How to Recover your Data Before Google+ Shuts Down on 2nd April?

1st April 2019

It’s time to say goodbye to Google+ and also the data that goes with the posts.


Google announced that it was officially shuttering Google+ for users as one of the measures to prevent a data breach that happened on the platform.

According to Google, third-party data, like comments on publisher sites and personal videos and photos won’t be available from April 2019.

On last October, Google announces the big step to shut down Google+ for users after a security fault exposed users’ data. In a brief period of time, Google+ had another data leak that led to the shutdown of the Google social network. Google has now formally released the timeline for how and when Google+ will go away.

By 4th February, you won’t be able to create new Google+ pages, profiles, events or communities. All the comments on extra websites generated by Google+ will be removed from blogger and by March 7th from other sites as well.

On 2nd April, all Google+ content like photos and videos from your Archive, Album, and Google+ pages will be removed. Only Google notes and content required for legal reasons will remain.

Google + in G Suite will also continue to pay customers, but you will see additional features and a new look soon.

In most of the sites and apps, Google+ buttons to sign in will stop working while in some other cases it will be replaced by the Google sign-in button. In these cases, you will have to sign in with your Google account in place of Google+.

Do you want to grab your data before it gets deleted? We are here to help you.

So let’s see what exactly happened to Google+?

Due to a software glitch, some outsider developers may have been able to access personal Google+ profile data.

When Google discovered the bug, they decided not to inform the social network users. They ran a detailed analysis after two weeks of patching the bug.

There are chances that up to 500,000 Google+ profiles were affected.

According to Google, there was no evidence that the developers were aware of this bug or abused the API. They didn’t find any evidence of profile data getting misused.

What Should You Do Now?

Google+ isn’t a famous buy phentermine diet pills online social network, but many users made it alongside their Gmail or other Google product.

  • Delete your data

Open Google+ and go to ‘settings’ on your left-hand side. Scroll down to the bottom and you will see an option to delete your account.

Google will then again ask if you a question “Are sure you want to leave?”

Delete your data

Say yes, and afterward it will ask you the reason for leaving.

You can click to “I don’t know who can see my data” option.

  • Download all your Google+ data

You can download and export your Google+ data along with Google+ circles, Streams, Communities, and 1’s.

Downloading your data doesn’t mean your account is deleted. You can download your Google+ data at once as well.

a) Go to the download your data page/ in case of Google+ pages, sign in as the Google+ Page
b) You might have to sign in then
c) Next, you will see your available Google+ data preselected
d) Click Next
e) Select a file type
f) Select how you want data to be delivered
g) Click create archive

Download all your Google+ data
  • Download Specific Google+ Data

You can also select specific Google+ data to download rather than downloading all. If you are willing to download your videos and photos from Google+, select photos under “Google+ Stream.”

a) Go to the “download your data page”
b) Next go to the type of content you want to download, for example, Google+ Stream
C) Click the down arrow
d) Press specific data and choose the data you want to download
e) Click Ok
f) Press Next
g) Select a file type
h) Select how you want data to be delivered
i) Click create archive

Download Specific Google+ Data

What is Google Doing Now?

Google is tightening privacy measure and security across the Google suite.

According to them, they will be rolling updated policies and additional controls across more of APIs. Till the time their developer partners are updating and adjusting their apps and services accordingly.

What does it say about tech companies on data protection aspect?

With the Facebook hack and Google security faults revealed, trust in tech companies is at its low.

At times companies collect data when they are not even clear on how they want to use it while their security measures are woefully inadequate.

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