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Website Designing Tips to follow in 2016

29th March 2016
  • Smart & Responsive Website Designs – The key to quality website is use of responsive technology & mobile friendly interface as now a days its all about smart phones
  • Faster Load Time For Websites – Make the Website light & focus on improving website’s loading time. According to many online surveys, People now a days don’t like to visit websites which are heavy and slow. In the end it effects the viewership
  • Make Proper use of White Space – This is one of the important suggestion to consider. It might seem hard to believe but we need not have to fill every bank area of the website . Give your website design room to breathe which will even help the users to browse the website properly & these web visitors will find the stuff they are looking for in the website easily.
  • Use of java Script partially – With The help of J.S you can make the most trendy websites but too much use of anything makes a negative impact always, so is the case with Javascript. You have to limit use of JS as search engines always prefer limited java scripts
  • Use of Fonts based on latest Website Designs – Previously we always focused on keeping the website font simple & bold but now time is changing. Use of Boring same font for almost all the websites is old school now. Use creative font and check it with the color combination you have used in the website to make the website look more attractive & trendy

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