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How Modern Software Can Change The Sporting Events Landscape For The Better

29th August 2022

Sports events are a national source of pride for many of us, and while you might think of the big names like the Olympics and the Superbowl, there are also many smaller events out there for sports of all shapes and sizes.

There are thousands of sporting events on the calendar each year, ranging from minor league decider games to significant playoffs and more. Whether you’re into swimming, track, ball games or even Quidditch, there’s something out there to suit every sports fan.

For sports organizers, planning and managing all of these events can be a logistical challenge, especially when teams or competitors have to travel to attend specific venues.

There are many stakeholders involved in sporting events, even seemingly insignificant ones. From sponsors to suppliers, competitors to spectators and more, there are many people who you need to support and manage.

Luckily, technology is helping sporting events managers to streamline their operations and improve events for participants and sponsors.

Software products can save you time and energy, meaning you can focus on creating an unforgettable event that everyone enjoys.

If you’re an events organizer in the sports market, here are some of the ways that modern software tools can benefit you.

Make Registration And Ticket Sales Easier

For most sporting events competitors and fans expect online registration and ticket sales, but some software tools can make it easier for organizers to know what has sold and allocate more space accordingly. These tools can mean that you always register enough competitors and know when and where they will be competing. That’s particularly important for when you have more than one competition taking place at your event. You can also make sure that you have enough seats to host everyone who wants to view the event and show customers a calendar that tells them when they can watch and where. They can then book the exact seats they want, which will make the ticket-buying process more straightforward for them. By offering a seamless process, you can encourage ticket sales and make registering for the competition easier for your competitors.

There Are Tailored Solutions For Specific Sports


While ‘sporting events are often lumped together in the technology space, some sports can be incredibly different from others. Thankfully, the software and technology landscapes are coming to terms with this fact and there are many companies that now offer unique tools for specific sports. For example, if you need to plan a running event, then OnePlan has a unique solution for you. Their tool is specifically designed for running events and offers an all-in-one solution for running events of all sizes. These tools help running events organizers to manage attendees, plan routes and more, and are designed specifically for events involving runners, meaning they are tailored to the unique requirements of the sport. You’ll then be able to give your runners a better experience at your events, which will make them want to come back time and again.

Simplify Asset Management To Quickly Find Equipment

Sporting events require assets such as equipment, protective gear, clothing and more. Some of these items might be owned by the venue, particularly large pieces of equipment such as goals, stands or floodlights. Smaller, more portable items such as bats, team clothing, helmets, balls and other items might be owned by the teams that play or the governing body that hosts the event. Managing these items can be challenging, but with asset management tools and GPS solutions, you can easily track equipment and work out if you’ll need additional items. You can also reduce thefts and manage your assets by always knowing when an item needs to be mended or cleaned and when it’s ready to go back into circulation. Asset management tools are also particularly useful for sporting events with high-value equipment, such as equestrian competitions. You can ensure that every animal and every piece of tack is accounted for, and that you are aware of who it belongs to, who is responsible for it, where it is and what condition it is in. If someone needs an item, you can efficiently point them in the right direction and ensure that everything is returned to the correct owner at the end of the event.

Streamline Merchandise And Food Sales With Inventory Management Software

Streamline Merchandise

Alongside ticket sales and entry fees, most sporting events make their money from merchandise and food sales. With the help of modern inventory management tools, you can quickly work out what items you have in stock and see how well they sell in real-time. Using these tools means that you can predict what will sell the best and order more for future events. It also means that you can reduce waste, particularly when it comes to perishable items such as food and beverages. With the right inventory management software, you can improve your sales and manage your merchandise and food offerings better, meaning that you will have a higher chance of earning more money from your sporting event. There are many options on the market to choose from, many of which are designed specifically for merchandise sales at events, so you can find a tool that will meet your exact needs.

Conclusion: Tech Is The Future Of Sports Events Management

As this article highlights, technology is already making sporting events easier to plan and manage, offering better value for paying customers and sponsors, as well as more exposure for competitors. In the future, this technology will continue to develop and evolve as new solutions are made available, and developers find new ways to make sporting events management more straightforward using AI tech, automation and data. To ensure that you always know what new tech is available, make sure that you update your existing technology regularly and follow industry-leading sports technology blogs so that you’re always aware of new solutions. You’ll then be able to make the most of new tech as it’s released and ensure that you always offer all your sporting event stakeholders the best possible value and experience.


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