an asynchronous architecture that will need lesser resources. This way, you can also improve your application’s responsiveness as multiple concurrent users can be dealt with simultaneously.

As per the Node.js user survey 2018 report, this technology has improved respondents’ business primarily through reduced cost and increased productivity.


Node.js 2018 report


Why should you choose Logicsofts as your Node js development company?

Developers at Logicsofts utilize Node.JS to deliver the best software solutions having the most functionality, top-notch performance, and an interface that is user friendly.

Wide range of clients

As the best Node js development company, Logicosfts provide services to a wide range of industries such as banking, logistics, healthcare, and eCommerce, among others. As the best node js development company, we have a number of Fortune 500 companies as our clients.



As the best node js development company, our experts have wide-ranging experience in JavaScript development. They can also provide advice on your project, regarding the web development tools and frameworks you will need.


Innovative solutions

Logicsofts provides cost-efficient services and uses advanced tools and techniques to deliver your project on schedule. We offer innovative solutions to resolve any conundrums you might be facing in implementing the applications.


Node JS Development Services we provide

If you’re looking for the best node js development company, then Logicsofts is where your search ends. The Node.js developers that we have are experts at creating complex and dynamic web-based applications. They can also provide their expertise in creating PWAs and chatbots, among others.

Digital banking solutions

Logicsofts can also help with providing digital banking solutions. We provide fintech product development options with end-to-end solutions. This ensures your services are up-to-date, while at the same time giving the ability to implement technologies like machine learning, artificial intelligence and big data, among others.

Blockchain technology

With blockchain technology being one of the most utilized and sought-after services of late, Logicsofts can help in providing the best and most secure solutions tailored to their specific needs. Our developers make use of node js to develop Baas solutions that take the help of blockchain technology.

Node.js has been in the top 10 in StackOverflow’s 2022 developer survey. A majority of respondents in the survey reported using it in their projects.


Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2021

Image Source


Node.js is one of the most wanted technology in the survey.


wanted technology

Image Source



Why outsourcing Note JS development to Logicsofts is better than hiring an in-house team?




All successful multinational companies outsource much of their work to experts who are well-versed in the field rather than waste time with an in-house team. Not only does it take time to find people who have the necessary expertise and onboard them, but they also may not necessarily have the best ideas when it comes to solving issues.


That is why it is better to outsource it to the best node JS development company Logicsofts to meet your development needs. We have an expert team already set up that can offer you the best solutions, and ensure your project is completed in the timeframe provided.


Budgeting concerns are another reason to go for Logicsofts rather than start a new in-house team. We will be able to work within your budget constraints and still provide you with the best possible product.


Even if it may sound counter-intuitive, an in-house team can usually take a longer time to complete a project. This is because they will need to start from scratch and work their way to the end of the project. But Logicsofts can hit the ground running and can go through the initial steps without much delay as we understand what is needed based on the experience we have gained working for various clients over the years.


Although outsourcing can come with its own cons, you won’t have such issues with the best node JS development company Logicsofts. Our developers will always be in communication with you and apprise you of the progress being made in the project. We would be open to suggestions and changes to the project as and when the needs change.

Process We Follow


process we follow


At Logicsofts, the best node js development company, we believe in following a specific process that helps us produce the best work.


We do thorough research on your industry and your competitors to be with so that we can understand what customers want and what features stand out. A target audience is determined that is most likely to make use of the product. We then define the problems customers are facing and understand how the final product can help with resolving it. All this is put into a requirements document for reference.


Once we have the necessary requirements, we develop a prototype that shows you the design and the core elements that will be present in it. As the best node JS development company, we will be able to show how the user will use the product so that we can be sure your vision has been matched. We take initial feedback to see what changes might be needed.

Final Product

Once these two phases are completed, we would have a final document that lays out all the product requirements. Logicsofts then creates each feature separately before finally integrating them into the final product. As the best node JS development company, these steps help us to test them separately and will be ready for deployment when they’re being integrated. .

Market reaction

After the final product is ready, we do not simply leave you in the lurch. After it has been released, we will test market reaction in the initial stages. We can also work together to determine a larger roadmap to see what further additions can be made.


Qualities that make Logicsofts the best Note JS development company 

Logicsofts is easily the best node JS development company in London because of the expertise and efficiency it brings to the table. We have been responsible for developing many complex solutions for our clients. Along with the expertise, we have valuable insights and knowledge gained from working with some of the top companies.

Agile culture

Logicsofts has also worked with leading technologies while also providing back-end web solutions as well front-end, JS coding and related tools. We inculcate the Agile culture, and ensure the product development lifecycle is efficient and adhered to without fail.


Logicsofts is also a flexible company and we will incorporate any changes you may come up with at the later stages of development. We are also available at various hours in case you need help with a certain task, with our developers always ready to assist you.


Famous apps using Node JS

1. PayPal

Node js- PayPal

PayPal is one of the largest and most popular online payment services. It is also one of the more popular apps that have migrated to node js, back in 2013. Before the migration, the company had different teams for coding the browser and the server. But that turned out to be a huge problem, so they switched to a single language javascript node js to code for both browser and server.

2. LinkedIn

Node js- Linkedin

LinkedIn is the biggest social networking platform when it comes to business and employment. Their app also relies on NodeJS, having moved to it in 2011 even if it was premature. LinkedIn has immensely benefited from the move as they have been able to cut down the servers from 30 to 3 and yet doubled their traffic capacity. The app now works around 10 times faster on the client-side.

3. Uber

Node js- Uber

Uber is another popular app that uses node JS. In fact, it was one of the first three companies to put NodeJS into full production. The company has been doubling in size nearly every 6 months in the last couple of years. Thanks to the shift to node JS, Uber has been able to process over 2 million remote procedure calls (RPC) per second even when the traffic spike to the app was very high.

4. Netflix

Node js- Netflix

There are over 190 countries worldwide where Netflix offers video streaming services including movies and series. In April 2016, Netflix had more than 81 million subscribers worldwide. The Netflix user interface is powered by Node.js. Node.js allows Netflix engineers to deliver blazing-fast, modular, and lightweight applications. Netflix’s web app load time has been reduced by 70% as a result. It was determined that Node.js would offer the best solution, so the company moved the entire data access layer to it.



When working on developing an app or a web portal, you would want to work with the best Node js development company available. Logicsofts can be that company for you, right from project conception to delivery of the product. You can consult with Logicsofts even before initiating the project as we can provide ideas and solutions to any conundrums you’re facing. We thoroughly research the project requirements and our developers will always produce the best product for your needs.



Q: Is Note JS frontend or backend?

Ans: Node JS is an open-source JavaScript runtime environment that can be used in both frontend and backend. Node js was developed as a server-side code but it can also be used extensively in the frontend as well.

Q: Is Node JS a programming language?

Ans: Node JS is not a programming language. However, it can allow developers to use JavaScript, which is a programming language that allows users to build web applications. Node js is used by programmers who use JavaScript in order to write Server-Side scripts.

Q: Is Node JS easier than Java?

Ans: Node JS is simpler than Java and can ideally be used by full-stack developers. It offers faster and easier code writing. Node js also comes with a node package manager, which will allow you to store many libraries in one line.

Q: Which is better – Python or Node JS?

Ans: It entirely depends on what your needs are. Node js is certainly a much better choice when it comes to web applications and website development. Python, however, is used for multiple things – web applications, integration with back-end applications as well as numerical computations, among others.

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