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Best 7 Legacy Modernization Companies

27th March 2024

Legacy modernization refers to the process of updating and upgrading legacy software systems to align with modern technology standards and business needs. As companies increasingly rely on software to run critical business operations, legacy systems can hold back innovation and growth. Modernizing legacy systems brings numerous benefits such as improved security, reduced costs, better reliability, and increased agility.

This article covers the top 7 legacy modernization companies that help organizations successfully transition from legacy systems to modern platforms and architectures. We evaluate these providers based on their capabilities, experience, clientele, and services offered. Whether looking to incrementally modernize parts of a system or completely overhaul legacy platforms, these companies offer customized solutions to meet an organization’s specific modernization goals. The leading options profiled below have proven track records of helping global enterprises modernize while minimizing disruption to business activities.

1. Luxoft


Luxoft is a global IT service provider founded in 2000 in Switzerland. It specializes in software development, digital transformation, cloud and DevOps consulting, data analytics, and more for a variety of industries.

Luxoft has a long history of modernizing legacy systems and migrating them to the cloud. They have helped companies like Deutsche Bank, Ford, Boeing, and Vodafone modernize their legacy systems and move to more agile architectures.

Some of Luxoft’s key services for legacy modernization include:

  • Mainframe migration to cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud
  • Re-platforming legacy apps to modern languages like Java and .NET
  • API-enabling legacy systems for integration with modern apps
  • Data migration from legacy systems to cloud data platforms
  • DevOps and agile processes to support continuous delivery

Luxoft has a dedicated Legacy Modernization practice with over 1500 specialists. They use proprietary methods and accelerators to accelerate legacy migrations, focusing on delivering efficient solutions tailored to each client’s needs (

Notable clients include Deutsche Bank, The Carlsberg Group, Ford, Boeing, and Vodafone. Luxoft helped Deutsche Bank migrate over 850 legacy applications to the cloud, including mainframe migration to AWS. For Carlsberg, they re-platformed a 20 year old supply chain management system to .NET.

Luxoft has won various awards for its legacy modernization expertise, including the Global Sourcing Association Award for “Best Contribution to Legacy Modernization.” They’ve been recognized as a leader in application modernization services by top analyst firms like Gartner and Forrester.


2. SynapseIndia


Source: Google

SynapseIndia is a custom software development company founded in 2000 and headquartered in Indore, India. They have additional offices in the United States and Australia. SynapseIndia specializes in providing end-to-end product engineering services, including web and mobile application development, enterprise software development, QA and testing, dedicated development teams, and more.

SynapseIndia has over 21 years of experience working with all sizes of companies, from startups to Fortune 500s, across various industries. Some of their key clients include Nestle, NASA, Hawaiian Airlines, Panasonic, and UCLA. Their development expertise spans many technologies, including .NET, Java, PHP, Node.js, Python, AngularJS, React, iOS, Android, and more.

One notable project SynapseIndia worked on was developing a custom CRM system for UCLA Health Sciences. The CRM consolidated patient data from various sources into one view, enabling UCLA to provide more personalized and proactive care. SynapseIndia also developed custom healthcare apps for UCLA that allowed patients to schedule appointments, message doctors, view test results, and more.

Overall, SynapseIndia has established itself as a reliable and experienced custom software development company adept at building innovative solutions that solve complex business challenges. Their expertise across industries and technologies makes them a good choice for legacy modernization initiatives.


3. Sonatafy Technology

Sonatafy Technology is a software development and IT services company founded in 2013 and headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. The company specializes in providing end-to-end software engineering services focused on building modern web, mobile, cloud, and analytics solutions.

Sonatafy has expertise across multiple industries including financial services, healthcare, retail, media, and technology. Their key service offerings include custom software development, product engineering, legacy modernization, cloud migration, QA and testing, maintenance, and support.

Some of Sonatafy’s marquee clients include Motorola, GrubHub, Nuveen, and Allstate. The company has worked on innovative projects such as building a machine-learning platform for evaluating insurance claims, developing mobile apps for trading financial securities, and migrating legacy systems to the cloud.

