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The Ultimate List of Free and Best SEO Tools

3rd May 2019

Looking for useful tools to help you in your SEO efforts? Concerned about splashing out cash on costly SEO tools available in the market?

Whether it’s backlink checkers, rank trackers or keyword analyzers, there are a few useful and free SEO tools available online. These tools can help you in your SEO efforts without costing a fortune. We have compiled a list of the best SEO tools available for free.

1. Growthbar

GrowthBar is a simple chrome extension that gives you instant access to critical SEO data points about any website and unlocks the growth channels and keywords that are working for them.

The tool allows you to explore best performing keywords, keyword ranking difficulty score, domain authority, backlink data, page word count, Facebook ads and more. GrowthBar makes it stupid simple to execute SEO and grow organic traffic.

2. Keywords Everywhere

This is a free keyword tool that can be installed either on Chrome or Firefox. It shows you the google keyword search volume, competition data of keywords on multiple websites along with cost per click.

3. YoastSEO

This is a WordPress SEO plugin that assists in optimizing your content and handles technical optimization of your site. Yoast SEO takes care of your WordPress SEO, enables you to wrote killer content, and keeps your website in perfect shape.

4. Search Console

Google Search Console is a service offered by Google that aids in maintaining, monitoring, and troubleshooting your website’s presence in Google search results. With the help of this free tool, you can improve your performance on google search, optimize your content with search analytics, get your content on Google, understand how Google Search sees your pages, get alerted on issues and fix your site.

5. Google Analytics

This is another one of the best SEO tools that provide statistics and basic analytic tools for SEO and marketing purposes. This free web analytics service is available to anyone with a Google account.

6. Moz bar

MozBar is an all-in-one SEO toolbar that offers metrics while viewing any page or SERP. The highlights of this tool are keyword research, SEO audit and crawl, rank tracking, SEO toolbar, and backlink research.

7. Keyword planner

This tool can help you get your ad in front of the right audience. It aids in discovering new keywords, researching about them, and getting bid estimates.

8. SEOQuake

This is a free plugin that provides you with major SEO metrics for a specific page in addition to other tools like SEO audit. With SEOQuake you can examine internal and external links, compare domain and URLs in real time, and export all data into a file.

9. Woorank

This is one of the best SEO tools to improve site traffic, conversions and usability. Woorank is an instant SEO checker and SEO audit tool that allows you to find issues, track keywords, identify options and create reports.

10. Screaming Frog

This is an innovative SEO audit tool that enables to audit technical and onsite SEO of any website. You can download it for free from the official website.

11. SimilarWeb

SimilarWeb provides competitive intelligence on your industry and main competitors. It allows you to learn what your competitors are doing and benchmark their performance. It also gives you a sense of your business landscape.


This lets you find email addresses in no time and connect with people who matter to your business. It crunches the web’s data and allows businesses to connect to each other. You can get the email address behind any website and find the email address of any professional through hunter.

13. Answer the public

This is a consumer insight tool allows you to find out what queries and questions and your consumers have by getting a free report of what they are searching for in Google.

14. Zadroweb

This is a free SEO Audit tool that calculates how well your page will rank in Google’s search results. it calculates the score out of 100 by using variables such as the number of links you have.

15. Varvy

This SEO tool and analyzer gives you a detailed report based on Google’s guidelines of implemented and non-implemented optimization. This includes On page SEO report, Speed testing report, and mobile optimization report.

16. Small SEO Tools

It also provides SEO tools such as plagiarism checker, grammar checker, SEO checker, internet speed test, word counter, and reverse image search. It also offers website tracking tools, text content tools, backlink tools, keyword tools, website management tools, proxy tools, domain tools, and meta tags tools.

17. Rmoov

Rmoov is a backlink removal tool that enables you to submit link removal requests to webmasters effortlessly. It handles link checking while you get back to working on your site.

18. Panguin

It helps you investigate if you have been impacted by Google’s algorithm updates. You can compare your site’s overall Google ranking performance over time to your competitors.

19. SEO Hero

SEO Hero is an SEO software and aids in creating efficient content strategies and highly relevant websites. This, in turn, optimizes your web pages and keywords.

20. Isearchfrom

Isearchfrom allows you to change the Google Search language, city/ country location, device, and personalization settings. This is useful for SEO and SEA testing.

21. Drop my link

It is a link builder that allows you to use their collection of SEO prints to build links faster.

22. Check my links

This is a Chrome extension that looks for broken links by crawling through your webpage. It finds all the links on a web page and checks each one of them.

23. Copyscape

It is a free plagiarism detection tool that helps you find copies of your web pages online. It lets you check if your content is original and whether someone is stealing your content. Copyscape also offers solutions for preventing theft and content fraud.

24. Open link profiler

This free link research tool is one of the free SEO tools that let you check the backlinks of any websites. You have to merely enter the domain name and get link analysis instantly.

25. Linkparser

It’s a Chrome extension that can differentiate between various types of nofollow links and dofollow links. After differentiating, it counts them and marks them on the webpage.

26. Gtmetrix

Gtmetrix analyses the speed performance of your page. It gives you insights on how your site loads and offers recommendations to optimize it.

27. SERProbot

You can search your search engine ranking position using this tool. It is free and offers results in real time.

28. Linkminer

Linkminer is a backlink checker tool through which you can find backlinks you can replicate easily. You also get the website preview and can save the URLs for the future.

29. BrowSEO

You can view web pages like how search engines see it with the help of BrowSEO. It helps you identify issues with your website as well as your competitor’s site.

30. SEMrush

It provides solutions for PPC, SEO, content, social media and competitive research. It offers various SEO solutions that are used by millions around the globe.

31. BuzzStream

There are a few outreach tools available online that help marketers in link building and content promotion. One of the most popular tools for outreach is BuzzStream.

It helps you in managing your entire outreach process. Starting from researching influencers and creating prospect lists to sending out personalized e-mails, tracking the progress and measuring the results. It is a paid tool but they offer free trial for 14 days.

32. Linkio


Linkio is an Off-Page SEO tool for backlinks. It gives perfect anchor text suggestions based on your keywords to improve your link building activities and positions on the SERPs. With Linkio you can also track the positions of your keyword positions and crawling all your links, checking their Google index status and if you have a disavow file, send it over so I can account for it.

33. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest offers several services from domain overview, keyword suggestions, top SEO pages, content ideas, to backlink data; all of which are crucial to win the game of getting more traffic.

34. Nightwatch

Nightwatch is an all-in-one SEO tool designed for companies who are focused on scaling up their internet business. It is exceptionally good at segmenting and visualizing data with its intuitively designed dashboard. With Nightwatch, you can customize reports, run site audits, discover keywords and competitors automatically, and more.

35. SEO Scout

SEO Scout

SEO Scout is an awesome free SEO tool that quickly generates hundreds of long-tail keyword suggestions and helpfully clusters the ideas into keyword groups that make good starting points for article ideas. It has a wide range of prompts to generate keywords for questions, comparison, and research terms.


These are the best SEO tools that can help your website get more traffic.

And the best part is, you won’t have to spend a fortune to use these tools.

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Author : Abhay

Abhay is a Digital Marketing Guru and an accomplished entrepreneur with an experience of a decade working with various businesses varying from startups to established brands. He co-founded many companies like Logicsofts, PrintYo, CrazyRise and more. He is passionate about SEO and Online Data Analytics, which plays a vital role in any business to grow and mutate as per the data results.
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