Web Development company vs Freelance web developer !!

Web Development company vs Freelance web developer !!

27th April 2022

Planning to launch an amazing website? We all understand our website acts as a mirror of our brand. No doubt the developing efforts involved force us to think twice before executing it.                              

Whether your idea is simple or grand, its implementation requires much developer work, regardless of how clever or concise your idea may be.

The more creative the idea, the better it is in one’s opinion. Execution, however, is more critical.

Can you trust the person who will create your website? With whom should you collaborate? Do you need to hire a freelancer? Do you need a web development company? 

This blog will make it easy for you to take your call whether you want to hire a freelancer or a web development company. 

Web development is a complex process to create websites. This process involves several stages like web designing, coding, content, creation and so on.

You should be happy and satisfied at every stage. You need to do your research before hiring a freelancer or web development company. Ensure whoever you hire is skilled, credible and proficient to handle work at every stage.

In addition, the hierarchy of web development should also be mentioned here:

  • front-end development, or client-side coding
  • back-end development, or Server-side coding
  • and database technologies


Having a successful website requires a complex process that cannot be avoided. Professional IT consultants can make the process easier and more enjoyable.


web development

Most clients ask themselves this question. Should they choose a reputable and reliable development company or a freelancer who is more budget-friendly?

Often, there’s no right or wrong answer. Everyone has their own preferences. But we can help you compare the advantages and disadvantages of a development company and a freelance web developer.

Freelance Development

In many cases, the wrong decisions are only made because the question is not well understood. It would be very helpful for you to review the pros and cons of working with freelancers and development firms in detail.

A freelancer works independently. All the tasks are performed by him.

If you are interested in collaborating with a freelancer, you must make sure that this person is dependable, budget-friendly and skilled. Consider the following:


Freelancing can be challenging, especially if a person starts off as an independent worker. Freelancers who are proficient in this field pay particular attention to their portfolios. You should always check their portfolio before you hire them.

Client testimonials

Client service

In order to maintain impeccable reputation, client testimonials play a vital role. Former clients’ reviews can tell you a great deal about a freelancer.

Portfolios summarize the projects; recommendations explain specific ways of working with a specific person.

Generally, it is cheaper to hire a freelancer than to hire a company. But thinking only about the price is not the right way.

What if you find a freelancer who charges less but might as well lack skills and experience?

Communication is another important aspect of getting a job. Responding on time and getting as much information as possible is one of the hallmarks of an interested professional. An inadequate, time-consuming feedback is almost enough for you to forget your cooperation with the person.

Despite the large number of freelancers out there, each tries to distinguish themselves and attract attention. A review of a freelancer’s participation in various blogs and discussions can serve as a valuable estimate.

Here are a few pros and cons of such a collaboration.

Advantages of hiring a Freelancer:

Price reductions

It is definitely cheaper to hire a freelancer than to hire a development company.

Flexible schedule

Freelancers work whenever they need to. It is an advantage for a client and a developer to have a flexible schedule if they are in different time zones.

Nevertheless, there are always some disacvantages.

Disadvantages of hiring a Freelancer:


Due to the fact that freelancers are independent workers, each can only offer certain skills. Risks are associated with projects that differ drastically from those described in a freelancer’s portfolio.

Freelancers can certainly choose and decide all by themselves which projects they want to work on. This can also result in 1 freelancer working for a huge number of project at a time.

You can land up into a problem if the freelancer is unwell or on leave.

 It’s never predictable when a freelancer will say “Goodbye”.

Tough to Manage

Employees are not totally under your control and you cannot ensure that they are working on your tasks. Freelancers may also have difficulties organizing and managing their time. Thus, managing them is quite a challenge.

A low-quality end product

Freelancers often care about their own earnings and success, and not yours. Some of these workers rush to finish your work without paying too much attention to quality. Once the website goes live, a freelancer will just disappear. If you need support or have questions, you may need to find them again.

Today, there are tons of freelancer platforms, but finding a true professional is still difficult. It can be risky. Of course, hiring a freelancer will save you money. But as told earlier that should not be your only concern. In certain situations, you may need to hire three freelancers: a front-end developer, a back-end developer, and a quality assurance engineer at a time. 

You cant ensure they all will vo-exist and co-ordinate well together. The chances of confusion, disagreement, and chaos are always there.

Advantages of working with the Web Development Company:

Reliable partner

In the long run, companies seek to provide comprehensive, high-quality services. Count on your partner for all your project-related needs, from consulting to technical support.

Team of experienced professionals

team members

When you hire a development company you dont have to look for different freeleancers. The development company offers you a team of highly qualified professionals in different fields.

Effortless management

It is simple to communicate with experienced project managers, and you will find the reports satisfying to read. No hurry, stress or failed deadlines – only professionalism, perfection, and quality.


Each company is a legal business entity. Their representatives are ready to provide you with the list of documents you should review to be sure they are a reliable partner.

Support questions

You can rely on web development companies to support your website, to fix bugs and to update it, so you’re not only taking care of the development but also dealing with all of the further problems.

Disadvantages of hiring a Web Development Company:

High prices

This is the only issue we could identify. It costs much more to hire the services of company than to hire a freelancer. However, it should also be considered that a long-term partnership with a development company can even save you money.


The best choice would be the web development company when it comes to creating a website.

You must consider your needs when choosing a potential partner. Developers should have solid skills in software design, development, management, quality assurance, and communication. In addition, your product’s quality should be as important to another person as it is to you. When it comes to the ease of the process and the end quality, a web development company is the best option.

At Logicsofts, we utilize cutting-edge technologies that will give your business a competitive edge.  Our dedicated team of experienced and skilled professionals is qualified enough to turn all your ideas into reality. Even after the implementation of the website is completed, we provide you with qualified support. Our aim is to understand our customers’ ideas and to show them what it feels like to be the best.

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