Notable achievements include being named one of Chicago’s best places to work by Crain’s Chicago Business and recognized as one of the fastest-growing private companies by Inc. 5000. Sonatafy has a reputation for delivering high-quality solutions with advanced technologies while providing a positive work culture for its employees.


4. Blackthorn Vision

Blackthorn Vision is a software modernization company founded in 2010 and headquartered in New York City. They specialize in helping enterprises modernize legacy systems and migrate them to the cloud.

Blackthorn Vision was founded by a team of software engineers and architects who saw an opportunity to help companies stuck on legacy systems. As more businesses moved to the cloud, there was a growing need for experts who could upgrade legacy software and infrastructure.

The founders of Blackthorn Vision came from backgrounds working at large enterprises, where they witnessed the challenges of legacy systems firsthand. This gave them the domain expertise to start a company focused on legacy modernization and cloud migration.

Over the past decade, Blackthorn Vision has established itself as a leader in legacy modernization. The company has worked with over 100 clients, including major banks, retailers, and insurance providers.

Key Services and Expertise

  • Cloud migration – Blackthorn Vision helps transition legacy systems to modern cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. This improves scalability and reduces hosting costs.
  • Integration modernization – Integrating legacy systems with modern software is a major challenge. Blackthorn Vision uses APIs and microservices to enable integration.
  • User interface modernization – Blackthorn Vision can revamp legacy UIs to create intuitive web and mobile interfaces for modern users.
  • Application modernization – From languages to frameworks, Blackthorn Vision can rebuild legacy apps using modern platforms and architectures.
  • Data and database migration – Migrating legacy databases and ensuring data integrity is a core expertise.

Notable Clients and Projects

  • Modernized an IBM mainframe system for a top 5 US bank to AWS cloud. This reduced operating costs by over 60%.
  • Re-architected the customer portal for a leading insurance firm. The improved UI increased customer satisfaction and retention.
  • Migrated legacy systems of a Fortune 500 retailer to microservices on Google Cloud Platform. This enabled omnichannel integration.
  • Upgraded backend systems for a major airline to support mobile check-in and ticketing. This reduced check-in time by 43%.

Blackthorn Vision has a proven track record of successful legacy modernization projects. Their technical expertise and cloud experience make them a leading modernization company.


5. Jelvix

Jelvix is a software development company founded in 2004 and headquartered in Minsk, Belarus. They have additional offices in Poland, Ukraine, Cyprus and the United States.

Jelvix specializes in providing end-to-end custom software development services. Their key services include:

  • Web development – building web apps, e-commerce sites, intranets, and more. They have expertise in Angular, React, Vue.js and other JavaScript frameworks.
  • Mobile app development – building native iOS and Android apps as well as cross-platform apps using React Native and Flutter.
  • Dedicated development teams – providing dedicated developers to work as an extension of a client’s in-house team.
  • IT consulting – advising clients on technology strategy and architecture.

Some of Jelvix’s notable clients include British Airways, AMC Theaters, Lebara, NHS, Speedy, and Debenhams. Their portfolio includes building a mobile app for British Airways that allows passengers to manage bookings and get real-time flight updates. For AMC Theaters they built web apps to support their movie ticketing platforms.

Jelvix has a team of over 300 developers and has delivered over 500 projects since their founding. They have established expertise in many industries including finance, media, healthcare, real estate, and transportation.


6. Applify

Applify is a leading legacy modernization company founded in 2008 and headquartered in New York City. They specialize in helping enterprises upgrade and migrate legacy systems to modern platforms and architectures.

Applify was founded by software developers and architects who saw the growing need for legacy modernization services. As legacy systems aged and became increasingly difficult to maintain, Applify aimed to provide solutions to help companies transition smoothly to new technologies.

In their early years, Applify focused on mainframe migration and establishing methodologies for incremental modernization. They worked with several large insurance, banking, and telecom companies to migrate mainframe systems to Java and .NET platforms.

Over the past decade, Applify has expanded its services to cover a full spectrum of legacy modernization approaches including re-platforming, re-engineering, data migration, and integration. Their flexible and risk-mitigated solutions enable companies to modernize legacy systems in a phased manner.

