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Top Video Production Companies in Manchester in 2023

20th January 2023

Videos have been an integral part of preserving memories or just as a medium of self-expression. Given the love of the audience towards videos, many companies are turning to this medium to advertise or brand their company. Numerous companies have been responsible for some very interesting ad campaigns. For this reason, many companies, especially in Manchester, have turned to video production companies in Manchester to better represent their enterprise to the public.

The role of a video production company is fairly simple in theory. A video production company in Manchester will provide their services to bring their clients’ creative desires to life.

What are the 3 Stages of Video Production?

The process of filming any idea or concept has to possess two aspects. The first being that the video should be able to be to get a point across, and the second, it should also be artistically sound so as to not bore the viewer. To ensure that the final product correctly represents the intended idea, companies follow these 3 steps

1. Pre-Production

This stage is the primary and the most crucial one – ‘Planning’. A video production company has to plan all the aspects of a shoot so as to prevent any mishaps.

  • In a sense, this step helps to drastically reduce the budget because to be honest, money can be hard to come by. Therefore, ensuring high-quality work for a reduced budget is a definite win for a client.
  • All the ideas that the filmmakers and the writers want to convey through the film or video will be written down during this stage.
  • A discussion will then lead to the formation of a cohesive plan.
  • Pre-production will help to create the basis upon which the rest of the production process will reside on. Therefore, the pre-production step allows each individual involved an idea of what is happening on set.

This step will also involve writing the story or the script for the shoot. This is one of the more essential portions of the process. In addition to this, planning will also involve determining lighting, sets and other intricate details.

2. Production/Filming

This involves more practical or “field” work.

  • It will involve filming scenes and bringing the script to life.
  • It will involve transporting the actors, directors, and other people involved in the project to the location.
  • In case of filming news or other informational videos, a set will be the location.

Therefore, aspects of the set like a green screen and other props will be kept in their respective places. The success of this step is entirely dependent on the co-operation of the individuals present.

3. Post-Production/Editing

The Post-production stage is of the utmost importance.

  • This is when the final product will be released to the audience. In a sense, this is the stage where constructive criticism should be paid heed.
  • This is the stage where individuals participating in the project will work towards enhancing the footage shot during filming.
  • The process of post-production includes putting all the footage together to make the film or video.
  • This step will bring together all the efforts put in during the pre-production and the production steps.
  • Audio will be checked and altered if need be. It is a unanimous decision that clear and audible dialogue can greatly influence the idea behind the video.
  • The filmmakers will work closely with the editing department or team to ensure that each scene and frame ticks all the boxes.
  • Each scene will undergo scrutiny to check the lighting, angles, audio, and other aspects. In case, there is any need for the removal of scenes.

What is the Video Production Process?

Video Production, in simple terms, refers to the process of filming. The length and quality of the video are dependent on a variety of factors.

It can also be defined as converting an idea into a digital form like a video. Video production is seen in films and news channels, videos on streaming platforms, and social media. The formulation and execution of a plan is the primary aim of the video production process. The process allows an individual to provide tangibility to their idea or creativity.

What is the job of a Video Producer?

Depending on the requirement of the project, a video producer carries out a range of functions. One can think of a video producer as the fountain of knowledge. This is because in addition to securing a location for filming they also carry out the three phases of the production process smoothly.

A producer will decide the budget, creative direction, and coordinate with the team. Requirements like scripts and casting will also undergo review by the executive producer. Therefore, a video producer forms the foundation of a project and a much needed one at that.

Who Needs to Hire a Video Production Company Manchester?

It can be a challenging task to convey any idea in the form of a video. There are several aspects of the video that have to be kept in mind while doing so. It is a common fact that the more complex or obscure the idea is, the more difficult it is to capture it on screen.

Therefore, one can turn to a production company’s services to create engaging content while also being informational. Many owners can avail the services of a production company to promote their enterprises. Since video content is a more digestible form of media, it can greatly contribute to a marketing campaign’s effectiveness.

In addition to this, educational institutions can also benefit from creating videos for their students. Given the rise of online learning, video production companies in Manchester have also created content to educate.

There has been an overall increase in the demand for video production services as most companies run websites. These companies create videos that can then be posted on the website to generate more traffic and bring awareness.

How to Hire the Right Video Production Company?

