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Finding And Attracting Digital Marketing Experts: A Guide For Agencies

15th January 2023

Marketing used to be about posters, flyers, and billboards. Today, the most effective measures of spreading the word about a business can be found online.

Digital marketing has been growing in popularity for some time. However, the pandemic caused a surge of interest in these trends as more firms went online. Some companies have been able to realise their utmost potential through these measures, generating more sales and revenue than they had ever anticipated.

Agencies have a perfect window of opportunity here to help businesses gain quality exposure. If you run an agency, you will need a team of experts to implement your innovative strategies.

Here is how your agency can find and attract digital marketing experts.

Look at Influencers

Look at the right influencers

Try to do some research before starting your recruitment drive. Attracting the best talent in digital marketing can be dependent on how informed you are.

High-end digital marketers often have a substantial following online. Browsing their social media profiles and analysing who engages with them could lead you to some exceptional talent. Their unique insights may also be invaluable.

Knowing who is making waves in the industry could influence your agency’s direction. It can also give you some subjects to discuss with any experts you are looking to recruit. They will be up to speed on the most prominent industry figures, and if you are too, it will highlight your relevancy in the digital marketing industry.

Trends change fast in the digital marketing world. Periodically revisit listicles that highlight who is important and undertake further research. It should be easier to stay informed once you’re subscribed and following these figures online.

Offer Perks                                                                        

Workplace benefits highlight the extent of how much you value your employees. True experts won’t settle for mediocrity here.

Perks such as group life insurance can help attract and retain staff. Coverage like this offers a tax-free payout to the families of any workers who unfortunately pass away. Drewberry provides a useful guide to this insurance and can also help you find quotes on policies too. Consult their resources and insights to help give your staff some assurances.

Experts are among the best at what they do. It’s only fair that they expect to receive quality care from their employers under those circumstances. Group life insurance means digital marketers can secure their family’s futures even during the worst bouts of bad luck.

Not all workplaces will have these measures in place. Having them will give you an edge when attempting to recruit the best staff available.

Analyse Their Copy

You should be analytical when fielding job applications. Take a closer look at the copy of any potential digital marketer for your agency.

Experts in this field are exclusively great writers as well. They’ll have an effortless command over the written word and structure their writing wonderfully. Your ideal candidate will be concise in their cover letters and have clear talents in persuasion as well.

Take a look at the type of materials they’re publishing online. Browse their social media pages to see what type of content they’re sharing with the world. Do they represent themselves well? Could that extend to your agency?

Potential candidates may have an online portfolio as well. Go through it if they do. That way, you can gauge the scope of their work and determine whether it is truly of expert quality.

Ask the Right Questions

Ask the right questions

The interview stage is one of the last phases of attracting digital marketing experts. If you’re not careful, things can fall apart here.

You must impress your candidates just as much as they must astonish you. Remember that real experts will judge your demeanour closely, so there is a fine line to walk here. Asking the right questions is crucial. Be as technical as possible to ensure their expertise matches your expectations. Request proof of any successful campaigns they previously ran as well.

Talk about search engine optimisation, pay per click advertising, and email and affiliate marketing techniques. Design each question to be a jumping-off point for the candidate to talk plentifully about. Brief answers shouldn’t be acceptable and will not reveal the extent of their knowledge, so set them up for a more detailed discussion.

Source Referrals

When you have hired one digital marketing expert, then you should consider their network. They may have access to a diverse talent pool that’s ready to work for you.

After they have been inducted try to approach your new starters. Politely enquire as to whether they know anybody with the right digital marketing skills. Ask about the personalities of those they recommend too. Each new addition to your team of experts must have the right attitude as well.

You can be more subtle too. Browse the LinkedIn pages of your expert new starters to see if they have connections worth contacting. Set your profile to anonymous if you’d rather be secretive in your approach. If you find a profile you like, reach out to the professional and start a dialogue. Who knows where it might lead?

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