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10 Best Video Production Companies in London

21st April 2022

As content creation and consumption continue to grow exponentially, video content consumption and effectiveness are also increasing. Nowadays, with short video features on most social media sites, even small businesses use the medium to promote their work, increase their conversion, and click through rates. Some experts even suggest that video content will be the primary medium in the future of online content.

Use of Video production companies for businesses

While anyone can shoot a video, effectively catching the target audience’s attention in the first few seconds is the main task. Professionally created videos are highly effective in helping businesses get a greater reach and increasing their sales. They grab the viewer’s attention in the first few seconds and keep them hooked till the end.

Video production companies in London make your task easier by creating SEO-friendly video content for your business so that you can sit back and enjoy the sales and exposure from professionally created, well-timed videos. Video production companies also save you from the hassle and overhead costs of in-house video production, including managing and keeping props, employing directors and editors, etc.

Thus, outsourcing video content for businesses through local video production companies, London, makes the job quicker and easier, improves quality, and reduces the overall cost of production.

Charges of a video production company in London

The cost of video production varies depending upon the size of clips, the props and cast used, the editing and animations added, and the production company itself. Upcoming video production companies, London tend to charge less as compared to well-established ones. Similarly, corporate videos are usually costlier than the videos made for small businesses. However, one can always find a plan to suit their needs. Some of the best video production companies may also offer customised plans to better fit your needs and budget.

On average most video production companies, London can charge anything between £500 to £25,000 for corporate videos. However, for a two-or three-minute-long corporate video clip, the average cost comes between £1500 and £5000.

How to decide which is the best video production company in London for your business?

Finding a video production company, London for your business can be an extensive process. Setting up a budget to get what you need can be tiresome. Here is a checklist to go through before you finalise the company:

  • Understand your needs: The first thing to look for before looking for video production companies is to be sure of the sort of content that your video content needs. These include getting a rough idea about the graphics and tone you need for your video. It not only helps in finding the right company but also in planning an approximate budget.
  • Check the reviews and recommendations: Companies never write anything negative about their service; that’s their job, and checking the reviews and recommendations is yours. If it does not have good reviews from similar local businesses, the chances are that you’ll be setting yourself up for disappointment.
  • Budget: Budget is the primary factor for choosing any services. Your budget should consider the kind of motion graphics and creativity you need, the platform you’ll be using it for, and if the company you are going for can give you the desired results within the budget.
  • Previous projects: Similar to businesses, video production companies also have several niches. A company that is a pioneer in animated videos may not necessarily be equally good at shooting promo videos within your office. You can get a clear idea about their expertise from their previous projects.
  • Target audience: Before starting to look for the ideal video content for your business, one must be well aware of their target audience. Eg. for a campaign with children as the target audience, a video production company, London that specialises in animated content is more suited for the role. The same would not be fit for a promo video for a corporate company.
  • Target Platform: Since all the social media platforms offer the scope for adding video content in one way or another, understanding the platform most used by your target audience is also necessary. If your focus is young working adults who scroll through their feed quickly, getting long videos made for your campaign will be a waste of time, resources, and money. You will need a company that specialises in creating short video content.

List of best top 10 video production companies in London

When looking for the best video production companies, London to help boost your business, these are some names that you cannot miss.

1. Logicisofts

logicsofts video production companies london

As a pioneer company for end-to-end web solutions, Logicsoft is also a great choice for expanding its brand and creating impactful brand campaigns. Their creative excellence and experience are what most companies need for their business. As a well-established video production company, London, Logicsofts offers quality web solutions to businesses at affordable rates.

Along with web solutions, the company also covers various aspects of websites, their content management, etc., thus, providing a one-stop solution for all the requirements of your brand.

2. Casual Films

casualfilms video production companies london

Casual films is another five-starred video production company, London that excels in video production. Their easy services and affordable rates have made it a popular choice among several businesses. Their small team ensures a personalised experience for you.

3.  FixThePhoto


FixThePhoto is a professional video editing services company, does all kinds of video editing with your raw footage. If you are looking for a company that will professionally and quickly edit your videos, they are the company to call. You can send them any kind of video footage.

4. Kartoffel films

kartoffel video production companies london

Kartoffel is well known for its video content production and content marketing experience. Based in London, this small team of creative experts works collaboratively with their clients to develop creative video graphics for their brand.

5. Coal

coal video production companies london

Coal is another company that you can connect with for video production needs. Although their main focus is on social media marketing, they are also one of the leading names in video production companies, London.

6. Shoot You


Next on our list of the best video production companies, London is Shoot You. It is a small team of creative directors and assisting crews to fulfil your video production needs. They charge based on projects or the hourly.

7. Topline Films

topline video production companies london

Topline Films is a specialised company that only deals with video production for brands. The company works exclusively with video production and is well known for its relevant, premium quality work and timely delivery of final videos.

8. Spin Creative


Spine Creative is an exclusive agency for video production located in London, UK. They have been a major contributor to the video content of various well-known online websites. They work for both corporate clients as well as charities.

9. 2020 Media International

2020 media

2020 Media International is a relatively new video production company that has made its mark in a really short time. Their top-notch service and pocket-friendly production charges make them the choice of most small business owners. It exclusively deals with video production.

10. Appetite Creative Solutions

appetite video production companies london

Appetite Creative Solutions aims at increasing the digital presence of their clients through creative video content. The small team is passionate and well-versed in various forms of video content and uses various mediums to provide the best results. The brand also deals with several other digital marketing aspects, making it one of the best video production companies, London.

11. Catch

catch video production companies london

Even though Catch is primarily a web development company, it has also established its hold in the video production niche with its well-curated video content and affordable services at hourly charges. Their work as accomplished video content producers has been appreciated by clients and awarded several times.

As per the latest trends in online content consumption, the shifts towards video content are prominently visible. Studies on these trends have also shown that video content has higher conversion rates. Thus, it has become essential for businesses to build up their online presence through creative video content that speaks for their brand values. Upcoming businesses can easily outsource their video content through the best video production companies, London.

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