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Top tips for building a tech company in 2024

31st October 2023

From the turn of the century, technology has soared to astonishing heights. The development of the online marketplace and the Internet of Things has triggered a huge rise in the number and quality of digital products being created.

There is no doubt that technology is in demand, but that’s not to say that this sector is stable. For example, the industry was flagging earlier this year following pandemic over-hiring, but saw a boost in the summer thanks to the advancements in AI technology. Such rapid progression paired with economic instability makes it hard for both businesses and investors to be certain of success.

If you are planning to start out in this industry, follow these top tips for building a tech company in 2024 to stay ahead of the curve and above the competition.

Choosing your product

The most important aspect of setting up your tech company is choosing your product. You need to make sure that your offering is attractive to customers, potentially profitable, and relatively unique.

Consider people’s needs and think about how you can solve a problem or fill a gap. This way you can be confident that your offering will be well-received. You will need to analyse the market as well to evaluate what is already out there and see how you could upgrade an already successful model.

There are various types of tech that you can specialise in. These range from technical hardware such as smart devices to online offerings such as software-as-a-service (Saas) and providing a platform.

Setting up your business

set business

Now it’s time to think about setting up your business. First and foremost, find an office and make sure it is suited to your needs. You might benefit from using contractors with professional electrical tools suited to all projects to get the space functioning to your exact requirements. If money is tight during the first few months, you could consider the option of a temporary office one day a week.

You may not think you need it if your product is all online, but having a physical space is important for team bonding and brainstorming, and hosting clients or investors.

Once you have the office, you need to fill it with a team! Think carefully about the hiring process, working out exactly how many people you need and the skills they need to have. You could use the services of a recruitment company to find job seekers, but be aware that this will involve a fee.

Generating financial backing

When you are launching a company, it is vital to prepare to generate financial backing. Even if you are able to bankroll your endeavour initially, you’ll likely need funding to reach the next level. There are four main types of funding for tech startups, from part ownership equity financing to crowdfunding and government grants. Angel investments are a good avenue for your pre-seed stage, whereas venture capital options will provide the capital and collaboration needed for expansion.

If you are considering debt financing, make sure that you are in a position to pay off the loan in line with the agreed terms.

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