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Get Rid Of Keyword Cannibalisation By Hiring An SEO Company

31st March 2023

I am sure most of you know how important keywords are when it comes to SEO. Keywords are considered the base that has to be strong to be able to generate the desired results for any website. But not many business website owners know what keyword cannibalisation is.

Well, high search volume keywords are of key importance but when the same keywords are targeted on different pages of the same website, the effect is going to be negative, no matter how high the search volume is.

In simple terms, with keyword cannibalisation issues, the webpages compete against other web pages on your website. How does it sound to be your competition? Well, waste of time and resources I guess. You confuse Google on what content to rank from your website for a specific keyword.

One might think that what is wrong if two contents rank for a similar keyword? Many of us are aware that Google has above too many ranking factors that are considered before displaying results for a search query. But when your website has a keyword cannibalisation issue, the potential content will tend to rank lower. 

This so happens because their CTR, links, and sometimes conversions also get split. It feels like someone is asking for a glass full of water and you are offering two glasses with water, but both of which are half full. But there are others offering a full glass of water so obviously, the person will accept the full glass to quench the thirst. This so happens as the two half glasses were seen as individual glasses.

So is the case with two contents ranking for the same keyword. Here, Google prefers other content without keyword cannibalisation issues over your split content. And even if your content is ranking, fluctuations are seen to a greater level.

Sometimes it, even so, happens that the target page does not reach the top page and a URL that ranks was never meant to be ranked for that specific keyword.

So now that you have understood what the term means, you can eliminate keyword cannibalisation by hiring an SEO company. Not many SEO companies take keyword cannibalisation into importance. Let us understand how to deal with this issue to make your website error-free.

What Does An SEO Company Do To Fix Cannibalisation?

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You need to get hold of an experienced SEO company to help you get rid of the Keyword cannibalisation issue. To give you a quick idea of how an SEO company works to resolve the issue, below are the steps:

  • Make use of canonical tags, in case you think some content is duplicate but still needs to be there for the user and not for SEO.
  • Before writing new content for the website, make sure similar content is not covered earlier.
  • Make use of the noindex tag wherever possible. Google does not consider pages with a noindex tag.
  • If you have some great content and you wish to make it available to Google, you can make changes to existing content and optimise it for some other high search volume keywords.
  • 301 redirect can also be used. This will redirect the page to the original keyword-targeted URL. Too many redirects are never advised though.
  • Create a strong internal linking strategy for the content. Add internal links from lesser-valued content to content that are of greater significance.
  • One another way can be to combine two articles into one URL. But this should be in such a way that redundancy should be avoided and continuity should be maintained in the content throughout. Just do not try and fit anything anywhere at all. This will just ruin the originality and the quality of the content.


Final Thoughts!

You might have now somewhat understood how things can be sorted for a keyword cannibalisation issue. The above steps might just seem too technical for many of you reading this article. The best way to get this issue fixed is by hiring an SEO company that has expertise in this. A step-by-step process can help to get your website out of this keyword cannibalisation issue.

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