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Your Guide to the Top Apps for Takeaways: Order, Enjoy, Repeat

7th February 2024

We will explore the best delivery apps in this comprehensive guide.

Online Ordering takeaway is now simpler than ever.

Thank goodness to the digital era, within a few taps on our iPhones we can browse orders and have meals right to our door.


Uber Eats – The All-Rounder

Uber Eats is a reputable and quick-service meal delivery company. Personalizing orders, monitoring delivery, and navigating options are all made easy by intuitive UI.

Browsing menus, customizing orders, and tracking delivery with the user-friendly interface make it better to order breakfast, lunch or late-night food.


DoorDash – Catering to All Cravings

If variety and choice are what you seek, DoorDash is sure to satisfy your appetite. With partnerships across a diverse range of local and international restaurants, DoorDash offers an unparalleled selection of meals. From your neighbourhood mom-and-pop shops to Michelin

 Star fine dining, DoorDash brings all your food fantasies to your fingertips.

DoorDash also makes group ordering a breeze with user-friendly features for office lunches or family gatherings. Scheduling future deliveries in advance also helps you plan for special occasions. Overall, DoorDash’s expansive restaurant catalogue, convenient features, and transparent pricing make for a fantastic food delivery experience.


Grubhub – Rewards for Loyalty

As a veteran of the food delivery system, Grubhub has remained a popular choice thanks to its loyalty program and exclusive deals. For frequent users, Grubhub offers promotions and discounts that translate to serious savings.

Diners also appreciate Grubhub’s detailed restaurant reviews, ratings, and menus that help them make the perfect food choice. Of course, the easy-to-use interface also streamlines the entire ordering process. For rewards and reliability, Grubhub continues its reign at the top.


Postmates – Beyond Just Food

Postmates distinguishes itself in the food delivery space by providing more than just meals to your doorstep. From groceries and alcohol to electronics and more, Postmates offers an extensive selection of goods and services for all your on-demand delivery needs.

The “anything delivered anytime anywhere” approach means Postmates has you covered whether you’re craving pad thai at 10pm or need batteries delivered in a pinch. While selection and convenience are Postmates’ biggest draws, the app also boasts sleek and intuitive design for a seamless user experience.


Deliveroo – Bringing Restaurant Ambiance Home

Rather than merely delivering food to your home, Deliveroo aims to bring the entire restaurant experience to your doorstep. With partnerships spanning trendy cafes, popular chains, and upscale dining, Deliveroo offers a thoughtfully curated menu of meals.

The app allows you to savour dishes from coveted restaurants that you may not be able to dine at in person. Deliveroo also nails the presentation with high-quality packaging that maintains your order’s integrity in transit. For an elevated takeaway experience, Deliveroo hits the spot.


Zomato – Discover New Favorites


Expanding beyond just food delivery, Zomato aims to be a one-stop platform for restaurant discovery and online ordering. With exhaustive restaurant information including menus, reviews, ratings, and photos, Zomato allows you to make enlightened food decisions, trying new neighbourhood spots or beloved institutions.

For regular users, Zomato Pro provides a membership program for deals and discounts that save you money. If you appreciate having a wealth of restaurant information at your fingertips, Zomato makes ordering takeout a more informed experience.


Seamless – Simplicity and Efficiency

As promised in the name, Seamless aims to make food ordering as smooth and stress-free as possible. With their user-friendly app focused on simplicity, you can browse menus, customize orders, and arrange deliveries in just a few taps.

Robust search filters allow you to quickly find restaurants based on cuisine, pricing, delivery time, and other preferences. Tracking options and real-time order updates also lend the service a streamlined efficiency. For those who value no-fuss delivery, Seamless hits the mark.


Swiggy – Lightning-Fast Delivery

Leading food delivery in India, Swiggy’s success lies in its commitment to swift deliveries and reliable service. By partnering with the city’s most popular restaurants and utilizing smart technologies, Swiggy has mastered the art of getting food to customers ASAP.

Their no-minimum order policy also means you can even order a single cup of chai to be delivered super quick. For hungry Indians, Swiggy provides lightning-fast, fuss-free delivery across a huge spread of local favorites and global cuisines.


GoFood – Serving Up Indonesia

As Indonesia’s largest food delivery service, GoFood grants hungry locals access to the diverse culinary delights their country is famous for. From fragrant nasi goreng to velvety-smooth satay, GoFood places a lip-smacking array of Indonesian specialties right at your fingertips.

GoFood also helps small, family-run warungs that may not offer dine-in, letting you sample authentic dishes you’d usually have to queue for. With easy tracking and cashless payments, GoFood lets you enjoy hassle-free Indonesian flavor.


Foodora – Made for Food Lovers

Operating across a dozen countries, Foodora aims to be the app of choice for globe-trotting foodies. Their service helps you discover and sample local cuisine wherever you are, immersing your tastebuds in authentic regional flavors.