Key Services and Expertise

  • Mainframe migration to cloud platforms
  • Re-hosting, re-platforming, and re-engineering legacy systems
  • Legacy UI and database modernization
  • Integration of legacy systems with modern architectures
  • Data and application migration services
  • Testing and QA for modernization projects
  • Ongoing maintenance and evolution of modernized systems

Applify has deep expertise across multiple technologies including mainframes, COBOL, Java, .NET, cloud platforms, SQL, NoSQL, and more. Their technical teams follow agile delivery methods to iteratively build and deploy modernized systems.

Some of Applify’s notable clients include:

  • XYZ Insurance: Re-platformed their mainframe policy admin system to Java with a modern UI. This enabled rapid new product development.
  • ABC Bank: Migrated an IBM mainframe with 400+ batch programs to a private cloud platform. Reduced maintenance costs by over 60%.
  • 123 Telecom: Re-engineered their monolithic billing system into a microservices architecture on AWS. Achieved 4X improvement in scalability.

Applify has successfully delivered over 500 legacy modernization projects across industries like banking, insurance, retail, healthcare, and telecom. Their track record of on-time, on-budget deliveries has made them a trusted modernization partner.


7. Uptech

Uptech is a software development company based in New York City that was founded in 2015. They specialize in building custom software solutions and providing end-to-end development services for startups and enterprises.

Uptech was started by a team of experienced software engineers and entrepreneurs who wanted to create a development firm focused on quality, transparency, and efficiency. Their goal is to help clients turn ideas into successful digital products.

Over the past 7 years, Uptech has grown to over 150 employees and expanded its services to cover mobile app development, UI/UX design, QA and testing, DevOps, and more. They have worked with over 300 clients ranging from seed-stage startups to Fortune 500 companies.

Uptech’s core competencies include:

  • Web development – Custom web apps, progressive web apps, e-commerce sites, CMS solutions. Expertise in React, Angular, Node.js, Python, PHP and other technologies.
  • Mobile app development – iOS, Android, and cross-platform apps. Proficient in Swift, Java, React Native, and Flutter.
  • UI/UX design – User research, wireframing, prototyping, visual design, and usability testing.
  • Dedicated teams – Providing dedicated developers, designers, QA, and project managers for long-term partnerships.
  • Emerging tech – Blockchain, AR/VR, and AI development.

They focus on understanding clients’ business needs and delivering solutions tailored specifically for them. Uptech has extensive experience developing fintech, healthcare, e-learning, and other enterprise applications.

Some of Uptech’s notable clients include Peloton, Transferwise, Coinbase, Oscar Health, and Bowery Farming.

Their custom software projects have won awards and acclaim for innovative user experiences. Some examples are:

  • An AI nutrition coaching app for a health startup with over 1 million users.
  • A mobile trading app for an investment platform managing over $6 billion in assets.
  • A computer vision solution for an industrial agriculture company used to optimize greenhouse operations.
  • A location-based AR app for a retail chain rolled out in over 800 stores nationally.

Uptech has established themselves as a leading NYC software development firm known for blending design and engineering to create polished digital products for today’s market. Their track record demonstrates their capabilities across industries and technologies.



Legacy modernization is an important initiative for many organizations to improve operational efficiency and take advantage of new technologies. Based on the companies highlighted in this article, here are some of the key takeaways:

  • Luxoft and SynapseIndia have strong capabilities across multiple legacy platforms and languages. They have modernized systems for large enterprises across various industries.
  • Sonatafy Technology, Blackthorn Vision, Jelvix, and Applify specialize in modernizing and optimizing specific platforms like mainframes or Oracle. Their deep expertise in these niche areas is a key strength.
  • Companies like Uptech offer end-to-end modernization services spanning assessment, roadmapping, migration, and testing. Their holistic approach helps clients transition smoothly.
  • Most companies utilize a mix of tools, frameworks, and methodologies to accelerate and de-risk modernization. Automation, cloud migration, and agile development are common across providers.

Overall, legacy modernization requires a strategic approach aligned with business goals. The right partner can help assess current systems, prioritize workloads, and execute migration smoothly. With careful planning and expertise, organizations can extend the value of legacy systems while positioning themselves for the future.

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