Contentfuel Review: An Affordable And Reliable Content Writing Service

28th September 2021

Content writing has emerged as a significant portion of a broader arena of digital marketing. Good content on your business’s platform is the best way to portray the quality of your brand and services.

But the first question arises in your mind: How much do we have to spend? Will the quality of work be compromised with the budget? Should I hire a content writer instead? Is it a monthly or an hourly paid service?

So, this time Logicsfots got their hands-on Contentfuel.

Like most content writing services, Contenfuel claims to offer high-quality content on a monthly subscription. Thus, we put their claims to the test, whether the quality of work, promptness, or affordability.

You can submit unlimited content requests per month via their online portal, and they’ll complete your requests by giving every batch a specific fulfillment window. This type of service promises to be a great added resource for businesses to save time and money.

Does it already sound too unreal? Well, we moved one step further to see if it’s effective. 

Quick Summary

Like every service, we will begin with some pros and cons we faced during our test. So, here’s a quick summary of our review of Contentfuel’s monthly content writing service.


  • Easy to reach and present the content requests.
  • SEO quality content significantly increases your search engine ranking.
  • High-quality and sophisticated content while being easy to read. 
  • Prompt content writing service- Whether it’s the content submission or revision, they completed all the work in a short window of 48-72 hours.
  • Variety of content specialization: Blogs & Articles, Infographics, Email Newsletters and more.
  • We could request unlimited content for monthly flat pricing, which is insane!
  • Direct communication and timely response from the team 


  • Huge content requests might create traffic which sometimes leads to late submissions. However, this problem occurs rarely.
  • Content is available only in English for now.

Overall Experience

Pricing plans

Contenfuel’s “unlimited” monthly content and copywriting subscription is a great choice if you have the right expectations going in. The service is affordable, especially for new start-ups, SEO agencies, and small businesses looking for reliable output. 

However, if you’re expecting to be on-call or face-to-face with your writer, this is the type of service. Your content request will be assigned to a qualified writer as soon as you make one! Nevertheless, the understanding between the management and the writing and editing team is good enough that you won’t have to spend hours explaining to them your content requirements.

This is because Contefuel only hires a content writer after a special screening process in which they are selected based on their sample work and on-call interview. Only after analyzing their work and interview performance, the writers are welcomed to the team.

Whether the writers or the management, the whole content writing team lived up to the promise and exceeded our expectations!

Final Verdict

If you are in a hurry, don’t worry. You can skip to this verdict without going into the details.  

With our monthly subscription, we were able to get about 5000+ words worth of content completed within two weeks, and we were impressed with how they all turned out. We all know that hiring a content writer and paying every hour would easily cost me well above £1200+ to get done and probably take weeks.

With Contentfuel, it took just a few days, and we paid a fraction of what we would’ve paid elsewhere. We are awe-struck with the quality, promptness, communication, and value this content writing service offers.

Also, the company’s pricing plans vary according to your organization, whether you are an individual starter or an agency. By signing into their membership model, we were able to get pretty good discounts as well! In this way, the whole pricing remains affordable for every entity.

Who would benefit?

  • Small business owners
  • Marketers
  • SEO agencies
  • Individual starters 

So, if you happen to have your content idea all set to come to life, there’s no better alternative. The speed and quality of their work make them an easy rival to other services I’d ever used. For $389 per month, this is an absolute steal!

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Author : Abhay

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