City-specific menus and recommendations provide a culinary tour from the comfort of your home. Foodora also partners with food festivals and pop-ups to offer limited-time specialty dishes. For adventurous eaters, Foodora serves up a tasting menu of global cuisines.


Menulog – Serving More of Australia

As Australia’s largest food delivery player, Menulog brings a huge selection of restaurants from every corner of Oz straight to your door. Their service stretches beyond metro cities to connect you with hidden gems in suburban and rural areas too.

Menulog is also ideal for group orders thanks to their Group Ordering feature catering for large parties and events. Top it off with Click & Collect, allowing you to skip delivery fees by grabbing your order. For Aussies hungry for homegrown flavors, Menulog hits the spot.


Talabat – Tantalizing the Middle East

Talabat reigns supreme in the Middle East, delivering outstanding Arabic and international cuisines across the region. From Egyptian koshari to Emirati machboos, Talabat brings the area’s rich culinary traditions to your fingertips.

Integrations with local chains like Shake Shack and Krispy Kreme also grant access to worldwide brands. Talabat’s bilingual interface, convenient payment options, and responsive support cement them as the go-to app for Arab foodies.


PedidosYa – Flavoring Latin America

In Latin America, PedidosYa is the leading app serving up unrivalled regional cuisine. From the juicy carne asada of Mexico to the hearty empanadas of Argentina, PedidosYa provides a savoury culinary journey through local flavors.

Their app allows tracking in real-time, so you know exactly when your food will arrive. Generous promotions and loyalty programs also reward frequent PedidosYa users. For a one-stop shop of Latin American food, PedidosYa delivers.


Delivery Hero – Your World Food Hub

True to its name, Delivery Hero aims to be your personalized hub for global food delivery. Operating in over 50 countries, their staggering network lets you order authentic cuisine from across continents.

The app provides curated recommendations based on your location and order history, helping you discover new go-to dishes everywhere you go. For globetrotting gourmands who want an all-encompassing food delivery experience, Delivery Hero hits the mark.


Rappi – Meeting Every Need

Offering more than just restaurant delivery, Rappi fulfils all your daily needs on demand. Their diversified services include grocery and pharmacy delivery, P2P package sending, and even cash withdrawals.

You can also have Rappi couriers pick up items from your favourite bakery or store. Rappi’s wide range of offerings combined with its loyalty program make it a versatile delivery super app.


Glovo – Order Anything, Anytime

As the leading multi-category delivery app in Southern Europe, Glovo offers near-instant delivery of any product you can think of. Hungry? They’ll deliver a meal. Need groceries or a birthday gift ASAP? They’ve got you covered.

Glovo positions itself as your personal courier ready at your beck and call. Their continuous expansion into new cities and operations 24/7/365 reflects their commitment to anytime, anywhere delivery.


Wolt – The Superfast Specialist

Focused on being the fastest restaurant delivery service, Wolt strives to get you good food ASAP. Their food tracking feature provides real-time order updates, while an optimized backend ensures your order is delivered in 30 minutes or less.

Wolt also lets users pre-order in advance, schedule repeat orders, and provide special delivery instructions to customize your experience. When only lighting-speed delivery will do, Wolt satisfies.


EAT Club – Serving Up Office Food

For corporate teams looking to cater office lunches, EAT Club takes the hassle out of group ordering. Their corporate packages simplify ordering and payment for entire companies.

Employees can easily customize their meals while managers benefit from consolidated billing and delivery. With curated local restaurant choices and seamless ordering, EAT Club is a win-win for workplace food.


Slice – Supporting Local Pizzerias

The go-to for piping hot pizza delivery, Slice directs all its orders toward local, independent pizzerias in your community. This focus on small businesses helps support your neighborhood joints.

Slice also requires no commissions or monthly fees from restaurants, letting all profits go straight to them. Pizza lovers who want delicious slices delivered quickly while also helping local eateries can’t go wrong with Slice.


ChowNow – Helping Mom & Pops Thrive

Much like Slice for pizzas, ChowNow aims to enrich local communities by steering orders toward beloved mom-and-pop eateries. Their ordering and marketing tools help small restaurants boost revenue and compete.

By driving more delivery and takeout sales to these hole-in-the-wall spots, ChowNow helps them not just survive but thrive. Foodies who want their money to enrich local businesses should check out ChowNow.


Order Up and Chow Down!

The world of online food delivery continues to expand, revolutionizing how we satisfy our takeout and dining cravings. With so many options to choose from, you can enjoy meals from a diverse array of restaurants right in the comfort of your own home. Whether you’re looking for speedy service, restaurant variety, or features to simplify group orders, there’s an app to fulfil your needs.

So open up your chosen food delivery app, browse the menus that tempt your tastebuds, and order up your heart’s desire. The restaurant experience is now entirely at your fingertips. With just a few taps on your smartphone, delectable dishes from all your favourite spots can be on the way to your door. So go on, fire up those food delivery apps and order up – convenience and deliciousness await!

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