How We Successfully Increased Our Email Open Rates from 8% to 52%

How We Successfully Increased Our Email Open Rates from 8% to 52%

Among all the various marketing strategies present, email marketing is often found to be the most effective one.

If you manage to find the right tone and hit the right chord with the readers, there is no saying how much your conversion rate can increase!

However, that is easier said than done.

While email marketing can bring in many advantages, many fail to leverage this simple medium.

It is not just enough to bombard your audience with many emails or make use of creative techniques of retargeting.

When the subject and the body of your email fails to capture the attention of your readers, then all your great strategies will crumble.

When we started leveraging email marketing to attract our clients, our emails were direct and plain.

Our email open rates were just a meagre 8% and we didn’t get enough leads out of it as we expected.

Our conversion rates remained stagnant no matter what kind of retargeting practices and email frequency rates we increased.

We realized soon what our problem was and made one small change in all our emails – we started crafting emails that are relatable and click-worthy and soon our open rates started increasing exponentially and are currently at a whopping 52%!

Want to know what these minor changes we did to emails to increase our open rates?

Read on to find out!

#1 Hook with the Headline

An average worker receives 121 emails per day!

Just imagine your tiny email getting caught in the middle of others.

The one thing that can make readers click on your email is your headline.

Forget about all the exciting stuff you have added in the body of the email.

If the reader didn’t even open the email, all of that goes to waste.

Remember that 121 emails? Well, your email shouldn’t have anything similar to the other 120 emails and in fact, should stand out from the rest. The best way to do that is to create a personalized headline something that the reader connects to and something that evokes emotion and most of all, curiosity.

Instead of going for a headline that says,

Newly-Released Shoes Available at 50% Discount! Grab Yours Now!

Go for something that catches the attention like,

Don’t Worry About Wearing The Same Shoes as Your Colleague! Grab New Shoe Releases at 50% Off!

You can further send another mail in a few days reminding them about the limited time offer to get further conversions.

#2 Be Creative but Grounded

As we progress to the body of the email, remember that the reader doesn’t read the email word for word but instead, just takes a quick scan and sees if it’s worth reading.

Therefore, make sure that the email is personalized and creative; something which makes them look twice.

One thing you have to keep in mind is to not sound too intelligent or superior.

Don’t get taken while crafting the email that you start using complex words, big sentences and give the bossy feel. Keep your email grounded and relatable.

Here’s an example for an email we crafted for an e-commerce website:

Hi Ruth,

We hope you are enjoying the spring season as much as we are!

We have stocked up our collection (again!) and this time, with all the beautiful, pretty and bright dresses you can wear for the spring. It’s time to adorn yourself with sparkling dresses, pastel hues and click Instagram-worthy pictures!

Did we mention that we are giving an exclusive coupon code for our repeated customers? Yes, you heard it right!

As one of our regular customers, here is an exclusive coupon code to get 50% off across all the dresses from the new spring collection!

Exclusive Coupon: 2HFISNSDMFVN

Oh, by the way, we have banished delivery charges for the next three months just for you!

So, what are you waiting for?

Start Shopping!

We would really love it if you can send us your beautiful picture in our outfit!


#3 Keep an Interesting Mix of Bold, Italics and Colours

Again, we come to the discussion where the reader scans the email first.

When it is all in the same pattern, the words fail to grab the attention.

It is best to highlight the words that you think will matter to the readers like the name of the products, the discount options or any other information which will interest the reader enough to start reading the email from the top.

You can also use colours along with the highlights based on the tone of the email and we have found that it is best to keep the tone casual when it comes to B2C emails and an almost-professional tone for the B2B emails.

Apart from these email hacks, make sure to send the email at the right times when the reader won’t be too busy and send follow-up emails in a few days before the first email goes out of their mind.

Follow these points and look for yourself the result it brings!

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