Manchester houses around 135 video production firms. Therefore, determining the value that these firms bring to one’s creative project can prove tedious. However, one can ask themselves the following questions to make this process time-efficient :

  • Who is the company’s target audience?
  • What kind of style could benefit the company the best?
  • What is the purpose of creating the video?
  • Where will it be posted?
  • What services does the project require from the video production company?

List of top video production companies in Manchester 2023

1. Bearded Fellows

bearded fellows video production companies manchester

Bearded Fellows uses animation and other creative mediums to deliver quality content to their clients. The company is said to possess a very “hands-on” approach to any project.

2. Cheetham Bell

cheethambell video production companies manchester

The Manchester-based production company specialises in producing videos that capture the attention of viewers. They simplify the content given and create a comprehensive video that will correctly convey the client’s message.

3. TBWA Manchester

tbwamcr video production companies manchester

TBWA is a creative agency company that uses its service to contribute to a client’s company’s branding. With most of their clients coming from the hospitality and leisure industry, TBWA goes straight to the point with their projects.

4. Hyperfine Media

hyperfine video production companies manchester

This is an exclusive agency for video production located at Old Trafford. They have been a major contributor to the video creations available on various websites. Their clients range from businesses to charities.

5. Flimp Agency

flimp video production companies manchester

Flimp agency creates explainer videos using a variety of animation styles. The styles range from stop motion to whiteboard explainer videos. They can create videos that are engaging and informative at the same time.

6. Reel Effect Ltd

reel effect

This company aims at increasing the digital presence of its clients through videos. The team present at Reel Effect are passionate about motion design and use this medium to help their clients promote their businesses.

7. Digital Finch


This agency especially caters to smaller businesses in need of promotion and advertisement. The services offered by Digital Finch are aimed towards increasing awareness regarding the brand of the business. They also service MNC’s in need of highly conceptualised videos.

8. Bellyflop

bellyflop video production companies manchester

BellyFlop has been around since 1996. Therefore, the clients serviced by them avail the benefits of experience along with creativity. They have also worked with the hospitality industry as brand promoters for healthcare workers.

9. Envisuals

envisuals video production companies manchester

This agency offers services like research and scriptwriting to its clients. The products that they release are nothing short of detailed and high quality. They ensure that the videos can enhance the marketing and outreach of the company.

10. Pixelwave Creative

pixelwave video production companies manchester

With the tagline “Communicating creatively with video”, the company prides itself on releasing good content. They create videos to either promote their client’s brand or the launch of an upcoming product.

11. Eight Engines


This agency caters mainly to mid-market and small businesses. They possess a range of clients from various sectors like gaming, financial services, or automotive. Although the emphasis is given towards video production, they also offer services in video broadcasting.

12. Pili Mili Films Ltd

pilimili films

This company aims to have a definite and attractive narrative to go along with each video they create. They provide inclusivity and originality to their clients. Their interest in narrative storytelling has given them a chance to be appreciated at various award ceremonies.

13. Paper Sky Films

papersky video production companies manchester

This company creates authentic videos that reflect the mission of their client’s ideas. The agency can work with minimal budgets and create high-quality content. With the use of beautiful visuals, the Paper Sky films can convey heartwarming messages.

14. Samurai Video Marketing

Samurai video marketing first became active back in 2014 and employed several experienced producers. The team of video producers present at the agency are well-versed in commercial videos as well as videos for brand promotion.

15. Sound & Colour Films


This company offers a range of video promotion services like direction, scriptwriting and even storyboard creation. The films created by this agency are hand-crafted and personal. In addition to this, they provide equal part promotional as well as educational videos for the corporate world.

It is in human nature to express, to let others around them know what they are feeling or what emotion they are going through, be it happiness, sadness, excitement, cheery, exasperated, etc.,by the medium of music, videos, movies, or pretty much anything else.

In today’s age of digitisation, the best way to achieve that is through visual media and that is where the Video production companies of Manchester come in with their competitive services. The next time you need someone to capture something in its truest and most pure essence, just swing by our list of Top 15 Video Production Companies, Manchester and find the one for you.

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Abhay is a Digital Marketing Guru and an accomplished entrepreneur with an experience of a decade working with various businesses varying from startups to established brands. He co-founded many companies like Logicsofts, PrintYo, CrazyRise and more. He is passionate about SEO and Online Data Analytics, which plays a vital role in any business to grow and mutate as per the data results.
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