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Top 12 Cloud Consulting Companies In the UK

19th April 2022

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We live in a data-driven world. Today’s world is all about the internet and the information present on it. Every company requires consumer data for an effectively operating business. Therefore, it is no shocker that clouds consulting, more commonly known as cloud computing, has become more pervasive.

‘The cloud’ is a popular terminology among internet users. It allows facilities like storing music, photographs and essential data online. However, for enterprises cloud storage offers a secure space for storing important data without manageability and maintenance.

This is why cloud consulting companies are flourishing in the corporate market, providing data and technology solutions for IT teams across businesses.

What is cloud consulting?

The term cloud computing was first coined in the 1950s and popularised by Amazon in 2006. Even though it has become a popular concept now, many businesses still face difficulty in grasping the meaning of cloud consulting.

If simply put, cloud consulting or cloud computing means delivering applications to the business. ‘The cloud’ refers to a set of servers hosted on the internet, which are used to store and share data between entities. This allows businesses to manage their data without the help of any outside users.

Cloud computing services include on-demand access to computing solutions such as storage, servers, networking, analytics, databases, and application on the internet.

Understanding the role of cloud consulting companies

Businesses looking for innovation are switching to cloud consulting companies for fulfilling their cloud computing needs.

Cloud consulting companies like Logicsofts offer services like cloud management, cloud migration and cloud strategy development.. It offers flexibility in managing business resources. Services like cloud management, cloud migration and cloud strategy development are offered by cloud consulting companies like Logicsofts.

Hence, cloud computing companies offer the great advantage of information proficiency without the use of manual labour.

Pros and cons of cloud consulting companies

Before diving into the world of cloud consulting, it is advisable to measure out the advantages and disadvantages of several cloud consulting companies.

While a cloud consulting service provider may offer outstanding benefits for your business, it also has minor drawbacks to it.

Therefore, here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of a cloud consulting company to get you ready before hiring.


  • Reduction in heavy infrastructure costs
  • Effective data integration
  • Reduced personnel management
  • Risk minimisation
  • Easy digital collaboration
  • Space liberation


  • Increased server costs
  • Limitation in control
  • Complete reliance on the internet
  • Slower backups

Top 10 cloud consulting companies in the UK

Many cloud consulting companies are competing against one another. But each of them has distinct features that you can choose from.

Here are the best cloud consulting companies in the UK:

1. Inoxoft 


Inoxoft is a software development company with robust expertise in custom software development. We care about delivering solutions that can be competitive, attractive for users, and ideally designed, with convenient navigation. Our team: Business Analysts, Project Managers, Software Engineers, and Quality Assurance Engineers contribute to certain stages, and are always flexible and proactive.

2. Logicsofts

logicsofts cloud consulting

Logicsofts is the leading digital agency in the UK. They have been serving utter satisfaction to their customers for about 10 years. With effective website development, website management services, digital strategies and cloud-based solutions, Logicsofts poses to be the best consulting website in the UK. They offer an affordable content management system and cloud consulting services.

Logicsofts builds complete reliability and user-friendly experience. They ensure data security so that you can focus on more important business operations.

Being the most popular and best cloud consulting company in the UK, Logicsosts protects your data from being lost or corrupted. They provide effective data backup strategies to ensure the same.

3. Hitachi Consulting

Hitachi cloud Consulting

Hitachi Consulting is yet another amazing cloud consulting company providing exceptional cloud storage facilities. They have an in-house storage platform along with cloud consulting services, which reduces the workload of your IT team.

Accelerate your cloud adoption and innovation with private, public or a hybrid cloud. With excellent cloud migration strategies, they provide an easy transition from on-premise to cloud storage.

4. Portaltech Reply

Portaltech Reply

Portaltech reply is an award-winning IT service provider company in the UK. They provide excellent cloud strategies to boost digital transformation and accelerate the growth of their clients. They also indulge in full disclosure and keep you in control of your data.

Portaltech reply is an expert cloud computing company that collaborates with e-commerce websites, tourism sites, data analysis companies and more.

5. Appirio UK

Appirio UK

Appirio is an end-to-end expert in providing strategic guidance and salesforce optimisation practices. They ensure a cloud storage facility with 100% data safety. They assist in easy data migration and enable long-term success. With a trusted CRM implementation partner such as Appirio, you can be confident to maximize outcomes and achieve concrete results.

6. Compucare Systems Ltd.

Compucare cloud consulting

Compucare Systems Ltd. is an IT support company providing excellent cloud computing services along with other IT solutions. They offer a free onsite consultation for targeting future IT requirements.
From email and basic file sharing to server infrastructure, they provide managed cloud services. Hybrid, private, public, and all other types of cloud services are available regarding your business’s cloud requirement. They offer complete consulting services from the initial stage to implementation to ongoing assistance.

7. Cloudreach

Cloudreach cloud consulting

Cloudreach is yet another UK-based cloud consulting company with exceptional cloud consulting services. They offer to save at least 20% when migrating to cloud systems, reducing up to 30% of IT overhead costs. They provide assistance from building to managing to modernising your cloud storage. With Cloudreach services, you can get 50% faster software updates and twice as likely financial results, without breaking a sweat.

8. Altoros


Altoros is a strong consultancy and professional IT services provider that helps Global 2000 organizations to turn innovative technologies into products with a sustainable competitive advantage. We offer strategy consulting, full-cycle project support and management, and comprehensive training to help our customers meet their business goals through cloud automation and transformation.

9. Slalom Consulting

Slalom cloud Consulting

For an optimised consulting service consider slalom consulting which is one of the best cloud consulting companies in the UK. They carry expertise in effective cloud services from data analysis to data engineering. With google cloud technology, they provide expert solutions to all your cloud computing needs. The case studies available on their website are a testament to that.

Consider all your computing requirements taken care of with slalom consulting.

10. Intelligence Business Solutions Ltd.

Intelligence Business Solutions

Intelligence Business Solutions Ltd. is a cloud consulting company that offers flexibly managed cloud services and data management services. With innovative data application software, they provide efficient cloud consulting services.

Plan your complex IT needs with their expert cloud-based solutions. They make digital transformation easy for your business.

11. TiG Data intelligence

TiG Data intelligence

From data analysis to secure data services to productive and modern working solutions, TiG data intelligence offers a complete package of cloud consulting services.

With an experienced and well-trained tech team, they provide specialised data management services in the UK. TiG data intelligence is a public cloud service provider that improves business technology and ensures success. They offer intelligent data platforms with cloud hosting and transformation solutions.

12. Atech support ltd.

Atech cloud consulting

Atech support ltd. is one of the leading cloud consulting companies in the UK, offering specialised cloud computing services. They provide consistently measured performance and enhance cloud security with 24/7 cloud assistance.

Atech support ltd. offers affordable prices with a simple charging model and easy billing system. They build agility by allowing the cloud to match your business requirements. They also provide cloud services with 100% clarity that enables your business to fulfil its potential.

Final Thoughts

According to research cloud computing in the UK has seen an increase of 38% over a period of 5 years with an adoption rate of 84%. Hence it is evident how important cloud consulting is for your business requirements. Hiring a high-quality cloud consulting company will get you to the top in no time.


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