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How much does it costs to outsource website?

9th December 2022

Developing a high-quality ecommerce website is a complicated task that is best handled by professional experts. That is why most businesses that own website choose to outsource web development services to renowned companies or even freelancers offering such services. However, organizations often feel unsure about the cost of outsourcing the service, making it difficult for them to enjoy the key benefits of having a strong online presence.

Need To Outsource Web Development Services for ecommerce websites

Outsourcing web development means that organizations delegate the responsibility of creating and designing to professionals not employed by them. In most cases, organizations may choose to outsource various other business processes along with web development services. Doing so ensures a wide range of benefits for organizations, especially small businesses. The most important of these benefits offered by hiring such website support services providers include the following. Read further:

Helps Save Costs

The decision to outsource web development services for a WordPress website often proves more cost-effective compared to hiring a team of in-house team of web designers. The exact cost of hiring a development team or outsourcing the same depends upon certain factors such as how many visitors visit the website and project’s complexity, to name a few. The actual cost-savings vary depending on whether the businesses outsource the process to freelancers or professional web designer companies. The money thus saved can be utilized by small and medium sized businesses for other growth and promotional activities.

Effective Resource Management

Businesses choosing to outsource web design tasks can manage their internal resources better as well as save money. Businesses can ensure that their resources are not utilized in experimenting with the right website development methodology or training the developers. There is also no need to invest time and effort in building a dedicated in-house team or putting other processes on hold to complete the development task.

Get The Benefit Of Years of Expertise

Many web designers employed by web design agencies have years of expertise in the field. This makes it easier for them to understand exact client needs and offer the desired outcomes for their utmost satisfaction. Multiple freelancers offering such services are known to create better designs and effective web development solutions for small business websites at a reasonable price.

Easy Scaling and Updation

When businesses choose to outsource web development process, they do not have to worry about scaling the project as per their needs. A web design agency also offers services of regularly updating both the complex or simple website to keep it relevant and competitive. Such web management facilities play an important role in maximizing growth and successfully fulfilling business goals.

Factors Affecting The Costs Of Web Development

One of the major hindrances faced by business organizations while outsourcing web development services is the inability to calculate the costs. This is due to their lack of awareness about the several factors impacting the website costs. Given below are the brief details of the most common of these factors to help business owners understand how much does it cost to outsource web development.

Location Of Service Provider

The location of website builder service provider plays an important role in determining the cost of development. Generally speaking, outsourcing to website builders located in Eastern Europe cost less than those located Western Europe, while the ones located in the Asian region are the cheapest. This is primarily due to the significant difference in the average living costs of these regions, which naturally impacts the web development charges.

The Delivery Schedule

The time provided by business organizations to the project manager for delivering the web development project can also impact its cost. In case the web developers need to deliver the website based on a content management system or even other sites within a short time, its development costs will be higher. A web design firm may also choose to deliver web development solutions in phases to maintain the scalability and cost-effectiveness of the project for a small business.

Moreover, incorporating a free route planner app into the website could enhance user experience without significantly increasing development expenses.

Project Requirements and Complexity

Projects with unique web hosting, web design and development requirements, such as e-commerce websites, often cost more than a basic small business website. This is because fulfilling the needs of complex website requires a web developer to have higher skill levels and several years of expertise than creating a basic website. Such development team tends to charge more which, in turn, impacts project costs and in turn the opportunity cost. Moreover, higher project complexity often requires the use of the latest technology tools for fulfilling project requirements and this further adds to the cost.

SSL Certification Needs

Websites that need to collect any data from their visitors, such as an e-commerce website, are required to purchase an SSL certificate. Although web design firms help businesses to acquire the certificate they do so at an additional cost. The cost varies according to the level of security that the website wants to offer to keep the private data of the users safe. The cost of a free SSL certificate is often included in overall project cost.

Hosting Service Charges

Professionals having web development experience often offer other services such as dedicated hosting and free themes. They often charge a nominal fee compared to a professional hosting provider for diverse websites and web applications. The latter often use a dedicated server and specific technology stack for maximizing the performance efficiency of the website. The choice of web hosting service providers can impact development costs significantly depending on whether the service providers levy variable costs or follow a monthly budget policy.

Final Thoughts

Outsourcing the web design project can help businesses get a highly functional and easy-to-use website and web application. Since the ongoing costs can vary greatly, businesses should have a clear idea of whether they want to be billed annually, monthly, or weekly and all the functionality they want included in the web development solution.



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