How to Get More Positive Website Conversion Rates

How to Get More Positive Website Conversion Rates

A business website can be a challenge to get right. Despite the user-friendly website building platforms available, it is still not that easy to build a well-designed and proactive website that benefits your brand. When it comes to conversion rates, your website needs to be carefully planned to ensure a lack of roadblocks and a more consistent flow of traffic. To improve your website conversion rates, you need to identify the goal of your website and then map a user journey and identify potential issues. Conversion rates aren’t just about sales. Your calls to action will be a big determiner of your conversion success, as will design, navigation and content. If your conversion rates have dropped, here’s what you need to do next.

Landing Page Relevancy

If you have content on your social pages, other websites, or your social platforms, then you want that content to send people to your website. That’s why you need to know which pages are being landed on. Match your landing page to your content and it will immediately become more valuable and will keep visitors on the page for longer. Be relevant at all times on landing pages.

Content Optimization

Your content is a vital resource for improving conversion rates. It needs to be relevant and valuable, and written in a way that your target audience will respond to. Content can be hard to get right, so consider using a digital marketing agency that can take over this potentially time-consuming and always challenging area for you. With professionals who know how to write content that not only is informative and well written but is also optimized to make Google happy, you will ensure that your conversation rate will improve.

Use Reviews

Online reviews are an essential resource in online marketing and they can make a lot of difference to your sales figures. If your call to action is a purchase, then reviews can be the deciding factor that pushes a client into buying from you. When 84% of consumers admit to trusting online reviews, it makes sense that you make as much use of them as possible if you want your sales figures to grow.

What do you do about those negative reviews, however? While having negative views can be extremely disheartening and you will want nothing more than to remove them, don’t delete all of them. Although it might sound like an odd statement to make, having the odd negative review might actually benefit you because people can be extremely suspicious of a company that only has positive reviews and 5 stars. Customers love honesty and if they can see a negative review that you have responded to in a positive manner that informs them that you are working to improve this, then it will benefit you in the long run.

Be Trustworthy

It’s not just positive online reviews that will help establish trust with your site visitors. Trust elements are a key addition to your web pages. Make sure that you fill out all of your contact details, link to all of your social profiles, and use established payment assurances like SSL, trust badges, and certifications.

In addition, there are plenty of other ways that go beyond just showing you are trustworthy; you need to act that way too. Your brand needs to be transparent, which means you need to be honest and let your customers know you have nothing to hide. You could do this by answering questions on your website or social media. Be sure to answer truthfully and show that there is a human side to your business. Your customers will appreciate a more human touch when it comes to getting to know you. Trust goes a long way nowadays. The more a consumer trusts you, the more likely they will sign up for a newsletter or make an online payment. While this might seem like a long process to improve your conversion rates, it will only benefit you in the long run.

Email Campaigns and the Sales Funnel

Email marketing is one of the most effective methods of establishing brand loyalty and trust, and for introducing consumers easily into a sales funnel. While email marketing is not new, it has become one of the most valuable forms of digital marketing currently available, and can go a long way to improving the domain authority of your website, increasing sales, and boosting your SEO. If you’re not yet using email to improve your conversions then you are going to fall behind your competitors.

Improving your conversion rates is not a big mystery guarded by the gatekeepers of modern marketing. Simple and proactive steps can be much more effective than you might have assumed. If you want to boost your brand beyond all recognition, focus on improving your conversion figures, identifying roadblocks in the customer journey, and optimizing your content so that your website becomes your most valuable resource.

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