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5 Ways to Build a Strong Backlink Profile

26th September 2023

Backlinks work. This is why companies are willing to spend thousands of dollars on link-building efforts each month. Your backlinks profile impacts many of your marketing initiatives, including your search rankings, visibility, lead generation, and even your revenue. After all, the more your target audience knows about your site, the more likely they are to visit your web page. So, if you own a business or hope to start one, you should be formulating a marketing strategy that integrates effective tactics for creating backlinks.

But building a strong backlink profile is not a walk in the park. In fact, it is consistently voted the most difficult part of SEO, and it’s not hard to see why. Unlike other aspects of search engine techniques, there are far too many variables involved, and you have only so much control. Still, having a robust SEO backlinks profile is crucial if you want sustainable growth. In this article, we will explore a few powerful tactics that can boost your link-building efforts.

Why Do You Need to Build Backlinks for Your Business?

At some point, every business owner needs to do link-building for their website. Your backlink profile impacts your web visibility and search rankings. The more quality links you get from other pages, the higher your credibility and position in search engine result pages. How does this work? It’s simple, really. The search engine algorithm interprets these links as a vote of confidence. If many people reference you in their content, you must be an authority and know what you are saying. But there’s a catch, spammy links can get your site blacklisted, so you want to avoid those.

Building Google-friendly backlinks can skyrocket your website to the top of Google search results, which means more brand exposure for you. This will improve your web traffic and create more opportunities for leads and sales. Still, it can be a real challenge to build backlinks in some niches like gambling or finance. Yet, with some effort and consistency, your business can benefit from having an impressive backlink profile that boosts organic traffic.

Guide to Creating Backlinks In 2023: 5 Tactics That Work

Gaining backlinks can help entrepreneurs and businesses build communities of their customers to become industry leaders. The benefits can last long after the process has been completed. Still, there are many tactics that fall short, so here are five proven methods that work.

Collaborate with Journalists (HARO)


If you want to get backlinks in 2023, chances are that you have heard about Help a Reporter Out, or HARO for short. On the surface, it seems easy enough. You sign up and answer questions from journalists and reputable news blogs. In return, they link back to you and establish your credibility as an authority in your niche. But there’s a certain finesse to it. For one, there are likely many sites like yours scrambling for the same opportunities. That’s why you have to stand out. Besides, always check the domain rating of the media outlet to be sure that you are collaborating with quality sites.

Outsource to Reputable White-Hat Link-Building Agencies

Let’s face it. Creating backlinks is complicated, unpredictable, and can be quite costly if you don’t know what you are doing. This is why 60% of businesses choose to outsource it to specialists rather than make costly mistakes that could harm their search rankings. Depending on your current schedule, this might be a viable option. If you choose to go down this path, though, you have to do your research.

This will help you avoid shady agencies that may buy backlinks from spammy sources. Even though every backlink service promises to drive free traffic, not everyone can deliver that. That’s why it is crucial to choose only the best partners when outsourcing your link-building processуы. A great place to start your research would be to check their reviews and examples of their work.

Publish the Right Kind of Content in the Proper Format

The core of creating backlinks is having link-worthy content in the first place. Some content has more prime link juice potential than others. For example, we know that infographics, how-to guides, case studies, and videos tend to attract more links. Find ways to leverage this and craft quality pieces that people will want to reference in their posts.

Besides, you want to try leveraging skyscraper content, directories, resource pages, and other similar strategies. Of course, you must ensure these are built with your target keywords in mind and aligned with search intent. Not knowing how to align your content to your audience’s needs is one of the biggest blogging mistakes that can cost you dearly. Also, remember that some techniques won’t work for your niche, values, or strategic plans. That’s why experiment but never sacrifice the core of your business.

Check Out Your Competitor’s Backlink Profile for Opportunities

This is one of those marketing ideas you should incorporate into your strategy as soon as you start promoting your brand, whether by direct advertising or using SEO. Depending on your industry, you could have more competition than your peers in other niches. In this case, you can turn that into an advantage of finding new backlink opportunities. To do this, use a reliable SEO tool to check their backlinks profile.

As a result, you can check the pages that link to your competitors and see if you have some more up-to-date content. If that’s the case, you can reach out to those website owners and offer to link to your site’s blog instead. For this tactic, FreelancingGig recommends that you first ensure that your article provides more valuable and current information before doing such outreach. If done right, link-building can be a staple method in your SEO strategy and help you cut down ad costs.

Find Unlinked Mentions and Turn Them Into Links

This one is an old classic that still packs a punch. If you have been in business long enough, and your services/products are high-quality, someone likely mentioned your brand or used your image without linking back to your site. All you need to do is perform an advanced Google search of your brand name to find these pages. You can also use a third-party backlink service if you are not sure how to do this on Google. Then shoot them an email asking them to link to you. And just like that, you have another backlink added to your profile.

How to Spot Low-Quality SEO Backlinks

Backlinks are essential for long-term business success and have more compounding returns on investment than PPC. Still, most people struggle to tell the difference between an inbound link that can be good for their rankings and one that is, well, harmful. Here are some key tips to help you spot them right away.

The domain rating. The source of a backlink can be a huge factor that tells if it’s a good or bad one. Think of the saying, “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” or “Good trees bear good fruits” – you get the picture. A quality link will come from a site that has high authority, a good domain score, and is likely well-known in its niche. That’s why checking the source of a link is vital. If it’s some strange site that appears to have lots of content with tons of errors and plagiarism, it’s most likely a spammy site.

Relevance. Here is the thing – links are meant to provide additional context or information. If a link leads to content that adds no value to the text, that’s a red flag. You want to ensure that all (or at least most) backlinks come from related niches and that the anchor tags appear natural. This helps the algorithm understand the overall context and content of your blog.

Organic traffic. We all understand no one invests in link building unless they hope to draw in some major traffic. So it makes sense to seek out websites that have your target audience. Besides, ensure that the backlinks you get come from web pages with high organic traffic.

Link-building tactics and link bait. It’s all well and good to desire the best quality backlinks, but how you get them also matters. The best tactic is to focus on natural link-building methods like putting out great content pieces. But this takes long, we know. Still, if you decide to use manipulative techniques that bring faster results, remember that sooner or later, the algorithm can notice that, making you lose your rankings and investments. In some cases, you may face higher penalties or get blacklisted altogether.


It takes a lot of patience, learning, unlearning, relearning, and time commitment to build a strong natural backlinks profile. It may feel like chipping away at a rock, but eventually, you will be able to use these tactics to push your business to a better stage and higher levels of success. Remember that after all is said and done, link building really is about providing value to attract potential clients. Best of luck.

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